Pet Loss Group Healing

The loss of a pet sometimes feels like it's the end of the world. It is heart-wrenching and can be difficult to cope with.

The Pet Loss Group Healing workshop is designed for pet lovers who:

  • are stuck in grief, guilt, anxiety or depression
  • want to honour their pets by healing themselves
  • want to understand their departed and existing pets more deeply through the pet loss experience

Pet Loss Group Healing

Pet loss is a great mystery. It seems like a great tragedy on the outside, but within it contains great treasures.

Unfortunate are those who become drowned in the sorrow and guilt, and never un-cover the gifts your beloved pet leaves behind for you.

This 1-day workshop is to help those who are stuck in their grief or want to honour their pet by opening the gifts your cherished friend leaves behind for you.

Your pet loves you. His/her spirit wishes the best for you and your soul. The best 'thank you' you can give your departed friend is to heal the sadness, guilt and hollowness so you can live happy, fulfilled and in joy.

Suppressing your emotions is never the answer. It is like deceiving yourself. The pet loss group healing workshop helps you release unconscious feelings and energetic attachment in a healthy way.

Not only will you release the pain of loss, emotions triggered by the pet loss experience, you will gain something invaluable that your pet has been trying to teach you all along, if you allow it.

This class includes:

  • One-on-one and group exercises to bring up hidden causes of anxiety, guilt and depression
  • Meditations to release pain and grief
  • Meditations to honour your pet, let-go of mental attachment and enjoy a new joyful relationship with your pet's spirit
My beloved dog and cat taught me so much while they are in their bodies, and when they leave. They have suggested that I pass along this process of healing to other pet lovers like you. And I do so in their honour.


  1. Please wear comfortable clothing with socks, we will do moving meditations.
  2. Bring a mat, pillow, blanket, water and lunch.
  3. No pets in class please.
  4. Class will start on time.
Regular tuition: $190 per person

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (PST). Close Sat, Sun, public holidays (Canada).
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