What can I Ask in a Pet Reading?

Whatever you want related to your beloved pets! To give you some structure, a pet psychic reading consultation can consist of a combination of any of these elements:

  • Answering Questions - The best session is when you have specific questions. We will expand on these questions to get the details that you need.

  • Receiving Messages - Make sure you estimate some time to receive messages from your pets! It is truly a gift to hear from them.

  • Health Assessment - This contains three parts:

    (1) Body scan is when the pet psychic, with your pet's permission, energetically enters the animal's body to feel for any physical, emotional or other symptoms. It may be tension or soreness in the mid back, a feeling of sadness or tingling in the gums.

    (2) Bio-kinesiology, in the form of muscle testing or dowsing, is often combined with the body scan to pinpoint problem areas.

    (3) Case taking is asking questions about your pet's vaccination, surgery, medication, veterinarian treatment, training and other related history to make sense of the body scan result.

  • Missing Pet - While we have success helping some clients find their pets, it is not the case with every animal. We see what the animals see, not street names or human landmark (like that bank or whatever). So all we can do is give you clues, not necessarily the exact location of your animal. Also, there are cases where animals cannot be found, are injured, killed, taken in by someone else, stolen, etc. So we cannot guarantee success to find your pets, only give you clues. Please understand this BEFORE you book a consultation for missing pets.

  • Dying Pet - We can relay messages, preferences, desires of your dying pet to you. We also assess whether some things can still be done for the pet based on their energy level, distortions, condition and desires. Note that some animals desire to stay on but their body simply cannot support that, and we will make sure you understand both their heart desires and the realistic picture. This reading often helps tormented pet guardians to make the decisions they need - whether to fight another day, find new solutions or let their beloved pet go in the least traumatic way possible. Leaving in peace will assist the animals to continue their journeys IN LOVE, very important!

  • Communicating with Pet's Spirit after Pet Loss - We communicate with the spirit that left your pet's body and find out how s/he is doing, where s/he is and what is his/her next step. There is often great comfort and relief to mourning humans with this two-way conversation. Much more effective than any talk therapy or drugs!

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