Testimonials - Animal Communication Workshop

"Very interesting and very well presented! Good mix of talking and practical. Highly recommended!"

- Alun G., North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"This class was most interesting and rewarding. It confirmed a deeper value of animal lives and their spirits. I really enjoyed the learning and appreciate the uncomplicated approach of teaching. I recently lost my cat and I am in a very different space right now. I hope this day spent with animal lovers will enable me to move through it." (Fran talked with her Callie Cat spirit as well as feral cats the day after the class!)

- Fran S., White Rock, BC, Canada

"I definitely learnt what I came here to learn. I particularly like the pet communication and I will definitely recommend this class to others!"

- Shirley L., Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Pearl is clear and informative in class. I like the meditation and contact with wild animals. Recommended!"

- Neville K., Richmond, BC, Canada

"Thanks for the wonderful class! The atmosphere helped achieve enough relaxation to open up, and the hands-on approach was absolutely perfect for learning. I learn a new way to connect with animals - through feel. I also feel I have personally benefited from this class - spiritually, emotionally and mentally - through understanding how to communicate with animals."

- Karen V., Spuddy's Pet Market, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

"I learn different methods to connect to animals - all animals have something to tell us and teach us. This class helps me understand animals in deeper ways that they are learning from us and vice versa. I really like the practical exercises connecting with the animals. After this class, I feel I have a deeper spiritual connection with animals and nature."

- Peter B., Burnaby, BC, Canada

"I very much enjoyed the day spent with Pearl and a small group of animal communication students. The day just flew by...we had some great communications going on. Everyone was very special with their own experiences...and much sharing. Pearl is a great coordinator, teacher and inter-species communicator. I particularly love the active meditation that brought me to a center of peace and love that I am able to access at all time. Now, that was a true gift and certainly worth my trip to Vancouver. From very deep inside, I will continue my journey and the class taken with Pearl has advanced me on the path.

I loved the group that was there that day...they were all so good at communication and it made me a believer that every one can do it. There are so many interesting subjects in the animal world to branch into...I will keep on studying, and try not to get distracted by everything else that seem to call for my attention. I admire your wisdom. You are a great teacher. Thank you for doing it so well. You have inspired me. I hope to take more workshops with you in the next many years. Thank you Pearl."

- France Laberge, Whaletown, BC, Canada

"The class was very informative. Good meditations; enjoyed listening to other people's responses to the meditation. I will recommend the class to others."

- Bibi N., Vancouver, BC, Canada

"The class confirmed some of the messages I was getting from the animals (prior to class). It also confirmed that animals can help us just as much as we can help them. After this class, I know I can communicate with animals."

- Ruth K., Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

"I understand the concept of animal communication better after this class. I like the meditation, relaxation, connecting and getting answers from the animals. It was easier than I thought it would be. I feel personally I have benefited spiritually, emotionally and mentally from this class. I was very stressed and needed a day within."

- Lois D., Vancouver, BC, Canada

"For me, it was a beginning to learn to communicate to animals. They (past pets) are so near us, probably all the time. I really enjoyed the class. I felt great and excited afterwards. I will tell others to go for it, take it!"

- Barbie C., Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

"This class helped reaffirm things about myself and somewhat give me confidence to trust what I sense. I know that I can communicate to animals and spirit. I experienced that animals live in the moment - not so much hindered by past and future. I like the insight this class gives but it is a long day. Pearl is a good, knowledgeable instructor. It is worth going."

- Coriena F., Abbotsford, BC, Canada

"I feel very excited after taking the class. I loved it! I like the warm atmosphere, honesty, everyone was so kind. It's a chance of a lifetime!"

- Louise K., Surrey, BC, Canada

"I like everything about this class. It's a start for me. I understand better how animals are our equals and we have to respect them. I have already told and recommend this class to other people!"

- Alexandra H., Vancouver, BC, Canada

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