Massage for Animals

Massage is both pampering and therapeutic for pets and human. Different types of massage techniques can help to calm, energize, detoxify, stimulate, de-stress, re-invigorate and cleanse your pet's body and energy. It is important to use the correct technique for the dog, cat, horse, rabbit or human you are working on.

What is Massage?

Traditional massage is a systematic therapy while New Age massage may rely more on intuition. Massage can involve touch and manipulation of energy inside or outside of the body to re-create a balanced energy flow.

With traditional touch massage, one applies movement, vibration, pressure and tension to the skin, muscles, joints and acupressure points to achieve beneficial effects. Note how the pet is touched is very important as this will convey trust, caring, carelessness or attack.

With New Age energetic massage, one works to repair, detoxify, cleanse and balance the energy within and surrounding the body. Intuition is particularly important to sense the energy flow in and out of the body so a correction can be made.

How can Massage Help my Pet?

Massage can assist pets rehabilitate muscles, break up lactic acid and release them from the body. When muscles become sore or stiff, it is usually because of lactic acid, a biological waste product from working muscles

In a healthy pet, the lactic acid is released through normal muscle contraction and relaxation. However, if a pet over-exercise or overwork the muscles, is too ill, old or weak to exercise the muscles, or have auto-immune disease, s/he may need help to release these built-up lactic acid in the tissues.

Massage helps to improve circulation, thus blood flow, and bring oxygen into the cell tissues. This helps to speed up the process of elimination of waste products from the body - lactic acid, dead cells, old white blood cells, bacteria and their waste products.

Massage also helps with muscle tone, skin tone, circulation, blood pressure, digestion and stimulating the circulatory and immune systems. Massage is great for relieving stress and nervousness in high strung animals, and stimulate vitality in older pets.

The most significant benefit of massaging your pet is "bonding". Touch is a universal language and can convey friendship, caring, love and trust through the interchange of energy. If done properly, and especially integratively with positive human-animal relationship, pets who have lost their confidence can regain trust in humans and themselves successfully. Instead of playing tug of war with your dog, massage him/her to build trust and calmness.

How does a Massage session work?

Massage practitioners may use their hands, fingers, elbows and sometimes even their feet in a session. Areas of tension, swelling and weakness can be detected through the physical and intuitive sense of the skilful practitioner.

How is an Animal Massage session different?

A pet massage session can be quite different from a human one. The animal may be nervous at first and may not stay still on the blanket or pad. The practitioner will go with the flow of the animal and the session, especially when the pet is unsure the first time. It is very important to build trust and start with short sessions at first so the pet can get used to the person, the touch and relax into the massage.

What massages are good for animals?

Most massages can benefit animals. Your pet's personality, sensitivity, mood and bodily condition will determine which massage technique suits him/her. Most pets like a gentle body rub and massage is a deeper and more precise version of it. So if you are trying massage on a pet for the first time, just go deep gradually and see how your pet responds.

Some popular pet massage includes Swedish massage, Tellington Touch, acupressure massage, Qi massage, Shiatsu and even Turkish massage for the hardy ones.

Can I Learn to Massage my Pets?

Of course! Massage is easy and fun to learn for everyone. Best of all, you can use it on humans too. You can save a lot of money if you massage your pet yourself. Massage is also a great way to bond with new or existing pets.

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