Holistic Pet Remedies: Detox & Vitality

A healthy bio-terrain, strong life force, alert immune system and balanced emotional life are the cornerstones of vibrant health. Our pet's body has built-in intelligence to fight infections, assimulate nutrients, and maintain a chemical equilibrium and energetic balance within itself.

Our pets get into trouble when this built-in intelligence is confused by over-vaccinations, toxins from processed pet foods, drugs, household chemicals and emotional stress. This is when they need outside help such as homeopathy, herbs, flower essences, supplements and holistic therapies. The importance of detoxification, trace minerals, probiotics and a strong immune system cannot be over emphasized.

Some signs of ill health: dull, oily or smelly coat, bad breath, chronic discharges from eyes, ears or anus, skin allergy, poor digestion, tartar build up, lethargy, yearly flea infestation, infections or chronic illness.

Every pet needs sound nutritional support regularly and an extra boost from time to time. Prevention is always a wise investment for your pet and your piece of mind!

Our 100% natural remedies and nutritional supplements help your pets eliminate toxins, better assimilate nutrients, strengthen the immune system and promote holistic wellness.

Suitable for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits, horses, ponies, pigs, farm, wild, zoo and all canines, felines, equines and pet animals.

If you need help with selecting relevant supplements, diet or lifestyle changes for your pet's specific health conditions, order our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation to help you address systemic imbalances, toxicity and/or deficiences for your pet's long term health, vitality and strength.


WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)A bio-cleansing remedy for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, blood, G.I. tract, cellular tissues and energy bodies. Support the immune system & eliminatory organs...
WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)A specialty remedy to heal the side effects of vaccinations, chemical drugs, anaesthetics, antibiotics, x-ray, physical and emotional shock and trauma...
WildPets G.I. Crawlies FormulaWildPets G.I. Crawlies FormulaA non-toxic, effective and safe natural remedy for intestinal worms, multi-celled parasites, larvae, fly bots ...


WildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyWildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyNot just a supplement! Advanced formulation to supply your pet's body with 30+ 'live' functional foods designed for nourishment therapy. Full spectrum nutritional supplement, gentle detox, immune builder, natural pH balancer and body tonic all-in-one remedy. No filler, no synthetic stuff.
WildPets G.I. Revitalizer FormulaWildPets G.I. Revitalizer FormulaA probiotic & prebiotic remedy to help restore bacterial balance in the gastro-intestinal tract destroyed by antibiotics, chemical wormer, commercial pet food, vaccination & toxins...


Holistic Pet Wellness ConsultationWe study your pet's case history in depth and recommend remedies, supplements, custom formulation, distant therapy, home treatment and/or lifestyle changes that your beloved pet needs to return to good health, in the short & long term.



Toy poodle, 15 years old, 7 lbs, aging vitality, used WildPets BIO D-Tox ...

"Bear is the best right now than for years. Since the first part of the detox, she now sleeps through the night again and doesn't have to get up and pee. She is spunky again. She is happier and wants to be outside with me. She really is a different dog."

- Lynn Schuurman, Bittern Lake, Alberta, Canada


Two dogs, used WildPets BIO D-Tox after toxic reaction to chemical flea medication ...

"I used the WildPets BIO D-Tox on my 2 dogs with great results. I had given them dog flea medication called Advantix and one of my doggies had a terrible reaction. She began to itch even more and started to scratch at her eyes so much that they would bleed around the rims. She even began to have some neurological symptoms. I washed off the pet flea medication from her neck immediately and gave her the detox remedy for several weeks. She quickly recovered and began acting normal again. I used some chamomile to heal her eyes as well. I was a bit worried for a while!"

- Cynthia Krueger, Coolidge, Arizona, USA


Lola, even after dog joint surgery, was suffering canine arthritis pain and joint pain that makes her walking difficult, strained and painful. The human ordered WildPets BIO D-Tox for Lola. Later we received this feedback:

"I used the detox b/c I knew from the dry food, medicines and other stuff she had accumulated lots of toxins in her joints. This had obviously affected her joint performance and overall well being."

"It has been working great! She is now running and we can take her to the beach, which before was too painful for her joints and she would hurt herself for walking in the sand. One of her joints used to make like a friction sound when she walked and this has stopped."

Gustavo Castaner - San Juan, Puerto Rico


Meanie Miney, a female painted mare, has insulin resistance and will get bloated when eating grass and founder when her digestion is weak. Recently, Meanie's foundering was really bad and had flies glued to her skin biting her despite natural bug spray. Flies are attracted to those with a lower immune system.

Meanie's pet guardian believes the underlying cause to her insulin resistance is the digestive tract but more importantly that her liver is lacking the removal of toxins. She was not digesting properly the previous diet, which caused a rapid die off of the good stomach flora. The pet guardian changed to an organic equine diet as Meanie has food allergies and will look bloated at times.

Meanie Miney's guardian finally decided to give WildPets BIO D-Tox and WildPets G.I. Revitalizer (a pet probiotic and prebiotic blend), after trying different brands of equine probiotics on the market.

"I had been using WildPets G.I. Revitalizer on Meanie for over a year and a few months. I do credit a lot of her recovery to the use of the G.I. Revitalizer. She is eating and drinking well and doesn't have that bloated look. It is the best product I have found for horses guts. Most horse probiotic products in the USA is full of sugar and other preservatives which these foundered horses can't handle. Plus the G.I. Revitalizer is the only product which, when I searched day and night for a pre & pro biotic for use on horses, was the only one that suited her problems."

"When she started improving she must not have had the acidosis so much because the bugs did not attract to her quite like when she was in such bad shape -- her odor was different and when her gut was working properly the bugs were bearable not swarming her as before."

Cary Grady - Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA


  • If your pet is healthy now, use these supplements on a maintenance schedule to keep him/her at its best.

  • If your pet is older, very young, weak from illness or has signs of ill health, use these supplements on a regular schedule to help him/her.

  • Consider switching to human-grade raw, semi-raw or cooked diet (organic raw is best).

  • If your dog or cat is a fussy eater, try unseasoned cooked chicken (or turkey, ground lamb, ground beef, boneless cooked fish), real chicken soup, mashed pumpkin (any fibrous squash) and steamed rice initially to stimulate appetite and help settle the stomach. Add mashed broccoli later for added nutrients. Feel free to give raw or cooked veggies and fruit pieces (organic best, avoid nightshade veggies) that your pet enjoys and that his/her tummy can handle. Add new diet 25% at a time, 3-4 days at a time, to switch over.

  • Use holistic remedies and therapies whenever possible. Avoid surgery if possible. Avoid vaccinations, chemical flea and dewormer programs, and chemical flea home treatment (see our Flea page for more info).

  • Regular detox is essential to good body house-keeping. Detox twice a year for optimum maintenance.

  • Probiotics and other nutritional supplements can be added to any diet after or in between detox cycles.

  • Good pack or herd rules, clear boundaries, lots of love, play, fun, exercise, sunlight and rest will keep your dogs, cats, horses and other pet animals at the peak of their spirit!

Note: Response to remedies and supplements varies by individuals and individual cases. If these products do not give complete healing, your pet may need one-on-one wholistic attention through our holistic consultation or consultation with a veterinarian.

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