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WildPets BIO Clean D-Tox HerbalAn excellent herbal detox - eliminate toxins from the blood, liver and lymphatic system. Especially beneficial for tumors due to systemic blockages...
WildPets Nerve Tonic Herbal BlendA superb nerve calmer, relaxant and tonic for hypersensitive nerves, nervous system and brain. Very beneficial for pets with underlying anxiety as a trigger for twitches, seizures or tremors...

WildPets Nerve Tonic Herbal Blend

A superb natural nerve calmer, relaxant and herbal tonic for hypersensitive nerves, nervous system, brain and related hypertension. Very beneficial for pets with underlying anxiety, internal wind and those who twitch, seizure or shake the head like in Parkinsons disease.

This herbal pet product is most suitable for nourishing and supporting jittery nerves that have a chronic tendency to epilepsy, seizures, dementia, face tremors, legs twitching, limbs thrashing, muscles tensing and convulsive fits.

A premium healing formula for many nervous problems. It soothes, quiets, relaxes and heals the nerves and associated tissues. Excellent for nervous cats, anxious dogs, hyper-excitable pets and those canine, feline and animals who are prone to mental/nervous tension or react acutely to stress.

Unlike other chemical medicine or even natural nerves relaxant medication which knocks your pet out to a numb, dumb or semi-conscious state, our pet herbal treatment is designed to calm, center and ground your dog, cat, horse or pet so s/he will be present, balanced, alert and responsive.

This pet herbal remedy also contains herbs that are beneficial for the digestion, heart, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, lungs and immune system. With proper use, it will not over burden your pet's liver and kidneys like veterinary seizure medication. This nerves supporting herbal remedy helps with regulating heartbeat, blood circulation, hence refresh the nervous system with oxygen, hydration and nutrients supply.

Use our main homeopathic remedies 'WildPets Seizures & Epilepsy' or 'WildPets Spasms & Tremors' for managing and relieving seizure and tremor symptoms, and add this calming Nerves Tonic Herbal Blend if your pet is very stressed from the symptoms (especially grand mal seizure and cluster seizures) and/or if your pet's personality is anxious or easily stressed which can trigger more attacks.

Ingredients: Herbal preparation of black cohosh, chamomile, hawthorn, hops, oatstraw, passion flower, saint john's wort, scullcap, valerian, vervain and a proprietary blend of homeopathic calming herbs.

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, horse, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animals.

How does this pet herbal remedy treatment help your cats, dogs or pets?

This home remedy contains specialized herbs that help with the following:

  • nervous disorders, acute or chronic
  • underlying tendencies to seizures, convulsions, epileptic fits, head shaking, body tremors, skin quivers and facial/limbs/paws twitching
  • nerve spasms, tension or pain
  • tense and weak nerves

  • anxiety, nervousness and stress (e.g. show dogs, grooming, kenneling, traveling, crowds, visits)
  • easily irritated, agitated depression, restless sleep, hysteria (e.g. with loud sounds, thunderstorms, etc.)
  • destructive, fearful or aggressive behavior and anxious reactions to stressful situations, triggers and changes in life

  • nerves and brain deficiency (non-tumorous)
  • high blood pressure due to seizure stress
  • insomnia due to nervousness or hypersensitive nerves

  • cleans the liver and kidneys from toxins overload that may have leaked into the nervous system
  • improves circulation, oxygen and nutrients supply to the nervous system
  • a nerve tonic that helps to calm, relax, soothe and tone the nerves and muscles

This herbal pet product is designed to use with our homeopathic seizures and spasms products to give the maximum healing potential to seizure pets. The healing is progressive which means at first you'll need to give more doses. Once better, you can reduce to maintenance dosage. Over the long term, you may be able to reduce dosage further (experiment with it), use as needed, and use before, during and after potential stressful events to avoid anxiety build up.

For use with tremors and seizures, you need to give this remedy regularly for a minimum of 3 months. Use chart below to determine the product size you need.

0-90 lbs: 1 month maintenance, 75ml bottle, more active pet seizures may need next size up.

91-200 lbs: 1 month maintenance, 150ml bottle, more active pet seizures may need next size up.

201-400 lbs: 1 month maintenance, 240ml bottle, more active pet seizures may need next size up.

401-750 lbs: 1 month maintenance, 480ml bottle, more active pet seizures may need next size up.

751-1000 lbs: 1 month maintenance, 960ml bottle, more active pet seizures may need next size up.

For severe, complex, multi-layered or chronic illness, or if you know your pet has a lump in the brain (tumors, cyst, blood clot, cancer, lesion, scars, concussion, etc.), please use our 1-on-1 pet healing consultation and services to ensure correct health assessment and proper matching healing solutions.

Features Benefits
Superb quality ingredients Clinical formula, medicinal grade herbs and No filler.
Concentrated goodness A little goes a long way.
Directions for both powder and liquid dose As preferred by individual pet.
Precise dosages Researched, tested, proven effective dosage amount.
No alcohol or glycerine No unpleasant tasting preservatives like herbal extracts
Progressive healing Gradually reduce from acute to maintenance dosage.
Easy to use Simple & quick to administer.
Lightweight packaging Prevent breakage and save on shipping.
Full instructions included Clear information on dosage, frequency and directions.
Customer support Friendly and caring help even after you purchase.
Additional Help Our holistic consultation and distant healing services can help with more complex problems.

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