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Flower Essences for Pets

What are Flower Essences?

Vibrational essences, more commonly known as flower essences, are positive, live and conscious energy of flowers, gems, nature and existential forces, encoded in water.

Each vibrational essence holds a unique stream of consciousness that is in perfect balance. When we are out of balance, we can use the precious gift from nature to help us shift consciousness, raise vibration and re-balance.

What Flower Essences are Not?

Flower essences are not herbs, aromatherapy oils or essential oils. Flower essences contain no physical nor biochemical substances, thus can safely be used with and enhance any holistic/conventional therapies.

Vibrational essences are pure energy imprint of nature. Unlike homeopathic remedies, they are not diluted and do not follow the Law of Similars (like cures like).

Vibrational essences are prepared in water, and later preserved with alcohol, whereas homeopathic remedies are prepared from an alcohol-based tincture

Both vibrational essences and homeopathic remedies are powerful energy medicine but different in their make up, preparation, usage and application.

What can Vibrational Essences do for Human?

Vibrational essences are perfect for soul healing - the healing of all that is not us - addressing emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual challenges in human and animals, including the dying (or transitioning) process. They are also used in space clearing in homes and offices.

Vibrational essences help us clear blockages from our meridians, chakras and subtle energy bodies. While many essences catalyze us into awareness of higher consciousness, some comfort us and clear our trauma, others help us ground, stay focus, awake creativity and manifest, yet others support our bodies during this release and transformation.

Vibrational essences are capable of stimulating profound levels of awareness and life altering change. While most people use them for symptomatic treatment, the depth of vibrational essences therapy goes towards a full flowering of the soul.

What can Vibrational Essences do for Pets?

Vibrational essences are used often for behavior problems with an emotional edge to it. They calm and ease the animals and speed up their readiness and receptiveness for positive training. If the emotional element is not resolved first, there can be great resistance to any training program and turns the whole experience into a longer struggle than necessary for everyone.

Flower essence therapy is also useful for non-behavior related problems such as grief, jealousy, fear (e.g. due to past abuse, thunderstorm, firecrackers), stress from moves, family stress, aggression, shyness and other unusual behavior.

Crystal essences that help to calm and stabilize the body are often used to prepare an animal energetically for surgery and especially for post-surgical recovery from psychological and physical trauma.

Vibrational essences are very gentle and works very well with animals. All animal care professionals should learn about them.

How do you use Vibrational Essences?

Vibrational essences are usually custom-blended for use in a variety of ways:

  • Dosage bottles for individual healing. These are usually taken orally (although can be applied on skin) at a customized quantity, schedule and duration for each individual.

  • Mist/Spray bottles for individual healing and space clearing.

  • Mix with select aromatherapy oils for use in massage, bodywork, bath and space clearing.

  • Combine with homeopathic remedies in a dosage bottle or cream/lotion formulas.

Vibrational essences, water and alcohol (vegetable glycerin for those allergic) are usually the basic ingredients of an essence blend. Water is used to carry the vibrational energy and alcohol is used as a preservative for optimum hygiene and shelf life.

Vibrational Essences Background

Vibrational essences are original medicine used by Tibetan monks, aboriginal people in Australia, natives and natural healers all over the world. Dr. Edward Bach in England brought this healing tool into the modern world in the 1930’s with his 38 Bach flower essences and the famous Rescue Remedy combination. Since then, many essences have emerged to address the problems we face today.

The traditional method to obtain essences is to collect the morning dew of specific plants and gems, and consume the healing elixirs fresh. The modern methods are understandably a little different and vary amongst producers. Objective study, attunement, prayer and meditation are parts of the production process in the essences we use.

Vibrational Essences Producers

WildPets, one of our product line, uses homeopathic and vibrational essences blend to address health problem in pets. WildPets uses FES (Flower Essence Society), AFEP (Alaskan Flower Essence Project) and Bach flower essences in their formulas.

FES, AFEP and Bach are three experienced flower essences producers who have impeccable integrity and put great care, love and gratitude in their essence-making process. They have also done extensive case studies with their essences, collecting feedback from practitioners, to ensure the claim for their products is congruent with their application.

There are many great essence producers worldwide and there are those that do not belong in this business. One needs to choose wisely for the purest of essences and the purest of intention to ensure the best results.

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