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TAJ & RAJAH - 7 month old kittens cannot shake a cold despite multiple antibiotic treatments

 Taj - 4 month old kitten has recurring colds despite multiple antibiotic treatmentsRajah - 4 month old kitten has recurring colds despite multiple antibiotic treatments

Case: Mary has adopted two cuties from a local shelter for 3 months. Rajah and Taj are now 7 month old kittens. The were beginning to sneeze even at the shelter and were put on antibiotics for 2 weeks. All the other litter mates died except for these two boys.

Rajah and Taj have colds, both a thick sticky mucus and a watery discharge. They also have a bit of a cough now and then. The vet said it is from the mucus draining and it tickles their throat.

After the antibiotics were completed they seemed fine. Then the colds returned. They also had ringworm which were treated naturally. So they went back on Clavamox (antibiotics). This has happened 2 times and now they are once again back on the antibiotics because the cold came back.

Mary did all the right things. She transitioned the kittens to a raw food diet, put them on supplements to counteract the antibiotics side effects, gave them Reiki, lots of love and play, and yet the cold remains.

So we suggested the WildPets Cough, Flu & Lung Formula for the respiratory symptoms, the WildPets BIO Defense for the possible virus, the Immune Support Herbal to boost their immune system and our custom nutritional remedy to really turbo-charge their vitality to fight this cold off for good and to stay healthy.

Days later, we received an email from Mary:

"I received the Cough, Flu & Lung Formula yesterday and just wanted to share with you that Taj is already doing much better. He had not been able to vocalize for a few days due to his cold and started 'talking' today. Just wanted to check in with you about the good progress. Thanks so much."

More than 2 months later, after the kittens have been on the custom nutritional remedy as well, here's the feedback:

"The boys are doing great. The homeopathic was very easy to give them and seemed to help pretty quickly. No more colds! Blessings, Mary."

Mary Diamond - Mill Valley, California, USA

Now all grown up at 7 months!

 Taj - 7 month old kitten has recurring colds despite multiple antibiotic treatments
 Rajah - 7 month old kitten has recurring colds despite multiple antibiotic treatments

LUTZ - Severe canine hookworms, dog roundworms, pneumonia, malnutrition, stress, lethargy Lutz - dog hookworms, dog roundworms, dog pneumonia, dog coughing, dog malnutrition, stress, lethargic

Case: Lutz, a very recent rescue Doberman Pincher, should be weighing 100 lbs but was a mere 56 lbs skin and bones. This 3 year old male dog was extremely ill when the person contacted us. Vet diagnosis was "severe" canine hookworms and roundworms. He was vomiting hookworms despite the vet's deworming. Lutz also developed severe chest and nasal congestion, fever, pneumonia and became severely dehydrated. The animal guardian went to the vet for fluids treatment and antibiotics (Baytril), Lutz was still extremely sick. The person was not sure if Lutz could make it although she was determined to do whatever it takes to help him.

At first, we sent long distance remedies for canine pneumonia and the respiratory ailments. The next day, we got an update:

"Definitely, much more energetic, and happy. He still is heavily congested, but he is definitely feeling better."

However, this was not a simple case. The next morning, Lutz lost the little appetite that he had and had diarrhea. Upon discussion with the animal guardian, we advised her to do some herbal and nutritional home pet care treatments and adjusted our remedies to address the hookworms, roundworms, low immune system and severe malnutrition.

The same night, we got an update:

"I came home to a new dog today. He was looking great, he was super happy and energetic and practically tackled me. He devoured two dishes of food, I didn't see any diarrhea when I got home, which is great. He was still sneezing out snot, and coughing, but it seems to be a bit better. He actually started barking for the first time. He was barking at the neighbor dog and the neighbors so that's a great sign. He was so bouncy that I took him for a short walk. He actually walked me ( I can only imagine how he is going to drag me once he gets fully recovered and up to weight.)"

Long story short, 1 week later, Lutz's pneumonia, coughing and sneezing symptoms were almost gone. The hookworms and roundworms situation was under control. Here's the update:

"He's doing fantastic. He has gained 10 lbs (in 1 week!), looks and acts great. So he is definitely going to make a full recovery."

"You worked miracles on Lutz, and I am very grateful."

P.S. A month later, Lutz is 78 lbs, healthy and enjoying his new family!

Lutz - recovered from dog worms, dog giardia & dog pneumonia

V. Garcia - Los Angeles, California, United States

RADAR - Stressed kitten has cold, flu, diarrhea, body odor & is very shy

 Radar - stressed kitten has cold, flu, diarrhea, body odor & is very shy

Case: Radar, a 7 month old male kitten, was living in a rescue centre. He was neutered recently, tattoed and received his vaccines. This human adopted Radar 3 weeks ago and noticed a sniffles when she first got him.

Radar is very, very shy. Radar gets diarrhea from canned food. He has an unpleasant odor around him, he sneezes a lot now, mostly clear mucous, sometimes with a bit white, also at times with a bit of blood within the mucous.

The person feels that for one so young, Radar has been through a lot and a trip to the vet would add again more trauma. So she comes to us for help.

We suggested WildPets BIO Defense and Cough, Flu & Lung Formula for Radar's cold and flu, G.I. Revitalizer for replenishing good stomach bacteria which we believe are the source of the diarrhea, and a custom nutritional blend (BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional Therapy) to give Radar great nutrition and immune builder to help him get stronger.

In 1 week's time, the person wrote to us:

"Radar is doing much better, especially with the cold, it's still hanging on a bit but definitely has improved, I do think he is feeling much, much better."

In 1 month's time, the person wrote back:

"Radar is doing really well, he does all sorts of antics and has become very lively and mischievous. He has such a sweet nature, sleeps beside me now on my side of the bed. You can tell he's feeling fantastic. His cold is completely gone."

"I weighed Radar, he is now 7.6 lbs, that's up from 6 lbs since we started him on the custom pet remedy and G.I. Revitalizer. I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for us, you are such a blessing. It's nice to know there is someone like you to help us with our 4-legged family members."

"Radar was one no one wanted because he is black and was extremely shy. To see him now you would not recognize him as that same kitten. I thank you for all your help and compassion. I am very impressed with your services and will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends."

Radar not so shy now!

 Radar - all better, relaxed, playful, no flu, no cold, no diarrhea!

"Hi Pearl, Am I not the handsomest guy you've ever seen. I wish my mom would hurry up and go to bed, can't she see how exhausted I am from all the playing around. When she goes to sleep so do I, after a good cuddle I go under the covers to settle down for the night with her. By the way I feel on top of the world, my mom continues giving me the personal pet remedy and the G.I. revitalizer for maintenance. Hugs to you from a grateful Radar and my mom Martina."

Martina Kennedy - Kamloops, BC, Canada

SHILOH - Dog pneumonia, collapsed lung, canine distemper, anemia, leukopenia (low red & white blood cell count), puppy with broken ribs & leg

 Shiloh - healing dog pneumonia, dog collapse lung, dog distemper, dog anemia, low white blood count, leukopenia, dog broken ribs, dog broken leg

Case: Shiloh, a rescue 13 weeks old pit bull mix puppy, 20 lbs, went through terrible abuse at a very young age and has a shatter left front leg and several broken ribs. The night before a vet visit, Shiloh began coughing up phlegm quite often.

Xrays revealed pneumonia in both lungs. Prior to this, she had been happy and playful with no signs of coughing. It turns out the broken ribs are affecting the lungs causing collapse of the left lung. Shiloh is also slightly anemic (low red blood count), has a low white blood cell count (leukopenia) and tested positive with the canine distemper virus.

The veterinarian put Shiloh on three different antibiotics (docycyline, clavamox & gentamycin) but she continued to worsen after 4 days. Shiloh was then taken to the ER vet. For another 4 days, Shiloh was in an oxygen chamber, hooked up to IV fluids and intravenous antibiotics (ampicillin) without improvement. She was also not eating. The ER vet has suggested euthanasia.

The animal rescue carer did not give up, contacted us on a Tuesday morning and said "You are my only hope at this point. I'm hoping for a miracle and so much appreciate your efforts on behalf of this sweet little girl". Long distance emergency healing was administered the same morning and continued for 1 week for all symptoms including the 2 month old broken ribs and leg.

Day 2 morning update:

"She is doing well on 10% less oxygen (aid) today so that's a good sign. The vet team had said her lungs sounded clearer yesterday."

Day 2 update at night:

"Saw Shiloh tonight and she ate again. We also got the results of the new xrays and blood work, both with good news. The vet said the xrays were a "billion times better" than the last ones he saw on Sunday. He said the right lung has virtually cleared out, the left still has a lot of debris but still better than it was. Her blood work numbers improved as well, both white and red blood count. She was functioning well on 30% of oxygen (aid) instead of 40%."

Day 3 morning update:

"Shiloh is now out of oxygen (assisted therapy) and continues to hold her own with the breathing. She is doing so much better but not eating a lot so still requires IV fluids and antibiotics. They are also concerned about her (potentially) developing neurological symptoms associated with distemper."

Day 4 update:

"Shiloh continues to do well but still not eating much. The vet team may release her on Sunday if she gets enough of an appetite back. Other than that, she is doing well and has amazed the team."

Day 5 update:

"Saw Shiloh twice today and she ate well both times."

Shiloh was released from the veterinary hospital and went home on Sunday.

1 week after the euthanasia suggestion and long distance healing:

"Shiloh is still doing really well - eating, drinking, going to the bathroom regularly and still breathing well. You have really made a difference in this little girl's life!"

Update 7 weeks later:

"Shiloh has actually made a full recovery from the pneumonia and the vet said her follow up chest xrays taken today are remarkable...full inflation of all lobes and the ribs have actually remodeled to near normal. Her leg has also healed well. He said the alignment is good and he sees no need for amputation at this time."

J. Mazzocchi - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

COPPER - Dog very tired after blood transfusion surgery

Case: Copper, 6 year old male dog, husky-shepherd-border collie, had extreme blood breakdown reaction after using a chemical flea product 'Program', possibly combined with something else. Vet's diagnosis was "immune mediated hemolytic anemia" (though this diagnosis was questioned later on). As a result of the initial diagnosis, Copper had blood transfusion surgery and a few days of corticosteroids. Later, the animal guardian switched to a natural homeopathic and diet home pet treatment.

However, "Copper still seems a bit anemic. His gums are still a little pale. He gets tired more quickly than before. His stamina for exercise is lower than before he got sick."

Since Copper's mom was giving him a good natural dog diet and sound pet supplements, no long distance healing was needed. Upon research with the holistic pet health consultation, natural food therapy was suggested with specific health food ingredients (available in any health food stores) for Copper's recovery and homeopathic remedies were suggested as a backup.

The following week, we got an update:

"Thank you for all your advice! Copper is doing very well and really enjoys the (organic) food supplement. I will let you know if we need remedies, but he seems to be his usual goofy self. Thanks."

T. Routley - British Columbia, Canada

BINKY - Acute toxic reaction to Metacam, high BUN/Creatinine, UTI, anemia, neurological symptoms  BINKY - Acute toxic reaction to Metacam, UTI, high BUN/Creatinine, anemia, neurological symptoms

Case: Binky, a 16 year old cat, was diagnosed with slow progressive chronic renal failure (CRF). She started drinking a lot of water several months ago. Sometimes she throws up and has loose stools. The last 2-3 days she is not eating or even drinking much water. She seems somewhat weak and mildly shaky.

Normally she is a lap cat, but now she stays in 1 or 2 spots in the other room all day and night and will not stay on the human's lap even if picked up. Binky is not leaving the room at all except to use the litter box. We first learned about Binky on June 24.

Binky has never behaved like this before, not even close. The human knows something is quite wrong. Prior on June 12, vet tests revealed normal to mildly elevated BUN and creatinine levels at best. Calcium, phosphorus, electrolyes and blood pressure were all normal.

On July 2, the human asked for Distant Pet Emergency Healing (3 days) and 3 Reiki sessions. Binky has just come back from the vet hospital and the tests results show 10 times the normal numbers for her BUN and creatinine levels. Before Binky was given Metacam, these numbers were normal, with no kidneys or urinary tract infection (UTI). Metacam was given from June 11 to 24.

Binky is now barely eating and getting IV fluids daily. She is weak, a little uncoordinated, spends most her time alone. Even though Binky has chronic renal failure (CRF), she was healthy and happy before all of this. By being poisoned by Metacam, she went into ACUTE Renal Failure. Despite antibiotics, an appetite stimulant and antacid, Binky is not getting better.

After the 1st day of distant healing and Reiki session, the feedback was that Binky was still deteriorating:

"She is doing absolutely terrible the worst ever. She was agitated and howling last night. I took her to vet early am. Saw specialist. She has heart disease, anemia, high BUN and creatinine levels, neurological disturbances, no tumors thankfully. She has UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) but NO kidney infection. Her liver is large. Vet said if not better in 1 month we may want to euthanize her."

So we adjusted the vibrational frequencies to include all the new symptoms and increased the potency of the distant healing (that is why we emphasize on frequent daily feedback). The next day, the human wrote back:

"Thanks for the healings. Binky seems a little calmer. She even ate a small amount of tuna on her own. I was shocked. Still quite ill, weak, seems confused at times."

We also told the human that X-Ray, radiation and certain antibiotics have caused clinical anemia before. Since Binky has such a strong reaction to Metacam, we suggested alternatives to chemical antibiotics to prevent further sensitivity and toxic reaction to powerful drugs. And to avoid unnecessary x-rays. Any more is the "straw that breaks the camel's back".

That evening, the human wrote:

"Binky seems a little more herself today, more mentally present and walking more normally. She drank more water during the night than she had been, which I consider a good sign. Today she ate 4 bites of food on her own. This is a definite improvement. She still spends most of her time on the chair."

After the distant healing and Reiki sessions, here is what the human said:

"She's getting better! I am so happy. She ate almost 1/4 can of food on her own over several hours. Her coat is better. She's gradually getting stronger."

" She's more alert and went to my room for the first time in weeks! Ever since she's been ill she's been staying in the office. She is now stable, feeling better, mostly out of the office and in the rest of the house and outside too."

"I feel like it's a miracle and attribute her leap to you and getting her off all of those drugs. I learned so much about drugs in an older cat. Thank you for all you're doing. I have told my CRF group about your site."

Deborah Katz - Portland, Oregon, USA

DAPHNE - Seizure escalating, dog spasms in between grand mal seizures    Daphne - Seizure escalating, dog spasms in between grand mal seizures

"I have Pugs and my 6 yr old female started experiencing seizures? I contacted Pearl and she is so helpful and caring. I was not sure about dosing, and my dog had been experiencing break thru seizures, I received a return call on Saturday (the company is closed) and she answered all my questions and said that I may need to add another product."

"My pugs are doing much better, symptoms have subsided and all Thanks to Gentlecare and Pearl. I will be recommending these products to everyone who has 4 legged children. Thanks to Pearl for her outstanding customer service, you go over and beyond."

Dianne Hawkins - Clarksville, Tennesse, United States

NEIL - Cat kidneys failure, death-birth transition    Neil - cat kidneys failure, feline uremia, dying transition care

Case: Neil, a 16 yr old male cat, has declining kidneys function. Neil was well looked after by a holistic vet and was feeling better after a detox and Ringer's Solution injected whenever he became dehydrated. However, Neil started eating much less on a Thursday night and by Saturday it was clear that he was declining.

During the 1 week healing, we sent healing energies for the declining kidneys, urea toxicity in the blood and vibrations to help Neil cross over just in case. These were some of the updates we received:

"When I got home he amazed me and went outside - very, very slowly with his hindquarters drooping - and greeted our neighbor. He's drinking lots of water, lapping up the milk product and took a few tiny bites of tuna fish in juice."

"Yesterday afternoon and evening were beautiful and sunny in Seattle. Neil went outside and was very interested in the world around him. He sniffed things, and then curled up on a cushion with me and Mandy on the patio. He drank water, milk product and ate Gerber's chicken baby food - just two bites - and one more later. This morning he also accepted more food. He also went outside briefly."

"Even though Neil is drinking lots of water, his urine clump size is smaller (a good sign) - almost as small as Mandy's clump sizes which have remained the same for years."

The animal guardian took Neil to the holistic vet who returned from vacation. Unfortunately, a very tiny lump in March had turned into a huge tumor in Neil's abdomen and was obstructing the digestive system. He was too old and frail to do anything about the tumor so a home euthanasia treatment was given to Neil by his regular vet on a sunny day (Neil loves the sun).

The day after Neil left his body, Pearl (our healer) felt his spirit visiting, whispering "Thank you for making me comfortable during this time." and a cheek rub from Neil's liberated spirit. We are very glad that we can help Neil to be more comfortable during his last days on this plane of reality.

Death is inevitable at some point, and sometimes, the best healing is to keep the animal comfortable and as trauma-free as possible during the life-death-life transition. This is an important service to the animals (and humans!), and fortunately for Neil his guardian understands this as she was involved in hospice work before.

J. Crocker - Seattle, Washington, USA

KAIA - Dog bleeding through the skin pores without injury  Kaia - dog bleeding through the skin pores with yellow pus but no injuries

Case: Kaia, a 3 year old white Husky, was having multiple infections 1 week after taking heart worm pills. She was bleeding through her skin pores with no injury whatsoever. The area around her belly, inner thighs and vagina were red, raw, sore, sensitive and hot to the touch. There were scabbing, inflammation, tenderness and her hair was falling out. She chewed at it due to the irriation.

Kaia's dog paws were swollen, inflamed hot, with blood blisters, oozing sticky smelly pus, bleeding and scabbing alternately, and the hair thinned due to chewing, making walking very uncomfortable.

Kaia's face was bleeding daily with irritating, smelly, sticky pus. Blood literally dripped down her white furry face. Kaia was depressed, lost her appetite though drinking lots of water. The vet believes it was the Revolution that caused all this. The vet felt it was an allergic reaction that compromised her immune system.

The pet guardian tried acupressure, acupuncture (to release damp heat), antibiotics (Simplicef), herbs and all kinds of products without much help.

A long story short, it took the right antibiotics (via vet) and our distant healing therapy with the right homeopathic frequencies to turn things around. We also did a few Reiki sessions to boost her energy and food therapy to tonify her weakened qi, blood as well as cool her blood.

Kaia's tongue returned to a healthy pink color from 'gray'. Her skin started to turn pink, bleeding slowed then stopped and the hair started to grow back.

"Her belly was a lot cooler this morning but as the day progressed it got warmer, not as hot as it has been. She is showing signs of improvement on her belly. Her face is showing signs of improvement, the scabs are falling off and it is only oozing on occasion now. She had a good sleep. Her appetite seemed better."

"Kaia's energy levels are back to normal and she is so happy. She is so alert and wants to run and chase rabbits forgetting she was on a leash! She is waking with vigor and a bounce in her step in the mornings. Her hair is already growing back on her paws and legs and other parts of her body."

D. Harvest - San Francisco, California, USA

CUPID - Cat emergency vet visit with labored breathing, CHF & lung edema  CUPID - Cat emergency vet visit with labored breathing, CHF & lung edema

Case: Cupid, a 14.5 year old female cat, has labored breathing, stomach being sucked in as she inhales. She had a hard time to breathe after defecating; she seemed to have coughed too. Cupid was diagnosed by vet with cardiomyopathy, thromboembolism with rear-leg paralysis and congestive heart failure (CHF). The vets advised to have her euthanized, but the cat owners declined.

Cupid did get better for a while but the laboured breathing and edema in body tissues recurred. Cupid could not handle vet visits well as they were very stressful.

Cupid's mom came to us for distant healing. However, before we could get started, Cupid curiously put her head into a large plastic garment bag and went into panic and laboured breathing. So we coincided our distant healing with the vet emergency visit & treatment. The vet used special needles to extract the fluids in the lungs while our distant healing helped to calm, relax and stabilize Cupid, heal the puncture wound, pain, drug effects, stress and trauma of the procedures.

"I'm sure that the healing worked. I noticed that my cat was feeling 'something' that time. In spite of all the tests, and all she'd been through yesterday she seems okay."

"I really do think that the distance healing you are giving to Cupid really helps. Cupid is doing great! I know (and been told by her cardiologist) that Cupid's heart is failing, but it seems that she has more energy now, hmm. She zooms up and down our bed :), considering what she's been through, two days ago."

"Your distant healing helped Cupid tremendously!!! Your efficacious distant remedies helped her soo much during her ER and cardiologist visit. Those were pretty stressful: the thoracocentesis procedure, bloodwork, catheter placement, sedation, several laboratory tests, the more than an hour travel to the cardiologist, etc... but, you made it possible for her. No words could express my thanks to you :). The vets were "wowed" by Cupid's courage - actually, courage she got from your remedies."

"I am sure, no doubt, that your distant healing made it possible for Cupid to be relaxed, and it also enabled her to be ever-willing to be healed. I really am grateful for your help."

Cupid continued treatment with the local veterinarians with feline diuretics and heart medication, as well as supplements researched by the owners.

A. Vysosias - Crowley, Texas, USA

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