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Animal Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic healing system founded by Samuel Hahnemann, a great thinker and caring physician, over 200 years ago in Germany.

Conventional and veterinary medicines rely on pharmaceutical and veterinary drugs, treatment and surgery to suppress symptoms, kill germs and repair the body.

Homeopathy, like many alternative medical systems, believes that the soul's body has intelligence to heal itself. It focuses on stimulating the body in a precise manner - on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels - to awaken the vital force to respond to the dis-ease and heal itself.

Homeopathy also emphasizes on prevention, natural nutrition, client education, physical, emotional and psychological health, soul healing, and environmental and personal hygiene.

How can Homeopathy help my Pets?

Like humans, our pets get physical ailments, and experience emotional imbalances and mental/spiritual challenges.

Homeopathy can benefit all species. Here are just a few key benefits:

  • Homeopathic remedies are mild-tasting and pets accept it readily.

  • Homeopathy is natural, non-invasive, gentle, fast yet powerful.

  • Homeopathy is deep-acting, comprehensive and thorough in its healing.

  • Homeopathic remedies are easy to administer which means less stress for you and your pet. You can give a liquid remedy by mouth; add to a little water, broth or yogurt; massage it onto the skin; massage it onto the crown of head; and even let your most sensitive pet smell the remedy to absorb the energy.

  • Homeopathic remedies are economical. Each liquid dosage bottle includes many doses which you can use for multiple pets.

What is the Concept behind Homeopathy?

The word "homeopathy" is made up of two Greek words: 'homoios' meaning similar or like, 'pathos' meaning suffering. Hence 'like suffering' or 'like disease'. Thus the word encompasses the basic concept of homeopathy - "like cures like" or the "Law of Similars".

Let us use the remedy example Allium Cepa (red onion). If you have ever cut an onion, you will know the irritation to the eyes with redness and tearing, and perhaps irritation to the nose with acute sneezing and nasal discharge.

Red onion in its raw form gives you these unpleasant symptoms. Prepared homeopathically, it can cure these same symptoms. Thus Allium Cepa is used for hay fever, allergies, upper respiratory symptoms and burning tears.

How do you know how each remedy works?

A process known as 'proving' is used to test each substance. The raw form of the substance or remedy in very low potency is given to 'healthy' testers, which often include Hahnemann himself, and taken repeatedly over days.

The substance is taken in deliberate excessive dosages and frequency so that harmful effects and symptoms can be recorded. Then the homeopathic remedy, in higher potency, is given to cure them. Knowing how the raw material can harm us, gives us the picture of cure as well.

What are Homeopathic Remedies made of?

Homeopathic remedies are derived from plants, minerals and animal sources. Even poisonous plants and animal venoms are used. The homeopathic preparation process is such that no physical nor biochemical substances are left (at 12c), only the energetic properties, thus making them safe for use.

How are Homeopathic Remedies prepared?

Raw materials are prepared in alcohol to make the mother tinctures. Then a process known as 'potentization' is used to create homeopathic remedies in different potencies.

Potentization involves multi-step 'dilutions' and 'succussions' (vigorous shaking) to:

  • Eliminate the physical and bio-chemical components of the raw material, thus any harmful effects.

  • Awaken the energetic properties of the substance which is used for healing.

  • Create the desired potencies.

What are the different potencies?

Potencies can be categorized as X, D, C, M, CM, MM and LM. Some examples are 3X, 4D, 30C, 1M, 5CM, 10MM and 4LM.

The letter indicates the dilution rate. The number indicates the number of times the source substance has been diluted.

Letter     Dilution Rate
X 1:9
C 1:99
M 1:999
CM 1:99,999
MM 1:999,999
MMM 1:999,999,999
LM 1:50,000 different method  

With the Hahnemann preparation method, the potency 30C starts with 1 part mother tincture in 99 parts water/alcohol mixture. Succussion (vigorous shaking) takes place and you now have 1C potency. From this new mixture, 1 part is taken and put into 99 parts of water/alcohol mixture. Succussion takes place and now you have a 2C potency. You repeat this process until the 30C potency is achieved. The end result is a very diluted remedy potentized with succussions.

Other methods of homeopathic remedy preparation include the similar Korsakovian method and the very different LM potency preparation method designed by Hahnemann in his later years. LM potencies are much more diluted to start with and succussed many more times (100) between each potency scale.

Higher potency is not stronger than lower potency. Rather, higher potency is more "deep-acting".

  • Low potencies from 1X to 12C affect the physical body.

  • Medium potencies, such as 30C and 200C, affect the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

  • High potencies, such as 1M, 10M and 50M affect the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

  • Very high potencies such as CM, MM, MMM and LM affect the various spiritual bodies also.

In general, potencies higher than 30C or 200C should be used with individual consultation.

What do Homeopathic Remedies look and taste like?

Consumer homeopathic products come in various forms:

  • Liquid dosage bottle, made with water and preserved with alcohol, is usually prepared by professionals who favor the quick absorption rate, flexibility and ease of use.

  • White round pellets, granules and tablets, made with lactose sugar, are often found in natural pharmacies.

  • Creams and lotions are for external use.

On its own, homeopathic remedies have no taste (it's energy). The lactose sugar is mildly sweet. Remedies in liquid form has a mild alcohol taste.

What if my pet is diabetic, lactose intolerant or sensitive to alcohol?

For pellets, granules or tablets, you only need a couple per dose, and they are very small, so the effect is rather insignificant.

For liquid dosage bottle, you only need a few drops per dose, so it should not be a concern. However, if you are worried, you can put the remedy drops into a small amount of boiling/hot water and let the alcohol evaporate over 5-10 minutes. Then give the remedy when it cools off.

Alternatively, massage the remedy drops onto skin, crown of head, paw pads, inner ear flaps or gums. The energy is absorbed without ingestion.

How do I know what homeopathic remedies to give to my pet?

WildPets Remedies, which are designed for specific pet ailments, take the guess work out of remedy selection. If your pet does not get 100% full healing on the products, s/he may have a more complex health condition. An individual healing program may be necessary.

You can also study homeopathy through the many books available on the market.

How come some potencies work better than others?

Homeopathy is both a science and an art. It is powerful, flexible and dynamic. For homeopathy to work, the correct remedies and potency must be applied. If you have the correct remedies but the potency does not match the depth of the symptoms, you will not notice any changes.

Are homeopathic remedies safe to use?

Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective when used correctly. It is powerful medicine and should be respected as such. In rare cases, a healing reaction or an aggravated reaction can occur.

A healing reaction is a natural bodily response to detoxify and will improve on its own within 48 hours (e.g. skin rash, bowel movement, extra rest).

An aggravated reaction happens when dosage is given too frequently or if a pet is hyper-sensitive. Current symptoms may worsen and/or new symptoms may appear. Stop usage will clear the reactions. If original symptoms persist, restart the remedy once the aggravation subsided but with much less frequency (e.g. once a day). If aggravation recurs, stop usage, your pet needs different remedies, potencies or individual consultation.

Who uses homeopathy?

Homeopathy is currently used worldwide in more than 80 countries, mainly in Europe, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Central & South America. Homeopathy is also gaining popularity in Canada, US, Australia, Middle East and African countries in recent years.

The most well known homeopathy user is the Queen of England and the British Royal Family, even though Germany is the origin of this holistic medical system.

Homeopathy was also practiced widely in the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s until political conflict with the American Medical Association (a private corporation) caused a sharp decline in the practise in North America. However, homeopathy re-emerges in the late 1900s and the North American public continues to embrace homeopathy today.

With over 300 million human patients (officially) and rapidly increasing, homeopathy is proofing its worth in the modern health care paradigm. We are happy and excited to be part of this holistic shift.

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