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Animal Communication / Pet Psychic Reading

Animal communicator, pet psychic, animal wellness consultant, pet and animal healer

Find out What Your Animal Companion has to Say!

"I want a pet psychic medium to communicate with my animals, alive or passed on, and tell me how they are doing, feeling and give them my messages."

Animal communication, pet psychic reading, dog healing, cat healing, animal EFT

Your animal communicator, Pearl Kam, is a unique blend of pet psychic medium, animal wellness consultant, natural pet health researcher, holistic pet products formulator and distant energy healing specialist.

As a Pet Psychic Medium, Pearl is a highly-praised expert and teacher in telepathic communication with dogs, cats, horses and all pet, farm and wild animals. Pearl is a solution focused animal communicator and specializes in pet health assessment (dog, cat, horse, rabbit, bird, mouse, all pets), behaviour problems, emotional issues and pet loss grief counseling.

As a Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist, Pearl pioneers her 'own special approach' to alternative care therapies - integrating pet homeopathy, herbs, TCM concepts, natural nutrition, pet supplements, flower essences, functional foods, Reiki and energy healing techniques that she developed. She is also very familiar with animal behavior, pet psychology and animal spirituality. This makes Pearl a very unique, dynamic and versatile pet psychic communicator and animal healing consultant indeed.

To learn more details about animal communication and pet psychic work, keep scrolling down the page.


Animal Communication SessionAsk questions and receive messages from single or multiple pets, get detailed health & behavior/emotional assessment, or communicate with pet's spirit after pet loss.


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Learn What Animal Communication & Pet Psychic Reading are All About...

1. What is Animal Communication or Pet Psychic Reading?

Animal communication, or pet psychic connection, is the psychic and telepathic communication with your animal companion, alive or passed on. Since it is telepathic and psychic in nature, the communication is possible whether the animal is physically present, 9000 miles away or has left the body.

Pearl obtains information and messages in a pet psychic reading from many levels - the personality, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as your pet's angels and spirit guides.

Basically, an animal communicator is the same as a pet psychic. Therefore, animal communication is the same as pet psychic reading. Since Pearl is a pet psychic medium, she has the added ability to connect with animals that have passed on (left their physical bodies).

A psychic channeler uses his/her psychic ability to receive messages (frequency waves) from outside of our 3-dimensional realm either directly from the Unified Field or from specific consciousness groups (sometimes label as spirit beings). And yes, depending on the consciousness maturity of the psychic, s/he can channel pure beings (kind) or misguided beings (evil). Pearl only connects with benevolent beings, as there are karmic consequences with low-frequency tricks like spells and curses (very unwise).

Psychic development (whether human or pet psychic) may include clairvoyance (psychic vision), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feeling and sensing), claircognizance (psychic knowing), clairalience (psychic smelling) and clairgustance (psychic tasting). Pearl has honed all of these skills and psychic abilities for over 20 years now and uses them to facilitate a full animal communication session for you and your pets.

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2. How does Animal Communication or Pet Psychic Reading really work?

Well, the whole Universe is made up of consciousness energy, in varying frequencies flash rate, angular rotation and speed of vibration, including you, me and your animals. When we realize we are energy beings, it is not hard to understand that energy has no barrier, boundary nor separation.

We can put a wall between a space and call it two rooms, but we all know when our kitchen smells of apple pie, that smell permeates the whole house. When it comes to energy, the walls give us only the illusion of separation.

Thoughts, feelings and even physical forms are different manifestations of energy, one denser than the previous. So in reality, one can tune into someone else's thoughts, feelings and body to sense/feel how they are doing or being.

Animal communication, pet psychic mediumship, channeling, remote viewing and all psychic skills are based on the same principle of Oneness, the true reality of existence. We all have these abilities. Pearl always asks for permission, on a soul level, before tuning in for information.

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3. What can a Pet Psychic Reading do for Me?

A pet psychic reading or animal communication session can help you understand your pet better, deeper and more precisely so effective changes, behavior and health solutions can be employed.

A pet psychic reading is especially helpful when veterinarians, dog/horse trainers and other professionals cannot offer any more positive help or explanation to your problems. Pearl's reading can help you understand your pet's:

  • Preferences in food, people, other pets, exercise level, living and lifestyle arrangements

  • Behavior problem and what can help

  • Discomfort or sickness and what can help

  • Feelings, wisdom and why your pet is with you this lifetime

  • Unbiased view of how your life journey is progressing

  • Timing to leave this body and preferred method

  • Spiritual journey - where and how your pets are doing after leaving the body

This, in turn, helps you:

  • Make necessary lifestyle adjustments for your dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, pets for optimal physical and emotional health

  • Find the right solution if there is a health or behavior problem

  • Create a deeper bond with your dog, cat, horse, rabbit, pet by understanding your pet's journey

  • Understand your own journey through the reflection and wisdom of your pet (yes, even a tiny pet mouse or bird)

  • Let go of worry, sadness and guilt associated with the loss of a pet

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4. What can a Pet Psychic Consultation do for My Pet?

A pet psychic consultation can give your canine, feline, equine, furry, scaly and feathered pet a voice.

A pet psychic reading can help pets communicate their state of health, emotions, preferences, messages and soul purpose to their people. Pets often have messages for their humans and can offer their unique perspective on a behaviour or health problem.

Since animals do not speak our language, they communicate their viewpoint through "their" body language, eye contact, behaviour, health and vibrations through their gaze (eyes). They can get frustrated and imbalanced if you don't get it! Fear-based aggression, dominant aggression, nervousness, aloofness, shyness, lack of confidence and other behaviour problems are created due to our mis-understanding of each other.

An animal communicator or pet psychic can open up that communication channel for both of you so you can understand and respond to each other better with more clarity. Your pets know you better than you think and their messages are always honest, non-judgemental and insightful!

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5. What can I Ask in a Pet Psychic Reading?

Whatever you want related to your beloved pets! To give you some structure, a pet psychic reading consultation can consist of a combination of any of these elements:

  • Answering Questions - The best session is when you have specific questions. Pearl will expand on these questions to get the details that you need.

  • Receiving Messages - Make sure you estimate some time to receive messages from your dog, cat, pot bellied pig, llama, pony, even turtle! Yes, pets big and small love communication that is mutually respectful. And it is truly a gift to hear from them.

  • Health Assessment - This contains three parts:

    (1) Body scan is when Pearl, with your pet's permission, energetically enters the animal's body to feel for any physical, emotional or other symptoms. It may be tension or soreness in the mid back, a feeling of sadness, tingling in the gums or bloated feeling in the liver, for instance.

    (2) Bio-kinesiology, in the form of muscle testing or dowsing, is often combined by Pearl with the body scan to pinpoint problem areas.

    (3) Case taking is asking questions about your pet's vaccination, surgery, medication, veterinarian treatment, training and other related history to make sense of the body scan result.

  • Lost or Missing Pet - While Pearl has success helping some clients find their pets, it is not the case with every animal. Pearl sees what the animals see, not street names or human landmarks (like that bank or store). So all Pearl can do is give you clues, not necessarily the exact location of your animal. Also, there are cases where animals cannot be found, are injured, killed, taken in by someone else, stolen, etc. So Pearl cannot guarantee success to find your pets, only give you clues. Please understand this BEFORE you book a consultation for missing or lost pets.

  • Dying Pet - Pearl can relay messages, preferences, desires of your dying pet to you. Pearl also assesses whether some things can still be done for the dog, cat, horse or other pet based on their energy level, distortions, condition and desires. Note that some animals desire to stay on but their bodies simply cannot support that, and Pearl will make sure you understand both their heart desires and the realistic picture. This reading often helps tormented pet guardians to make the decisions they need - whether to fight another day, find new solutions or let their beloved pet go in the least traumatic way possible. Leaving in peace will assist the animals to continue their journeys IN LOVE, very important for their next lifetime (incarnation)!

  • Communicating with Pet's Spirit after Pet Loss (Death) - Pearl uses her pet psychic medium ability to receive communication from the consciousness energy that left your pet's body, and find out how your pet's spirit is doing now, where your pet's spirit is stationed and what is his/her spirit's next step. There is often great closure, comfort and relief to mourning humans with this two-way conversation. Much more effective than any talk therapy or drugs!

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6. How is Pearl's Pet Psychic Reading Unique from Others?

We can only tell you what our clients tell us! Many clients express to us that:

  • They feel strongly that Pearl has CONNECTED to their pets. Whereas in previous experiences with other animal communicators, they feel they have not made a clear connection.

  • They feel AT EASE and COMFORTABLE with Pearl whereas they feel other pet communicators "judge" them.

  • Pearl is very ACCURATE with the body scan and the health assessment is very THOROUGH and ENLIGHTENING.

  • After the reading, their pets got the messages and behaved differently, often more cooperatively.

  • Pearl's suggestions are VERY USEFUL and help them see alternatives or addition to - surgery, drug use or obedience training - that greatly benefit their pets.

  • Clients are grateful that Pearl focuses on PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to their pets' problems, not just the 'what' and 'why', which makes a REAL DIFFERENCE to their pets' life.

  • Pearl's pet reading is DEEPER than others and help them appreciate their pets and their relationship even more.

  • Pearl's human communication style is very DOWN TO EARTH, practical, simple, logical and HEART-BASED. No esoteric fluff.

  • After contacting and hearing from their pet's spirit they feel relief, thankful and a SENSE OF CLOSURE.

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7. How Long of an Animal Communication Session should I Choose?

When you click on 'more info' on Animal Communication Service (close to top of this page), that description will help you select your session length based on what elements you want to include in a pet psychic reading, the number of questions you have and the number of pets you want to read for.

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8. About the Pet Psychic Consultation

Our pet psychic needs your pet's name, species (dog, cat, horse, parrot, etc.) and a 'brief' physical description. Since it is tuning into energy, it is done over long distance without the physical presence of the animal. If you prefer, you can also email us a .jpg or .gif digital picture of your pet prior to your session. (See below for extra information needed for missing pet reading.)

Pet animals prefer long distance communication because it is much less stressful than a stranger (the pet psychic) coming to your house. Your pets are in their home, a familiar environment, while the communication is happening. Often they will move close to the pet guardian, rest and snuggle up during the session.

People clients prefer phone or live chat more than email consultation because it is much more flexible for asking follow up questions and clarifying answers right on the spot.

  • Booking the Appointment - When you order a pet reading, you will be asked to book an appointment and enter your valid Skype name or phone number. We will email to confirm your session or offer other available options if there is a conflict, problem (e.g. power outage), or if you are in a very different time zone. Please allow 3 business days to process your confirmation (do not book the same day or contact us first).
  • Things You Need to Prepare - It is recommended that you prepare some specific questions to ask as well as leave some time for receiving your pet's messages. Some clients also take notes on health and suggestions during the session.

    For missing pet or lost pet reading, you will also need to email us, after ordering the pet psychic reading, the 'complete address of the place you think your pet disappeared FROM' (can be a house, a park, kennel, etc.).

  • At the Time of your Confirmed Appointment - Pearl will call you via Skype Voice Chat using the Skype Name or phone number you provide on the online order form.

You can of course use our customer support form if you have any questions prior to the session.

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9. Pet Psychic Reading - Reschedule, Cancel & No Show

Note: An appointment is not confirmed until we email you with the confirmation.

  • Reschedule an Appointment - We rarely have to reschedule 'confirmed' appointment. If that need indeed arises, we will send you an email notice ahead of time.

    If you need to reschedule the appointment, please notify us by noon on your appointment day or at least 1 hour before the appointment. See 'no show' below for more information.

  • Cancel an Appointment - If we have to cancel an appointment due to an emergency, you have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund.

    If you need to cancel the appointment without rescheduling, please notify us by noon on your appointment day or at least 1 hour before the appointment.

    A $10 admin fee will be deducted automatically from the refund to recover staff time and credit card processing charges. See 'no show' below for more information.

  • No Show - If you have not notified us of cancellation or rescheduling at the time of our appointment, and just 'skip out', your entire session fee is deemed non-refundable.

    We will consider genuine emergencies and allow rescheduling minus 15 minutes from your session length. You can replenish that time by ordering a 15-minute extension to your session.

We respect your time and we ask you to respect ours. Thank you for your understanding.

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10. About Pearl Kam, your Pet Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

For a short description, click on "Pearl Kam - Animal Communicator & Pet Psychic Medium".

For a more detailed biography, click on "Pearl Kam - Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist Bio".

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11. What Pearl's Clients have to Say About her Pet Psychic Readings

Read what international clients have to say about their psychic pet reading experiences with Pearl, click here.

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12. Animal Messages - Channeled by our Animal Communicator, Pearl Kam

Read and feel the wisdom of the animals and their spirit consciousness, click here.

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