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The main types of canine, feline and animal seizures are:

  • Petit mal seizure: Mild shaking, spasms, body tremors, with fixated or glaring eyes, that is sometimes missed by the owner. E.g. White Shaker Dog Syndrome. Petit mal seizure is also known as absence seizures.

  • Partial seizure: Involves certain parts of the body being out of control while the rest of the body is ok. E.g. facial twitches, legs jerking and trembling limbs. Partial seizure includes myoclonic seizures, atonic seizures and clonic seizures.

  • Grand mal seizure: Seizures attack that includes a fall, violent convulsions, muscle cramps and may involve a shriek, yelp, howling, cries and even unconsciousness. The convulsive fits may happen only once or twice, or it may repeat whenever it is triggered. Grand mal seizure is also known as tonic-clonic seizures.

  • Cluster seizures: Grand mal seizures that happen many times within a 24-48 hour period. Cluster seizures are a series of tonic-clonic seizures.

  • Status Epilepticus: Grand mal seizures that happen continuously without a period of consciousness or relaxation in between. This is the most dangerous form of seizure attack.

You must address all primary, secondary and chronic symptoms to effectively help your dog, cat or other pet recover from seizures, convulsion and twitching attacks. By addressing seizure triggers and patterns you can further help to reduce seizuring frequency.

For Petit Mal Seizures and Partial Seizures

You Must Address Primary Shaking, Twitching & Jerking Symptoms:

  • End the head tremors, facial tics, mild muscle spasms, body twitching and leg fidgeting as quickly as possible to avoid progression to grand mal seizure.

  • Return your dog or cat from spaciness back to alert consciousness.

  • Rebalance coordination and regain control.

  • Calm anxiety and fright.

  • Release dull headache.

  • Calm, relax and strengthen weak, excitable and/or hypersensitive nerves and nervous system.

For Grand Mal Seizures, Cluster Seizures and Status Epilepticus Seizures

You Must Address Primary Seizures, Convulsions & Epilepsy Symptoms:

  • End the epilepsy, seizuring, convulsions, muscle contractions, body cramping and hyper mania as quickly as possible.

  • Help your dog or cat with the anxiety, fright, shock and restlessness.

  • Help reverse dyspnea (breathing difficulty), air hunger and possible state of collapse.

  • Ease erratic heart rate, high blood pressure, hypertension and avoid heart attack.

  • Ease the electrical shocks in the brain and associated pressure, throbbing pain, congestive headache and vertigo.

  • Help your pet increase blood sugar level after extreme stress and depletion from muscle exertion to prevent body going into further shock.

  • Help your pet relax its nerves and nervous system.

  • Help your pet relax and strengthen its muscles.

  • Rebalance muscle tone (including organs), coordination and regain control of bodily functions.

  • Reverse nausea and detox ill effects of possible drugs, chemicals, toxins and poison.

  • Return your dog or cat to alert consciousness.

  • Repair damages to aura and energy bodies.

  • Calm, relax and strengthen weak, excitable and oversensitive nerves and nervous system.

You Also Need To Address Secondary Symptoms If Present (Complications from Seizures):

  • Deal with eyes sensitivity to light (photophobia).

  • Reverse temporary memory loss.

  • Reverse temporary lameness (usually weak back hind legs).

  • Reverse lack of nerve power and energy exhaustion.

  • Deal with petit mal seizure or partial seizure symptoms which often follow grand mal seizures.

  • Prevent sudden breathing problem and heart complications.

  • Deal with involuntary bowel movement, urination and/or salivation due to the seizure activities.

  • Tone up relaxed digestive tract to avoid related chronic loose stool.

  • Continue to release dull headaches and brain fatigue.

Helpful Solutions For You

If the causes to your pet's seizures and tremors are not too deep set or complex, you can use our natural remedies to manage and relieve symptoms, and reduce onset frequencies and intensity, sometimes dramatically so:

Our 100% natural homeopathic medicine and vibrational essences blend Spasms & Tremors remedy can help your pet with petit mal seizures, partial seizures, mild convulsions, shaking fits, facial tics, legs jerking, White Shaker Dog Syndrome and similar gentle tremors and twitching, that has minimal or no secondary complications.

Our 100% natural homeopathic medicine and vibrational essences blend Seizures & Epilepsy remedy can help your pet with grand mal seizures, cluster seizures, status epilepticus, violent convulsions, chronic seizure attacks and/or epileptic fits, with or without secondary complications.

Our unique formulation Nerve Tonic Herbal Blend is our herbal remedy for pets that are very stressed from the convulsive attacks (grand mal and cluster seizures), and for pets who trigger spasms and epileptic attacks because they get anxious and hyper-excited easily as part of their personality.

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, pet mouse, horse, pony, goat, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animals with similar symptoms.


If your pet is having seizures and you need emergency help to control the symptoms while waiting for remedies:

Our Holistic Pet Wellness Emergency Consultation and Distant Pet Healing Therapies can help you and your pet with emergency seizures and epilepsy attacks, poisoning and other symptoms if present. These therapies are fast working and can help your dogs, cats or pets with active seizures while waiting for test results, analysis and more thorough help. We can work with you even if your pet is at the veterinary hospital and complement conventional vet care.


If your pet's seizures or spasms remain despite vet medication and/or natural remedies, then the causes of the seizures and tremors are more complex, multi-layered and deep set:

Then order our Holistic Pet Wellness Full Consultation to address any vitamin, mineral or nutritional deficiencies, deep-seated systemic imbalances, blocked energy pathways and/or other underlying root causes for long term health and recovery. (Yes, we can clear blockages and repair damaged organs via carefully planned distant therapy).


We suggest using the Spasms & Tremors Remedy Kit or Seizures & Epilepsy Remedy Kit below first as this helps with many cases of shaking fits, tremors, seizures and epilepsy. However, if you already know there are brain issues or other health complications, then get the remedies to control symptoms, and order the full consultation to address root causes.

Prevention Strategies for Anxious, Nervous & Easily Stressed Pets

It is very important for dogs, cats and pet animals prone to nervous, anxiety attacks through stressful situations or routine changes (heat, cold, rain, dampness, traveling, ferry rides, crowds, moves, visits) to deal with their stress in a balanced way to reduce the potential onset of a spasm or seizure attack.

While it may be difficult to find the original cause of the first seizure, it is easier to pinpoint seizure triggers. Always record the date, time and what happened a few days to a few minutes before each seizure attack to find a pattern. Seemingly unrelated events, such as people arguing, chemical flea treatment and weather changes can be useful to find seizures patterns.

Give our homeopathic and herbal remedies, and increase frequency a few days prior to, during, and a few days after these potential stressful events and anxiety triggers to calm their nervous system.

Unlike other chemical and natural calming products which knock your pets out into a numb, dumb or semi-conscious state, our products calm, center and ground your pets in a balanced manner so they are fully themselves, alert and responsive.

Note: Seizures from Poisoning

If your dog, cat or pet's muscle tremors, spaciness or seizures are initiated by acute pesticide poisoning, chemical poison, tick, distemper, rat poison, food poison or other poisoning, call poison control or go to the veterinarian to flush these poisons out of the body and stabilize vital bodily functions first (e.g. oxygen, fluids, etc.). Order our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation to assist your pet with emergency symptoms your vet cannot help with and/or repair brain/organ/energy pathway damages for long term recovery.


WildPets Spasms & Tremors Formula (30ml)WildPets Spasms & Tremors Formula (30ml)A very calming remedy for petit mal seizures, partial seizures, mild seizures, nerve spasms, head shaking, legs jerking, facial twitching, body trembling ...
WildPets Nerve Tonic Herbal BlendA superb nerve calmer, relaxant and tonic for hypersensitive nerves, nervous system and brain. Very beneficial for pets with underlying anxiety as a trigger for twitches, seizures or tremors...


WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy Formula (30ml)WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy Formula (30ml)An intricately designed formula for violent seizures, convulsions and fits. Helps violent twitching, muscle cramps, labored breathing, heart constriction, vertigo...
WildPets Nerve Tonic Herbal BlendA superb nerve calmer, relaxant and tonic for hypersensitive nerves, nervous system and brain. Very beneficial for pets with underlying anxiety as a trigger for twitches, seizures or tremors...

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (for both spasms & seizures):

WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)A bio-cleansing remedy for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, blood, G.I. tract, cellular tissues and energy bodies. Support the immune system & eliminatory organs...


Holistic Pet Wellness ConsultationWe study your pet's case history in depth and recommend remedies, supplements, custom formulation, distant therapy, home treatment and/or lifestyle changes that your beloved pet needs to return to good health, in the short & long term.


Custom Pet RemediesFor custom products not listed on the website. Order upon consultation only.
WildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyWildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyNot just a supplement! Advanced formulation to supply your pet's body with 30+ 'live' functional foods designed for nourishment therapy. Full spectrum nutritional supplement, gentle detox, immune builder, natural pH balancer and body tonic all-in-one remedy. No filler, no synthetic stuff.
WildPets Digestive Upset Formula (30ml)WildPets Digestive Upset Formula (30ml)An excellent remedy for stomach upset, pet diarrhea, blood in stool, pet vomiting, bloody dysentery, dehydration, pet food poisoning, shock, dog parvo, coccidia symptoms...
WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)A specialty remedy to heal the side effects of vaccinations, chemical drugs, anaesthetics, antibiotics, x-ray, physical and emotional shock and trauma...
WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)An excellent remedy for all kinds of new and old injuries, external or internal, with pain, bleeding, infection, shock, strain, sprain, fractures, tear, cuts...



Conan, a 3 year old pure breed Siberian Husky, had his first grand mal seizure. John, Conan's human, knows this is seizure and took him to the vet. The vet did all kinds of tests on Conan, said he was in good health. The vet told John that Conan was having seizures, exactly what John told the vet.

John's mother was a herbalist and John knows what to give Conan to try to help him but it did not work. So John took Conan back to the vet, the vet gave him phenobarbital but Conan still kept having the fits.

One day, while Conan was at the vet, he had three grandmal seizures in a row. The staff at the vets did nothing to help Conan's fits so John vowed then that he would find something to help Conan to stop the fits his best friend was having. That's when John found us.

"I had bought your seizure drops and had them on hand when Conan had a fit, I put some of your drops in his mouth and rubbed some of the drops on the inside of his ear, and the fit stopped within 30 seconds."

"I thank God for your company and the people who spent the time to find a solution to the problem of dogs and cats having these fits. I was not going to let Conan stay on the meds the vet gave him. I knew a life of meds the vet gave him would kill him just like the fits would. So thank you ever so much."

John Schmitz - Newberry Springs, California, USA


Frodo, normally calm 5 year old dog, started grand mal seizures about 5 months ago. Seizures were controlled by phenobarbitol for 4 months until vaccination initiated another series of canine seizures. WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy Formula Plus, Spasms and Tremors Formula Plus and Nerve Support Herbal Formula were used. Ceravet was also given to replenish electrolytes and fluid lost during the seizures.

The dog seizures stopped and in 1 week, Frodo was better. Breathing, heart rate, mobility, sleep, energy and mood improved. A few more days of Spasms and Tremors Formula Plus was given due to the remaining blank stares from time to time. Nerve Support was to continue for a minimum of 3 months.

Months later, more feedback:

"Frodo seems to be doing great. I got my old dog back and we're walking like we usually do. He appeared to feel well and happy. Your remedies certainly bring peace and calm to Frodo after these attacks and keep him balanced, I would never be without them for him!!!"

"We have adopted a routine with Frodo and take precautions when traveling with him to give him some WildPets formula to relax him prior to any long car journey, and then after, to help him relax and rest well. We go to Whistler once a month for the weekend and we have not had him experience any seizures after the journey or during the stay, which has been a great improvement."

"We no longer give him any vaccinations which are not essential, and have abandoned ever kenneling him for fear of bringing on stress and anxiety related seizures. His last seizure was over three months ago, normally he would have them at least every 4-6 weeks, so we are avid believers of the quieter, stress free environment, and we are extra careful to avoid him getting overheated, which always seemed to be a trigger."

M. & J. Adkins - North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Mandy, 16 yr old male cat, has feline seizures every 10 days, usually before meals. Mandy's cat seizures come with yowling and prowling cries.

"Mandy seemed to recover much more quickly and with less stress and less dopiness than other cat seizures (before the remedy). I feel the remedy has good effect and made a difference, so I want to try some more of your recommendations. Mandy talked with his animal communicator and said he likes the energy of the remedy (WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy Formula Plus)."

J. Crocker - Seattle, Washington, USA


Ollie, 13 year old German Short-Haired Pointer dog, ate some stale sesame seed paste in a soup, started first ever grand mal seizure the same night, continued with 2 more seizures the next day. In fact, Reiki applied initiated the 2nd dog seizure. After a week, ate another cookie with good sesame seeds on it, initiated another 3 dog seizures. Rosemary extract in a new yogurt initiated the 3rd episode with 2 seizures.

After the 3rd episode, WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy Formula Plus was given during canine seizures to halt the seizures quickly and deal with the heart racing and intense headaches. WildPets Spasms and Tremors Formula Plus was given for the spacey looks, weak hind legs, and very jittery nerves (basically petit mal in between and after the grand mal seizures).

Ollie resumed his walk the next day. Everything seemed fine until the 3rd day when he went for a 30 min walk, the breathing all of a sudden became laboured, then seized and he could not breathe. The tongue was turning blue. WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy Formula Plus was given immediately. Breathing resumed after 1 dose, 3 doses was given in total 5 minutes apart.

Weeks later, the dog ate a piece of steak with commercial spices on it. This initiated a series of 9 dog seizures (cluster seizures) that lasted for 2 days.

By the end of this seizure episode, the dog looked dead. Many functions were breaking down. uncontrollable urination with blasts of urine, uncontrollable passing of feces, the dog was lying down for hours without motion, getting up required assistance and only lasted for seconds. There was this blank look from the eyes, and sometimes crying and howling for a few seconds.

Ollie was lying in the yard for hours, getting up and wobbling for a few seconds, and lied down in a different spot. The dog would fall many times during the getting up process, even the tail was scratched (this is where the pillow comes in). He did not have enough energy to walk up the ramp into the house. Trying to carry him was futile because the body was dead weight. The only hope was that he still drank a little and seemed to want to eat (but did not).

WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy Formula Plus, Spasms and Tremors Formula Plus, Nerve Support Herbal Formula and a detox program was employed every 3 hours around the clock. Absolutely no apparent change for 3 days. On the 4th day, Ollie walked up the ramp on his own, eating, drinking and returned normal functions with his urination, defecation and walking. The remedy kit was given as per the product instructions, and no more dog seizures thereafter.

"I said goodbye to Ollie thinking that it is the end. He returned to life, just like that, as if nothing happened. I knew then the remedies worked and did the trick. I was so relieved!"

A complete recovery seems to be the case without any drugs or other interventions. Ollie had no dog seizures since. Any new foods or supplements are introduced one at a time and no more chemicals or unnatural food given.

P. Kam - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


Sadie, 2 year old dog, female Border Collie, 35 lbs, has had canine epilepsy the last year. She began having 2 minute canine grand mal seizures with loss of bowels. After her humans traveling (with her), they were gone about 5 days from home, when they returned Sadie had clustered seizures where they couldn't get her out of them. Took her to the vet who gave her a shot of phenobarbital and for two days medicated her and she had mini seizures. She couldn't lay down because she would have a small seizure and paced for nearly 2 days.

Sadie seems predisposed to have dog seizures if the family changes the routine such as go on vacation with her, go camping, stay with relatives. Stressful events bring on cluster seizures. The human was on vacation - daughter is home with Sadie and she had 4 grand mal seizures every few hours, some with bowel movements, stool is soft, salivates, wants to eat.

After 1 month on the WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy Formula Plus, WildPets Nerve Support Herbal Formula and supported by CeraVet rice-based electrolytes powder and WildPets BIO D-Tox, this is the feedback we get:

"Thank you so much - my border collie is doing so much better - I don't want to jinx my self by saying anything - but we are coming up on a month without a seizure which she hasn't done in quite a while. She has quit messing on the floor and she has a personality now and is able to interact with us and is much more loving. I hope to never have to deal with a seizure again but if I do, I feel better equipped to deal with the situation and I believe she will recover much more quickly."

"I intend on giving my vet your information to give out to others. I have taken her off the phenol barbital but am going to keep her on the potassium bromide (I never had any visible side effects with this product as I did the phenol barbital) and I will keep her on the WildPets Nerve Support Herbal Formula for as long as she is with us which I hope is many, many years. Again thank you. : )"

The true test, however, is when Sadie is going on a trip or dealing with stressful events. "We are taking a trip this weekend (she is coming with us) and this will normally trigger a dog seizure as it is a change and causes stress. Next week we will be traveling for Thanksgiving also. This will be a true test of how everything is working as she will be under stress for about a week." Here is the feedback from Sadie's human guardians after these trips:

"Just wanted to update you on how my dog Sadie is doing. I knew the past weeks were going to be stressful on her and that seizures were going to come into play. I started packing my suitcase the day before we left on a trip and about 4:00 in the morning she had a seizure. I placed her on the floor on a blanket during the first seizure and went to get the seizure formula you sent me."

"I gave her the formula and she immediately had another seizure (she seizes in clusters). I gave her the formula again along with the nerve support. She paced around the house, I gave her another dose and the Ceravet rice-based electrolytes formula in her water, she continued to pace for about 15 minutes. I gave her another dose and she laid down to go to bed. I had to wake her at the 1/2 hour mark to give her another dose."

"She usually paces for hours upon hours after seizures and she had been to the emergency room the last 2 times she had seizures because she clustered and I couldn't get her out of them. I kept her on the seizure & epilepsy, nerve and detox formulas 3-4 times a day during our trip that lasted 4 days. I dropped down to twice a day when we returned home but went up to 3 times a day before our Thanksgiving trip. She never seized again - we were gone 7 of the last 14 days."

"Sadie has seizures that are apparently triggered primarily from stress or anxiety - any major change - these formulas obviously have relaxed her enough to prevent seizures. I know now that I must start them a day earlier when I know there is something to occur that will stress her out. I am more comfortable knowing that the medicine does stop the clusters."

"The vet had told me she probably would end up having cluster seizures that would eventually cause brain damage or she would not be able to come out of them and would have to be put down. For the first time in the last 6 months I am not constantly worrying about her having a seizure and I am comfortable knowing she can be helped by the herbal formulas. I am also thinking she may stick around. Thank you so much for saving her life : )"

"I really hope you know how much this has helped us. I have not taken a different job because I needed to be able to bring her to work with me to keep an eye on her. I don't go on trips unless she can go with us and we even limit them because we knew she would end up having seizures when she got home. Now I know to start her a day or two before we leave on the extra doses, and do an extra one a day while we are gone. I know if I watch her and she seems stressed about something she needs a dose."

"I have even taken her potassium bromide down to one a day instead of two. I think after a few months if we continue to have it under control I may even take her off of them all together. I didn't have to give her any of the phenobarbital when she had her last seizure which is a blessing because it makes her act goofy for days and I know it is bad on the liver."

"I intend on giving her the nerve formula and the detoxing formula every day. I know how important it is for people and animals who have an illness to keep their system cleansed and their liver healthy because they are more susceptible to problems than healthy ones. I can sleep at night with out jumping up if I hear a thump because I am worried about her seizing. This is really working!!! Thank you."

L. Kjelstrup - Glendive, Montana, USA


Rocky, 2 yr old, has developed dog tremors ...

"Rocky is having his canine tremors less frequently since using WildPets Spasms & Tremors, thank you."

D. Lacitinola - Sacramento, California, USA


Snowdon, a 3 yr old Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix, 10 lbs, is an anxious type of dog. His seizure attacks were increasing in frequency.

After stabilizing the dog seizure attacks on our WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy remedy, Snowdon had a brief relapse (couple seizures) at home after a weekend trip. The pet guardian is now ready to start our seizures and epilepsy prevention program in preparation for an upcoming traveling trip which will be stressful for the little dog.

"I bought a remedy for my little dog last year for his seizures. At that time, it was really scary and he was getting them more and more often. When we started the WildPets Seizures & Epilespy Formula Plus remedy, it wasn't long for them to stop completely. We were a few months seizure free. Sometimes, he would still have laboured breathing and I use the Seizures & Epilepsy remedy to help with that."

"I will be going away for almost a month, taking him with me for the first week (it's stressful for him). So I would like to start a prevention treatment program (with both the WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy and WildPets Nerve Support Herbal remedies) to help him."

M. Ouellet - Courtenay, BC, Canada


"I have Pugs and my 6 yr old female started experiencing canine seizures. I contacted Pearl and she is so helpful and caring. I was not sure about dosing (WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy remedy) and she had been experiencing break through dog seizures. I received a return call on Saturday (the company is closed on weekends) and Pearl answered all my questions and said that it will be good to add WildPets Nerve Support Herbal remedy."

"My pugs are doing much better, symptoms have subsided and all thanks to Gentlecare and Pearl. I will be recommending these products to everyone who has 4 legged children. Thanks to Pearl for your outstanding customer services, you go over and beyond."

D. Hawkins - Clarksville, Tennessee, USA


Ziggy, a special little dog, was having severe dog seizures and after seizure symptoms when the pet parent came to us for help. We suggested WildPets Seizure & Epilepsy remedy and Nerve Support Herbal to help Ziggy.

"After seeing one of my dogs develop seizures, I was heartbroken in feeling there was going to be no way to help him without vet prescribed drugs. But one day through luck I stumbled on to this website and I felt I found the answer to my prayers."

"The first time I used the seizure / epilepsy remedies was immediately after he had a very bad bout of it and the remedy helped him return to normal after only a day - usually it would take several days before he was himself again."

"The next bout of canine seizures he had wasn't as severe as they were in the past and he would be able to walk about like nothing happened after he was finished as opposed to stumbling around in a daze. He readily takes the drops and I find it very easy to administer during a seizure. I gladly give the remedy without worry."

Ziggy was having another dog seizure after being symptoms free for almost 3 months. The pet parent came for more Seizure & Epilepsy remedy to help Ziggy come out from the usual stumbling daze which normally last for days. Here's her feedback after this relapse seizure:

"Ziggy is pretty much back to his 'normal' self. As always, its good to see him without the anxiety and stress that his seizures cause him. I know his behavior after his dog seizures has improved since using your seizures remedy. He does recover quickly from them and I am so glad I found you because we can give him something helpful without causing side effects. Thanks so much for everything. I've been very happy with the remedy and even more so knowing that it isn't some artificial drug that could pose dangerous side effects."

"I'm very glad to say its been about 7 months now and absolutely no seizures at all. Thanks so much for that."

L. Zeschner - Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada


Ginger, a 6 yr old female crossbreed dog, had her first seizure attack a few years back. It then happened again a few months apart until they got to be almost a few days apart, even though the dog is on phenobarbitol. The person, concerned about liver damages from the phenobarbitol, tried some Western and Chinese herbal tinctures from a holistic vet. The seizures escalated to a daily affair.

We suggested our homeopathic WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy remedy for Ginger. While this helped to stop the seizures quickly, they keep recurring. We realized there was a constant seizure trigger in Ginger's life. We asked the pet guardian to stop the Chinese herbal tinctures for a week, knowing that they are strong and can cause these reactions, but continue the Seizures & Epilepsy Formula. This combination helped to stop the daily seizures. The pet guardian is advised to follow the remedy schedule to stabilize her dog's seizures, then start the reduction and maintenance program in that schedule.

An animal communication session further revealed that Ginger did not like the heat in the car with all the windows closed, that made her brain feels funny. The human later said Ginger did get seizures after this type of car trips and made corrective measures to avoid this trigger. No more seizure attacks after car ride.

"Ginger has been off the Pheno for over a week now. She hasn't had a seizure for over a month. Her seizures seem like a thing of the past!"

6 months later, another update:

"Just wanted to update you on Ginger - she’s doing fabulous! She hasn’t had an ‘episode’ for months!!"

A. Nadon - Brampton, Ontario, Canada


"Her twitches are fairly minimal now, and at her last treatment her Bowen therapist noted that she seemed a lot calmer and happier than in previous visits. And she doesn't mind taking these drops, which makes a nice change!"

Belinda M. - Victoria, Australia


  • First, don't panic. You need to be alert. Not all animals bite during seizures. To be safe, don't put your hand in the mouth. Try to help your pet not to injure him/herself if possible, especially the head. Wear thick gloves if needed.

  • Give our homeopathic and herbal remedies to assure a quick recovery.

  • In between remedies, also tap on the top of the pet's head (the crown) and say 'RELAX' repeatedly 'in a relaxed manner', 7-8 times. If you are stressed, tap on your head too. This will help to calm everyone's breathing down. Repeat as needed.

  • You can throw some pillows or blankets at where they are landing, about to land, and to protect the head from hitting any wall or hard objects. You can also move furniture, breakables, close doors and keep children and other pets away.

  • After the seizure, touch and talk to your pet to reassure him or her. Follow your pet around to help prevent injury (e.g. throw a pillow under the bum when s/he falls). Allow access to outdoor fresh air and ground that connects to the earth, on a leash if needed, and opportunity to urinate.

  • After seizures and in between seizure attacks, mix CeraVet Rice-Based Electrolyte Powder with water to replenish electrolytes, fluids, energy and re-balance blood sugar level. This is very important to prevent your dog, cat or pet's body going into further shock and developing secondary symptoms which can prolong and trigger even more seizure attacks. If unavailable, use glucose-based electrolytes (e.g. electrolytes for kids at the pharmacy).


Q: It's been a week, my dog's grand mal seizures did not recur since taking the Seizures and Epilepsy Remedy Kit. His vitality is back, breathing normal again, heart is good, calmer, sleeps better, walking and running like the old days. However, I noticed occasionally he still has that gazy/spacey look. Should I stop the remedies?

A: If the grand mal seizures have stopped for a week, but your pet still has some blank stares, continue to use WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy for a few more days on a maintenance dosage until the spacey look is also gone. After that, you can stop the homeopathic remedy and use our WildPets Nerve Support Herbal to repair the nervous system. If seizure attack recurs, restart the WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy remedy, and follow our product instruction sheet for acute and maintenance dosages.

Q: I bought the entire Seizures and Epilepsy Remedy Kit, do I give my pet everything at once? Or do I need to stagger them?

A: If all the primary, secondary and chronic symptoms exist, then yes, give all the remedies together but preferably 10 minutes apart. There is no harm in giving the remedies altogether when the symptoms call for it. During emergency, give one after the other if needed and ignore the 10 minute rule.

As a general guideline:

First, use WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy during the violent seizures and after. Give electrolytes (if unavailable, give cooked oatmeal liquid - warm or room temperature) right after the seizure attack to prevent body going into further shock. Allow your pet to drink freely, as much as s/he wants. Your pet will usually go to sleep after the pacing.

When pet wakes up, continue to give WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy to deal with secondary symptoms. Start the WildPets Nerve Support Herbal as soon as you can. Keep giving electrolytes or cooked oatmeal water (warm or room temperature) until pet is eating and drinking normally on his/her own.

Once all the seizures, tremors, spasms and spacey looks stopped for at least one week, and your pet is back to its old self, you can now give WildPets Seizures and Epilepsy in maintenance dosage. Our customers tell us that the daily maintenance dose helps to prolong the period between seizures for their animals. Remember to use these homeopathic and herbal remedies before, during and after potential stressful events and anxiety triggers. Continue the WildPets Nerve Support Herbal maintenance dose for a minimum of 1 month to 3 months.

Q: With the different remedies, when should I use the WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula?

A: First, read the FAQ above for general administration guideline. Once all the seizures, tremors, spasms and spacey looks stopped for at least one week, and your pet is back to its old self, and you are only giving the WildPets Nerve Support Herbal, this is the time to start the detox process which is very important for long term result and health.

Q: Our dog is still on Phenobarbitol. Could this interfere with the healing properties of the herbal formula? We are traveling in a couple of weeks and will be kenneling the dog. We don't want to put him at risk of having more seizures by reducing the phenobarbitol, but at the same time we want to do what is best for him in the long run – what do you think?

A: I cannot advise you on a veterinary drug since I am not a vet. What I can tell you is that my dog was never on any seizure drugs and recovered 100% entirely with the kit.

The Phenobarbitol works to suppress the nervous system so it does not react or overreact to outside stimuli, thus no seizures. But then the nervous system is not 100% alive either (like a drug addict or depressed person).

The WildPets Nerve Support Herbal works to calm, relax, repair and supply nutrients to the damaged nervous system. The goal is that the nervous system will work normally again, not suppressed, not oversensitive, just balanced. That means not reacting to normal food and substances. However, future toxins (esp. overload) can damage the nervous system again and that's where you need to be careful.

It is logical to think that eventually the phenobarbitol will be counter productive to the nerve repair objective. It will also add more work for the liver to process this drug.

Personally, I will stay on the phenobarbitol at first until the holistic remedies kick in and the epileptic seizures episodes reduce in frequency. Then I will gradually reduce the phenobarbitol and monitor any changes in seizure frequency (e.g. 2-3 weeks at a time). If all goes well, continue to gradually reduce phenobarbitol until no more is needed. I'll leave this decision up to you to discuss with your veterinarian. A good detox will be essential for the dog, perhaps once you come back from your trip. I also do not suggest further vaccinations, chemical dewormer, chemical flea programs and minimize drugs/surgery usage. Detox twice a year to clear out toxins is a very good idea for any animals.

Instruct the kennel operators not to give new food or anything new that may set off another episode. This will minimize any setback while the nervous system is under repair.

Q: The dosage for the first few days are quite frequent, is there a reason for that?

A: Yes, there are two key reasons:

First, energy remedies such as homeopathic remedies and vibrational essences need momentum to act. Giving it more frequently at the onset will help build that momentum so that a more gradual maintenance dose can be used later. From our experience, if we do not build this initial energy momentum, it takes longer to work which may not be good for health problems that are serious if not stopped quickly.

Second, certain health problems (e.g. parvo, seizures) are very damaging and can have serious consequences if not reversed quickly. Therefore, certain remedies and healing kits are designed to act quickly to help the animal come out of the danger zone and stabilize, so that your pet has the opportunity to get treated by other therapeutic methods (such as herbs, supplements, therapies) that take longer to be effective but are needed for thorough healing.

I do suggest that you follow dosage instructions, and if in doubt about your own unique situation, contact us for clarification via our customer support form. We pride ourselves on customer service even after you buy. We genuinely want to help your pet get better.

Q: I gave my dog some yogurt and it triggered a seizure, why?

A: Some yogurt has rosemary extract in there. This is one of those herbs that can trigger a seizure (pre-existing condition). Avoid mind-stimulating herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, wormwood, dill and mint. Avoid essential oils such as camphor, eucalyptus, fennel, hyssop, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage, tansy, tea tree (melaleuca), thuja, turpentine and wormwood. I will avoid all essential oils during this time to be safe.

Avoid using chemical or natural shampoo which often contains either chemicals or essential oils. If you must clean your pet, use glycerine and water. Also avoid peanuts and sesame seeds. To be safe, do not introduce any new food or supplements until you finish the 3-month herbal remedy. I once used a new brand of yogurt and it has rosemary extract in it, bingo! Introduce one new ingredient, food or supplement at a time so you can test what your pet is allergic to.

Of course, chemicals should be avoided at all times. Vaccinations, chemical wormer, heartworm pills, chemical flea or parasite programs, household chemicals, paint, pesticides and even perfume can trigger pre-existing seizures. Go natural around your house and yard as much as possible.

Q: I just received my remedy kit but my dog is not seizing yet, what should I do?

A: There are three different ways you can use the Seizures & Epilepsy or Spasms & Tremors remedy kits:

During Epileptic Seizures or Twitching Attacks: Use the WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy or WildPets Spasms & Tremors during a seizure and after to reduce the duration of seizures, and to help your pet recover from the symptoms created by seizures. Use the WildPets Nerve Support Herbal after a seizure to calm your pet and to avoid recurrence (esp. for those who seizes in clusters). Use electrolytes after a seizure to re-establish blood sugar equilibrium.

Seizures/Spasms Prevention Strategies: Increase frequency and use both the homeopathic and herbal remedies before, during and after "known" and "potential" stressful situations and anxiety triggers to avoid stress buildup which often leads to seizure attacks. Read our Seizures page, esp the testimonials, to get an idea how others use the remedy kit to help their pets. If your pet has a "regular schedule" for seizures, use the remedies prior to this period and see if it helps to avoid the onset of seizure attacks. This step is very important to avoid the problem in the first place.

In Between Seizures or Shaking Tremors: When you first receive the remedies, and your pet is not seizing yet, give the WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy or WildPets Spasms & Tremors in maintenance dose (3 times a day) for at least 1 week to start helping your pet heal the tendency to seizures, then 1-3 times a day until your pet stops seizing on the regular schedule. Then you can experiment reducing dosages gradually (it will be slightly different for each individual).

Also, start giving the WildPets Nerve Support Herbal at the same time to stabilize the nervous system. The WildPets Nerve Support Herbal is needed regularly for a minimum of 1 month. After that, you can experiment reducing dosages (e.g. once a day, every other day or less) until you find the minimum dose that work for your pet to avoid seizures. Remember to increase frequency before, during and after stress triggers.

Detox: For convenience, use the same schedule for WildPets BIO D-Tox as with the WildPets Nerve Support Herbal. You can even mix the two and give at the same time.

A: Apart from the remedy kit, is there anything else I can do to help my pet to avoid seizures?

Q: Yes. Avoid the herbs in the article "What is Seizures and Epilespy?" and read the entire article. Now that seizures have set in, you'll have to be careful with any new food, drug, vaccination, shampoos, chemicals (even perfumes, aromatherapy candles, smoke, etc.), used on your dog / cat and in their environment. It will take some discipline on you and your family's part. Also, you have to be more alert on what triggers your pet's seizures and use the prevention strategies (on our product instruction sheet) to help him or her.

Note: Response to remedies and supplements varies by individuals and individual cases. If these products do not give complete healing, your pet may need one-on-one wholistic attention through our holistic consultation or consultation with a veterinarian.

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