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What Other Clients Are Saying About Our Animal Healing Services...

HAPPY - A very unhappy, chronically itchy, yeast & bacteria infected dog

HAPPY - A very unhappy, chronically itchy, yeast & bacteria infected dog

With this "after" picture, it is hard to believe Happy had any skin problems!

Happy, a 10 year old, 37lb male West Highland Terrier has chronic dry skin, yellow secretion, re-occuring eye and ear infections. This unhappy dog has also lost his appetite and is depressed.

In addition, this dog also has anal itching, hair loss, skin odor, smelly coat and is irritable around other pets. Happy also has problems with sneezing, itching, licking feet constantly and rubbing butt on ground.

Within the last 5 years, Happy had Ketaconazole, Soloxine, Temaril, antibiotics, vet medications, teeth cleaning surgery, IV treatment for dehydration and much stress. Recently, he will not eat or take medication anymore. This beloved dog drinks very little water though his stool is normal size and texture.

Vet exam has diagnosed yeast infection which has been an ongoing problem since the people got Happy as a puppy. This dog is exercising minimally because he wants to lay around. This canine family pet was tested for allergies and was allergic to everything the people have been feeding him and everything in his environment inside and outside. This is when the dog owner finds us.

In our view, this is clearly an internal systemic problem. So a new diet trial for 2 weeks was recommended to see how far it can help Happy. Here is the feedback after 2 weeks:

"Happy is drinking and eating again and we have taken him off antibiotic. His mood is better and his fur is coming back. However he still has this foul odor, insists on ripping out his fur and contantly rubbing his muzzle."

Two more weeks of the new diet is suggested, and here is the feedback after a total of 4 weeks of the new diet:

"I am very pleased with the results of your advise and Happy is also. He does not have any odor anymore. Your advise cured the cause and I can't thank you enough. Happy loves his new diet. He is more active and healthier. I even think he smiles! He also has a girl friend now."

"I have been telling others about this experience. I will recommend your service to other pet owners with pet health problems. I really appreciate your services and thank you for your help!"

After 4 weeks, Happy is indeed happy again. He still has a few skin spots remaining which originally oozed moisture but are now dry and lack odor. So we suggested our WildPets Skin Trouble Spray Plus to clear these remaining toxins out. There are also a few remedies, supplements and home treatment to complete this healing which basically started since puppyhood.

Jerry Sample - United States

CALLIE CAT - Stubborn matted fur in feline

"Callie had developed mats this spring. We had them shaved off two times and they were forming again. I knew they were very painful and it was hard for Callie to move up the stairs."

"Pearl prepared some flower essences and homeopathic formula for her and told me that Callie did not like it when I worry too much. I changed my attitude and approach to Callie and within a couple of weeks the mats either fell off by themselves or they separated enough from the body so that we were able to cut them off without hurting her. The mats have not returned."

"Callie now plays much more and is quite a bit more active. Her whole attitude seems to have relaxed and seems much more joyful! Callie has gained a new lease on life and for that I am very grateful to Pearl!"

F. Schulze - White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

PEKAY - Cat mange mites, intense itch & sores  PeKay - cat mange mites, itchy, sores, skin allergy problem

Case: PeKay, a male cat, 1.5 year old, was very itchy with feline mange mites. The animal guardian purchased WildPets Skin Trouble Shampoo & WildPets Skin Trouble Spray and was waiting for the products in transit. However, PeKay was so itchy. that the person asked me if I can help her cat before the products arrive. So we did long distance healing sending the same remedies in the WildPets Skin Trouble Spray to Pekay.

Update on the 2nd day:

"Pekay seems calmer, happier. Still itching, maybe a little less."

On the 3rd day:

"Pekay is doing great! Happier, less agitated, spending time with us. Sores and itching improving. For the first time, she didn't wake me up in the morning! What a blessing(: I will tell anyone with sick or injured pets about this service."

B. Whelan - Orlando, Florida, USA

SAM - An itchy cat with liver condition, weak digestion, drugs side effects

Sam's human first came to us because she wants a natural method for treating her cat's fleas and flea allergy. Sam has lost some of his appetite due to possible reaction to Advantage (chemical flea medication) that was given to him earlier. Sam had 'fatty liver disease' 18 months ago and the person is worried the Advantage reaction may trigger another episode and Sam will be anorexic again.

One of the remedies Sam got from us was WildPets Skin Allergy Formula Plus. This skin remedy also addresses liver toxicity since liver toxins overload often come out as skin symptoms. To the human's surprise, apart from skin improvement, Sam also calms down a lot after taking this remedy.

Later Sam's human came to us for a consultation because Sam has very sensitive digestion. Whenever Sam is stressed or gets food that he does not tolerate, he gets sick and stops eating. Coincidentally, Sam has been on twice daily antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine ever since the liver incident 18 months ago.

Knowing the side effects of these powerful medicine and the danger (and insanity) of long term use, I gave Sam's human alternative natural remedies and supplements, as well as a transitional schedule and observation plan to possibly wean Sam off of these medicines, reserving them for urgency use only.

To our surprise, the very next day, the person wrote:

"I stopped Sam's meds yesterday because he just seemed to not want them at all, has been doing very well with his eating. I was thinking about what you had said about the meds possibly stressing his system and making him sick in other ways."

A week later, this is the feedback:

"I just wanted to write again to tell you how much I appreciate your help. He seems to be doing very well to me. Really I am so pleased that he is doing fine with his decrease in meds. It is so nice to have a new hope to help him be even healthier. Thank you for everything - you really are wonderful to deal with and your products are very effective. I am truly impressed. Sincerely, Marilyn."

M. Triangolo - Cranston, Rhode Island, USA

STANLEY - A chronically bacteria, yeast and infection ridden cat, weakened further by powerful drugs

STANLEY cat - chronic itching, scabs, yeast & bacteria infections

Stanley, a 7 yr old, ragdoll male cat, came to us on Nov 7. He has been battling with skin problems for 2 years. It all started with demodectic mites and ear mites. He was given one lime sulphur dip which almost killed him - despondent, energy diminished, very weak - and the human thought he would die.

Then Stanley went on the Pets Best RX Program for 5 months and got the mites under control, but it started a dry swollen paw problem which lasted to-date, and the mites returned a year later. Stanley was also given an inordinate amount of antibiotics by many different vets prior to the demodectic mites diagnosis.

Now, Stanley keeps licking his stomach and paws continuously, shakes his head, obsessively grooms himself, scratches his body and ears, sleeps quite a bit and has dandruff. He is still battling with demodectic mites and ear mites, as well as yeast and bacteria. His eyes need to be cleaned daily, nose always has a crust, claws have a black crust and his paws would be swollen and dry.

He also has a leaky gut and been diagnosed with bacteria, yeast and environmental allergies (grass, weed, trees). His coat has not grown back to the way it was 2 years ago. He has inflamed gums. He had crystals when he was a kitty. Stanley now has elevated white blood cell count, losing weight despite eating well. The vet has never seen a kitty with so much bacteria and yeast on his skin. Stanley has been battling for a long time with so many numerous problems.

Even though Stanley loves to eat and has not lost his appetite, he continues to lose weight battling all these parasites, yeast and bacteria infections. At his peak, he weighed 17 lbs and he got down to 13 lbs.

The human has been seeing many vets, holistic vet and tried many nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, medicated shampoo, neem/karanja shampoo, probiotics and all yield some improvements. Stanley's person is really looking for a gentler healing program for her beloved cat.

Our WildPets Skin Trouble Spray has been giving Stanley some improvement in his claws, clearer eyes with less discharge but his infections are so severe, intense and persistent that a 1-on-1 consultation was needed and set in Jan the next year.

We suggested to the person some minor yet important adjustments to the diet, even cleaning habits of the food. We also suggested our WildPets Skin Trouble Shampoo, BIO Defense and a custom blend of nutritional and herbal supplements for Stanley (BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional Therapy), with added ingredients for his heart murmur. While the remedies help Stanley fights the symptoms, the custom nutritional blend will help with his entire system so he DOES NOT keep producing these bacteria and yeast from the INSIDE OUT.

2 weeks later, we received some initial feedback:

"I have switched out his dry food and am now preparing the meat and cooking it lightly. This seems to be helping (yeah!)."

We got the next feedback in 1 month in Feb:

"Used your shampoo the last two weeks. I immediately can tell the difference. His coat has more moisture. There is less yeast surrounding his claws. I actually will apply the soap to his paws prior to the shampoo and it is really helping."

"In general, he is licking quite a bit less and he sleeps through the night now - yeah. He is so much happier! Still some scratching and bacteria on skin, but greatly reduced more than 50%."

In 6 weeks:

"The BIO Defense wash for Stanley's eyes works great. Not sleeping all day and a lot of curiosity and playfulness - yeah!"

In March, some more feedback:

"I just got back from a vet appt with Stanley. Lots of good news! Bacteria and yeast levels are almost at normal levels. He is now 15.8 lbs! The heart murmur is not worse. There is still some licking mostly late at night and I will start using the new custom blend soon. Thank you so much for everything."

After a vacation trip for the human, Stanley's sister cat gets itchy ears too...

"The good news is that the WildPets Ear Trouble Spray worked for Stanley's sister and I only am doing her once a week as a preventative measure."

3.5 months after Stanley first came to us for consultation & help:

"Wanted to give you an update on Stanley. His skin feels 100% (no dandruff/bacteria that I can feel); his claws are looking much better (they used to be black near the cuticle and yeasty). His health had taken a great step forward — more energy, inquisitiveness, etc."

A 7 month later update:

"Stanley's coat is much thicker and there is less shedding, I feel no bacteria on his skin, sleeping more peacefully. His temperature is normal and yeast under control. He is a much happier cat."

"The current blend seems to be really working. I think Stanley realizes this is helping him. He normally runs away from me when I am giving him something he doesn't like. For the custom blend, he just sits and opens his mouth - yeah!"

L. Haesler - Irvine, California, USA

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