About Animal Communication or Pet Psychic Reading

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication, or pet psychic connection, is the telepathic communication with your animal companion, alive or passed on. Since it is telepathic, the communication is possible whether the animal is physically present, 9000 miles away or has left the body.

Information and messages in a pet psychic reading is obtained from many levels - the personality, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as their angels and spirit guides.

How does it really work?

Well, the whole Universe is made up of energy, in varying frequencies of vibration, including you, me and your animals. When we realize we are energy beings, it is not hard to understand that energy has no barrier, boundary nor separation.

We can put a wall between a space and call it two rooms, but we all know when our kitchen smells of apple pie, that smell permeates the whole house. When it comes to energy, the walls give us only the illusion of separation.

Thoughts, feelings and even physical forms are different manifestations of energy, one denser than the previous. So in reality, one can tune into someone else's thoughts, feelings and body to sense/feel how they are doing or being.

Animal communication is based on the same principal. We all have this ability. I personally always ask for permission, on a soul level, before tuning in for information.

What can a Pet Reading do for Me?

An animal communication session can help you understand your pet better, deeper and more precisely so effective changes, behavior and health solutions can be employed.

A pet reading is especially helpful when veterinarians, dog trainers and other professionals cannot offer any more positive help or explanation to your problems. A reading can help you understand your pet's:

  • Preferences in food, people, other pets, exercise level, living and lifestyle arrangements

  • Behavior problem and what can help

  • Discomfort or sickness and what can help

  • Feelings, wisdom and why s/he is with you this lifetime

  • Unbiased view of how your life journey is progressing

  • Timing to leave this body and preferred method

  • Spiritual journey - where and how s/he is doing after leaving the body

This, in turns, help you:

  • Make necessary lifestyle adjustments for your pet for optimal physical and emotional health

  • Find the right solution if there is a health or behavior problem

  • Create a deeper bond with your pet by understanding your pet's journey

  • Understand your own journey through the reflection and wisdom of your pet

  • Let go of worry, sadness and guilt associated with the loss of a pet

What can a Pet Reading do for my Pet?

A pet psychic reading can help pets communicate their state of health, emotions, preferences, messages and soul purpose to their people. Pets often have messages for their humans and can offer their unique perspective on a behavior or health problem.

Since animals do not speak our language, they communicate their viewpoint through "their" body language, eye contact, behavior, health and vibrations through their gaze (eyes). They can get frustrated and imbalanced if you don't get it! Fear-based aggression, dominant aggression, nervousness, unresponsiveness, lack of confidence and other behavior problems are created due to our mis-understanding of each other.

A pet psychic can open up that communication channel for both of you so you can understand and respond to each other better with more clarity. Your pets know you better than you think and their messages are always honest, non-judgemental and insightful!

How does a Pet Psychic Reading session work?

This is different with each pet psychic. Often people use a pet psychic for behavior issues, health problem, missing pet or talk to their pet's spirit (crossed over pet).

How far a pet psychic can help depends on his/her own evolutionary growth and the depth of knowledge and experience of pet psychology, pet health, animal spirituality and how life, death, mind, body, fear and love "really" works on this planet.

To learn more about our animal communication services and animal communicator, click here.

Can anyone learn Animal Communication?

Yes! We all have this ability, we have only forgotten due to lack of use. The dramas in our mind are often so loud that they cloud the still small voice that knows. An animal communication class can help re-mind you how to re-activate that ability to have a two-way communion with animals.

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