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MEANIE MINEY - Horse laminitis, equine founder, insulin resistant, bloating

Meanie Miney - horse laminitis, horse founder, horse arthritis

Meanie Miney, paint mare with chronic horse laminitis. Years of vet exams did not help. The guardian was told by many to put down her beloved mare but she would not. This intense hot summer makes the horse founder more acute. Suspect flat weed allergy (false dandelion). The flies are bothering Meanie a lot this year too, sticking like glue on her especially around the painful legs. Natural fly spray did not work and blistered her skin.

Meanie Miney has chronic horse laminitis for years. She would lay down often as she cannot stand too long and walking in the stall is painful for her. The guardian put hoof boots with thick insoles which help a bit but putting on the boots can be painful.

Every Father's Day, Meanie's laminitis will get worse. This year it manifested as her right hind became swollen and walking very stiff behind, and a little unbalanced, later quite extensive hard swelling developed in all her legs. She will also get worse after the barefoot farrier blacksmith treatment and needed to use pain killers which are not good for her sensitive stomach (has insulin resistance).

With the combination of distant healing and distant Reiki for the acute horse laminitis and pain, WildPets Joint Pain Formula Plus for the chronic horse laminitis founder, and WildPets BIO D-Tox for liver toxicity. Meanie Miney is on her way to a more quality life. This is the progressive feedback from her guardian:

After distant healing:

"I could see improvement almost immediately and it really made her very happy as for her mood and being relaxed and definitely she would be up and moving much more and in less pain & laying down."

After distant Reiki:

"She is so happy right now, full of smiles & sweetness. Meanie was so much better this AM I was so happy to see her walking in less pain."

After WildPets Joint Pain Formula Plus:

"Meanie is doing so much better the past couple of days and not worse after the blacksmith."

"Meanie Miney is doing great thanks to all your hard work and herbs (homeopathic remedies) they have her up and even trotting to her feed dish -- I will continue the herbal remedies (homeopathic)."

"Thanks, Meanie is trotting around and improves every day!!!"

After WildPets BIO D-Tox:

"When she started improving she must not have had the acidosis so much because the bugs did not attract to her quite like when she was in such bad shape-- her odor was different and when her gut was working properly the bugs were bearable not swarming her as before."

C. Grady - Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

GORDON - Cries at litter box, mucus/blood in stool, constipation, hidden joint pain  Gordon - Cries at litter box, mucus/blood in stool, constipation, hidden joint pain

Case: Gordon, a 12lb, 9 year old male cat, cries and walks around the litter box before going in. He cries at the litter box and wants the human to sit there with him while he goes.

Gordon also has hard stool, dark with blood and sometimes mucus. The human gives Gordon an acidophilus probiotics product but he gags at the taste. Gordon is on a grain free dry food and some canned food.

Gordon has been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and is getting worse. After a year of taking him to the vets, the person said the vets just want to drug him up and he has terrible reactions. Pain pills for IBS gave Gordon constipation on top of the IBS.

The human also did a pretty expensive pet hair analysis test, which reveal a bunch of minerals and other excess or deficiency, but did not help Gordon's condition one bit, only frustrate Gordon's human even more.

At first glance, the crying at the litter box, the hard stool and blood/mucus in stool seem to be connected. However, only deeper investigation, treating problems 1 layer at a time, will reveal they are actually separate issues.

At the initial consultation with us, we taught the human how to change the diet, add fluids for Gordon in ways that will work (aka not just give water) and a few tricks for hard stool, even constipation. This is the feedback we get in 2 months:

"I would like to thank you very much for helping me with Gordon and his diet. I can tell he is getting a little better with that change alone."

While the constipation and stool quality has improved, Gordon continues to cry when he goes to the kitty box, and will get out and cry too. We realize then that this is a separate issue.

So our intuition kicked in and tried Distant Pet Healing with Gordon. We asked the human some key questions which reveal Gordon's hidden secret - the peep (crying) only occurs when Gordon needs to squat down (or anticipating the squatting). So we sent joint stiffness frequencies to Gordon. And BINGO! In 3 days, we hear from the human:

"Again no peep last night! This makes 3 nights in a row! This morning he went and had a long stool this morning. And I mean long with just one little peep. The stool was moist and formed."

The next day:

"Gordon seems to be doing better. And he was quiet again last night :) And he is a little more active. I do see an improvement."

And 1 week later:

"Gordon seems to be a little more active. He does not cry at the kitty box as often as he used to. Thank you so much."

H. Eagle - San Antonio, Texas, USA

BAILEY - Dog hiding, grumpy and strange behaviour due to pain  Bailey - dog grumpy, dog hiding, dog strange behaviour due to dog tail bone pain

Case: Bailey, a 13lb, 7 year old, female terrier and maltese cross dog, doesn't want to walk, yipes in pain, hasn't been drinking much, hides from human in closets and under tables, coat is a bit dry, refuses to walk other than to go outside to pee, does her business and races back in to hide under the table.

Bailey had ACL surgery earlier on the right leg.

It turns out Bailey needed another surgery for the tail bone area which is the source of the constant pain.

The dog guardian came to me at first to see if this was a regular joint pain problem. We tried joint pain remedies but with no success. We suspect a structural problem which was confirmed later. So Reiki Energy Healing was given instead to help Bailey with her fears and over self-protection.

After the 1st distant Reiki energy healing session, this is the feedback:

"Bailey is more content today. She is much calmer today and has eaten a good breakfast and while she is still under an end table, she did come out for my daughter."

After the 3rd distant Reiki energy healing session:

"Bailey ate a good supper, came out from under the table on her own, and has been lying on her quilt ever since. She had a soft poo on the floor earlier. Also not screaming as she walks."

We have helped this little dog to be more calm and comfortable prior to the tail bone surgery. The good news is Bailey recovered nicely from the surgery and is improving daily!

D. Martin - Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

SALLY - Chronic non-arthritic limping in dog

SALLY - Chronic non-arthritic limping in dog

Case: Sally, 5 year old female lab cross, had one of her paw crushed by a vehicle 3-4 years ago. The injury was topically treated but the crushed bones were left to heal on their own as per the veterinarians. Sally, months later, started to limp constantly.

"Pearl, you have made a real difference in my family's life with the healing work that you do. Your knowledge of homeopathy and quantum physics and how they relate to pets is remarkable."

"Most interesting to me is that through your help I now understand that her limp is connected to her emotions as well as to physical exercise. Since we have implemented the changes to her environment she hardly limps at all and it is only after a run at the park that I notice it now."

"Thank you for all of your loving, gentle kindness. You are a gift to the pet world. Keep up all of your great work!"

Val MacDonald - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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