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Holistic Pet Remedies: Surgery After Care

Pet surgery is usually standard routine but it is NEVER routine to "receive" surgery. Some pets get trachea damage via the breathing instrument (indicated by coughing), some are very sensitive to surgery drugs (anesthetics, sedatives, tranquilizers, steroids, antibiotics, pain killers, etc.), some may develop major or minor physical complications and even new dis-eases shortly after or a few months after surgery, others develop mood changes or aggression after surgery, and some even die.

The most common physical side effects are diarrhea, vomiting, coughing (like a sore throat), infection, pain and inflammation of the injured incisions. Some pets never bounce back to their previous vigor and good health.

Some animals develop seizures, dementia, aggressive behaviour after surgery (due to the anaesthesia or other surgical drugs affecting the brain and nervous system), as well as depression, moodiness, personality or behavior changes.

Gradual development of chronic health conditions such as arthritis, tumors, excessive hunger, chronic digestion problems are also common but not always linked back to the effects of surgery itself due to the time lapse.

Although invasive to the body and is done far too often than necessary, surgery is sometimes needed in emergency and when holistic and conventional treatments cannot salvage the damage. Even spaying, neutering and teeth cleaning are still invasive surgeries due to the host of powerful paralytics and surgery drugs needed.

Our main concern is healing after surgery. Let's face it, surgery is a carefully planned physical trauma to the body done by a skilled surgeon to save lives. At the end of it, there is physical injury and trauma, emotional stress, plus lots of chemical drugs pumped into your pet's body.

Our 100% natural Surgery After Care Remedy Kit is designed to help with healing the aftermath of surgeries:

  • Incision, puncture and cutting surgical wounds, as well as abrasions in the trachea from the endotracheal tube (pet may be coughing)

  • Tissue swelling, inflammation, bruises, soreness, hemorrhage (bleeding), pus, abscess and scars

  • Surgical injuries in spayed and neutered dogs and cats

  • Muscle, tissue, organ, nerve and bone pains

  • Shock, trauma, fear and stress - pet may be aggressive, violent, easily irritated, grumpy, withdrawn, depressed, moody, pissed off (start spraying and marking)

  • Vaccines, anaesthetics, sedatives, chemical drugs, antibiotics and radiation (x-rays) stored in the bodily tissues, blood stream, lymph channels and liver, and their negative effects

  • Swelling at the vaccination puncture site

  • Beneficial stomach bacteria killed by chemical antibiotics and drugs

  • Detox eliminatory organs to rid of these chemicals

  • Help with nausea and diarrhea brought on by drugs' side effects

  • Cleanse, detox, reintegrate and ground the energy bodies and aura

  • Help your pet animal feel comforted and supported emotionally and physically

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, horse, pony, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animals with similar symptoms.

Note: If you are concerned only with the vomiting and diarrhea after surgery, then WildPets Digestive Upset Formula and WildPets G.I. Revitalizer are for your pet.

Our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation and Distant Pet Healing Therapies can help you and your pet with emergency and first aid situations where there are complications to the surgery, drugs (e.g. anaesthesia, cortisone), xray radiation, vaccinations or healing recovery, without waiting for shipping. We can work with you even if your pet is at the veterinary hospital and complement with conventional veterinary care.

These therapies are fast working and suitable for serious surgery related complications such as anemia, leukopenia (low white blood cell count), cardiac or respiratory arrest (during surgery), prophylatic shock, pneumonia with dryness, mucus or aspirated pneumonia, wounds infection, and coma. Also surgical recovery challenges like lethargy, low appetite, anorexia, excessive appetite, weight gain, hyper excitement, aggression, coughing.

The entire surgery process is very taxing to the body, not to mention the injuries, illness or reasons that led to the surgery to begin with. Most veterinarians do not have tools to help with the recovery process which is equally important for proper return to health and wellness. So once your pet is out of surgery and in recovery mode, order our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation to help nourish, tonify, detox and strengthen your pet back to a strong, healthy, energetic and balanced self.

*** We strongly suggest the distant pet emergency therapies for pet emergency and pet first aid as time is of the essence in these rescue cases.


WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)A specialty remedy to heal the side effects of vaccinations, chemical drugs, anaesthetics, antibiotics, x-ray, physical and emotional shock and trauma...
WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)An excellent remedy for all kinds of new and old injuries, external or internal, with pain, bleeding, infection, shock, strain, sprain, fractures, tear, cuts...
WildPets G.I. Revitalizer FormulaWildPets G.I. Revitalizer FormulaA probiotic & prebiotic remedy to help restore bacterial balance in the gastro-intestinal tract destroyed by antibiotics, chemical wormer, commercial pet food, vaccination & toxins...
WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)A bio-cleansing remedy for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, blood, G.I. tract, cellular tissues and energy bodies. Support the immune system & eliminatory organs...

If pet becomes aggressive after surgery drugs, add:

WildPets Dominant Aggression Formula (30ml)A specialty remedy designed for dominating, aggressive, bossy, pushy, confrontational, conflict generating, bullying pet behaviour problems. Suitable for alpha pets who show 'out of balance', tyrant, hostile type leadership. Also for angry, grouchy pets that turn 'mean spirited' (e.g. after surgery anaesthetics, attack by others).

If vomiting and diarrhea persist, add:

WildPets Digestive Upset Formula (30ml)WildPets Digestive Upset Formula (30ml)An excellent remedy for stomach upset, pet diarrhea, blood in stool, pet vomiting, bloody dysentery, dehydration, pet food poisoning, shock, dog parvo, coccidia symptoms...


Holistic Pet Wellness ConsultationWe study your pet's case history in depth and recommend remedies, supplements, custom formulation, distant therapy, home treatment and/or lifestyle changes that your beloved pet needs to return to good health, in the short & long term.

Also Consider:

WildPets BIO Defense FormulaWildPets BIO Defense FormulaThe BEST defense against single-celled pathogens. A 'must have' remedy for any health condition with primary, secondary or multiple infections. Use internally and externally in eyes, skin, ears...
WildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyWildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyNot just a supplement! Advanced formulation to supply your pet's body with 30+ 'live' functional foods designed for nourishment therapy. Full spectrum nutritional supplement, gentle detox, immune builder, natural pH balancer and body tonic all-in-one remedy. No filler, no synthetic stuff.



Ellie, an 8 year old cat, had bad plaque on teeth and had an operation to remove one broken tooth. After the surgery, the human orderd WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help and WildPets Injury Formula to help her cat recover.

"She is doing beautifully. The natural medicines plus a good dose of vitamin c brought her around quickly."

Sahlaa Morris, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada


4 year old dog, had surgery for ingestion of rocks. After surgery, the dog's paw pads were dry and cracked, and he was chewing the paws to relieve itch. WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula was given and the itch disappeared, and a week later the paw pads returned to the normal soft and smooth texture.

In this case, the symptoms were healed because they are directly related to the drugs used in the surgery.

P. Kam, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  • Really keep your pet, the surgical incision and sutures clean until the wound is closed up and sutures removed. Mild soap and water will be useful for the wound. Clean bedding, carpet and floors prior to your pet returning home from surgery. If germs are a major concern, use a pet safe bleach or Accel TB (accelerated hydrogen peroxide technology) to disinfect floors and carpets.

  • To help the surgical wound (outside and inside) to heal properly, restrict exercise to a minimum level and monitor as your pet gets more energetic. Calm walk, don't run. Do not over do it during this critical recovery process. This will prevent tearing, scarring and future problems.

  • Definitely use a head cone initially and protect your pet from other animals (some pets are scared of the cone).

  • Give unseasoned cooked chicken, real chicken broth, mashed pumpkin (any fibrous squash) and steamed rice initially to stimulate appetite and help settle the stomach. Mash in blender. Add mashed broccoli later for added nutrients.

  • Probiotics (WildPets G.I. Revitalizer) is essential to rebuild stomach bacteria destroyed by pathogens, parasites, chemical antibiotics, drugs and processed pet food.

  • Add nutritional and other supplements to diet, as needed, after stomach has stabilized.

  • Consider switching to human-grade raw, semi-raw or cooked diet (organic raw is best) and use holistic remedies and therapies whenever possible.


Q: Are spaying, neutering and dental cleaning considered surgeries?

A: Yes. Since spaying, neutering and dental cleaning are such routine surgical operations, we tend to forget that they are still invasive surgeries.

If your pet was operated on and tranquilizers, sedatives, anaesthetics, antibiotics and/or other drugs were given, it is a surgery. Though dental cleaning surgery may not require WildPets Injury Formula if there is no extraction of tooth or cut to the gums. Minor scratches to the gums, similar to human teeth cleaning, should heal on their own.

Note: Response to remedies and supplements varies by individuals and individual cases. If these products do not give complete healing, your pet may need one-on-one wholistic attention through our holistic consultation or consultation with a veterinarian.

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