Holistic Pet Remedies: Insect Bites & Stings

Has your dog, cat or pet companion been stung by a bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket, or bitten by a spider, fire ants, red ants or has scorpion sting, jelly fish stings, snake bite or rabied animal/dog bites?

The main concerns with these insect stings and animal bites range from painful to life-threatening symptoms:

  • Itching, hives, stinging and burning pains

  • Inflammation and swelling

  • Redness in skin (bee sting, wasp sting, red/fire ant bites, jelly fish sting)

  • Infection, especially open wound or multi-bite wounds

  • Skin turning purple, even black, with 'blood poisoning' and possible pus formation (spider bites, scorpion bite, snake bites, sting ray bite, poisonous insect bites)

  • Toxicity from and allergic reactions to venom poison and poisonous insect secretions

  • Shortness of breath, labored breathing, dizziness, rapid panting, wheezing, anxiety, weakness, fainting

  • Feverish, chills, tremors, cramps, mania behavior esp. with lights and water

  • Quick throbbing pulse, weak pulse, heart attack, heart failure

  • Anaphylactic shock, respiratory arrest, coma, death

Our 100% natural WildPets Stings & Bites Remedy helps with stinging bites that produce these symptoms, especially from bee stings, wasp stings, hornet sting, yellow jacket sting, spider bites, red ant bites, fire ant bites, snake bites, scorpion bites, rat and other animal bites (rabied & non-rabied), even nettle rash. Our antiseptic spray will help prevent external infections.

Nature sometimes sting and bite. Keep our WildPets Stings & Bites Remedy at home, in the car and on hiking & camping trips. Great pet first aid remedy for breeders or if you own a pet hotel, dog kennel, doggy camp or daycare, cat resort, animal rescue centre or walk dogs for a living, you need this on hand.

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, horse, pony, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all feline, canine, equine and pet animals with similar symptoms.

Our Distant Pet Healing Therapies can help you and your pet with emergency and first aid stings, bites, rabied bites, poisonous bites, venomous bites and allergic reactions, without waiting for shipping. These therapies are fast working and can save your pet from suffering pain, tissues & organs damage, shock or worse. We can work with you even if your pet is at the veterinary hospital and complement with conventional veterinary care.

These long distance services are suitable for bee sting, wasp sting, hornet sting, yellow jacket sting, spider bite (e.g. black widow, tarentula), snake bite (e.g. viper, cobra, copperhead, rattlesnake, coral snake), scorpion bite, jelly fish sting, dog/raccoon/animal bites, rabied bites, centipede bite and other poisonous bites, stings and contacts.

*** We strongly suggest the long distance healing service for pet emergency and pet first aid as time is of the essence in these rescue cases.

Long distance pet healing, select length of session:
1 day: for painful & anxiety symptoms only
3 days: if shallow breathing & allergic reactions occur
1 week: for snake, scorpion, rabied, poisonous & serious bites


Distant Pet Homeopathic Transmission TherapyDoes your pet have an emergency, first aid situation, acute or chronic illness? We can transmit homeopathic remedy frequencies remotely to your pet, whereever you are, for quick rescue & help. Staff referral needed.


With multiple stings or to prevent infection, add:

WildPets First Aid in a Bottle (30ml)WildPets First Aid in a Bottle (30ml)For common pet first aid: wounds, minor injuries & infection, sprain, strain, stings, bites, stomach upset, burn, scald, motion sickness, heatstroke, traumatic shock, difficulty breathing, dehydration...

For injuries from animal attacks (e.g. dog, bear, cougar):

WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)An excellent remedy for all kinds of new and old injuries, external or internal, with pain, bleeding, infection, shock, strain, sprain, fractures, tear, cuts...



Human opened garbage bin lid, not knowing there is a mini wasp nest underneath the lid. One angry wasp protecting its territory decided to sting her, really squeezing the poison in with its little body. The sting was on the fourth finger.

In seconds, the middle, fourth and baby fingers became deep red, then purple, with lots of swelling and were very painful (burning pain). Soon this intense pain spread to the palm of the hand which also turned red then purple. Within a couple minutes, breathing became laboured and dizziness set in.

The WildPets Stings & Bites Formula, massaged on the skin every 5 minutes, relaxed the breathing completely and no more dizzy after 2 doses. Swelling started to reduce after the 3rd dose. The next 3 doses were applied 10 minutes apart, the hand and fingers were back to normal size and color, with minimal pain (just on the point stung by the wasp). Maintenance dose for 3 more days removed the minimal pain entirely.

"I was alone in the house, I thought I had to go to the hospital. Then I realized this is the perfect time to develop a formula for stinging bites. So I did! I know the ingredients to use since they worked on Ollie (my dog) years ago during camping when he was stung by a bee/wasp. Ollie's nose swelled into golf ball size, he got agitated and anxious, started panting rapidly and had to lie down. With the remedy, he recovered completely without complications. So did I!"

P. Kam - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


  • Keep yourself calm. Your pet is very agitated and may want to move around to relieve anxiety. Allow this but keep an eye to avoid injury. Leash if outdoors, keep the boundary confined if indoors e.g. a room.

  • If you do not have our WildPets Stings & Bites Remedy on hand and your pet is breathing hard, contact us to determine the most suitable Distant Pet Healing Therapies option. If in doubt, go to a veterinarian nearby. We can help you 'long distance' even if your pet is at the veterinarian clinic.

  • If you have, give our WildPets Stings & Bites Formula or Formula Plus right away, follow product instructions.

  • As soon as your pet lets you, check for any remaining sting. With steady hands, remove with a tweezer. Then apply the soothing antiseptic spray to avoid infection. If you are unsure what to do, go and have it removed at the veterinarian office.

  • In between remedies, also tap on the top of the pet's head (the crown is a major acupuncture point) and say 'Relax' repeatedly 'in a relaxed manner', 7-8 times. If you are stressed, tap on your head too. This will help to calm everyone's breathing. Repeat as needed.


Q: Do I apply WildPets Stings & Bites Formula directly on the bee sting?

A: No, do not apply WildPets Stings & Bites Formula directly on the puncture wound. You can apply the remedy by mouth or skin (inner ear flap, tummy, paw pads, gums, any regular skin except for the wound). You can, however, apply WildPets First Aid Herbal Spray directly to soothe the puncture wounds.

Q: My pet is swelling a lot after being stung by a wasp, do I apply the acute or maintenance dosage?

A: If you see any swelling, redness, purple, shiny color or worse, apply the acute dosage. Give the maintenance dose after all swelling, inflammation, red or purple color and any visible distress, danger and symptoms are gone to complete the healing.

Note: Response to remedies and supplements varies by individuals and individual cases. If these products do not give complete healing, your pet may need one-on-one wholistic attention through our holistic consultation or consultation with a veterinarian.

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