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PIKICA - Missing cat returned 2 days later with mysterious mouth, jaw, head, facial, teeth, gums & hearing symptoms Pikica cat - regular self

Case: Pikica, 8.5 years old female cat, returned after missing for 2 days with mysterious mouth, jaw, facial, head and hearing symptoms. Her mouth was open, drooling for hours with lots of saliva, the tongue was sticking out and seemed painful & unable to chew or move the jaw. Her painful soreness increased quickly and now could hardly get food into her mouth.

Though the person initially thought it was a dental problem, we suspected injuries to the facial jaw areas as well, and asked the human to check a few key things for us.

Upon checking, she found Pikica's lower jaw was swollen, the tongue stuck out as if it was uncomfortable to close the mouth, and when the jaw area was touched & petted lightly, Pikica cried. Dried blood was also found on the nose. Now the person suspected her cat was hit by a motorbike as another of her cat was hit recently while sticking her head out the fence.

So pain, injuries and potential infection were the top priorities for Pikica - at least to start. So the Distant Pet Emergency Healing was suggested, as well as a natural antibiotic (one that does not harm good stomach bacteria) to be purchased locally in Slovenia.

The next day, a word from the human...

"You are really easing her pain. This is so evident! She could eat without pain all day and ate her normal portion TWICE! Her tongue is still sticking out and is still drooling but she closed her mouth twice. We also saw her licking her back, even went outside for a couple of hours, these are good signs."

While we were glad to hear the progress, we know injuries don't always heal in a straight forward manner. There are often changes, twists and turns, some symptoms improve while others just begin to develop. Fortunately, we are ready to follow through with the entire roller coaster ride of the healing process until it is complete.

Two days later, the person asked for something to improve Pikica's hearing. Curiously, we asked her to do some specific checking for us, and found that Pikica had no problem hearing. It was the impact to the side of Pikica's head and face that made her less interested in her surroundings than usual.

The person also sensed a foul smell coming from Pikica's mouth and noticed more dried pus on her mouth. So we insisted on the natural antibiotic again for dealing with existing and preventing further infections. Apparently, it was already ordered and in transit to them.

The next day, more news. The person now realized a tooth was missing from Pikica, the side of her head was found to be swollen from ear down to the lower jaw and she was still not grooming herself. These symptoms can be detected because the jaw and mouth are now less swollen and can be opened for examination.

On the positive side, while Pikica's tongue was still sticking out, her mouth was now able to close when she sleeps, drooling lessened and she could even yawn!

"One minute Pikica may look like she wants to say her goodbye and leave, and the next minute she yawns and stretches with full force or rolls in her basket and purrs the goodbye moment away."

Over the next few days, with the help of daily feedback, we adjusted remedies and potencies dose by dose daily for Pikica's distant healing.

"Pikica is now grooming herself, behaves normal, sleeps less and wants to be outside more. Her drooling is almost gone, only saw bits of saliva after she ate. Her tongue is still hanging out but 1/2 less compared to yesterday. When she sleeps, her mouth is closed and you can't see her tongue. The swelling on the side of the head has subsided about 1/3."

3 more days later:

"Pikica is doing better, much better. Swelling on her right cheek is gone. Drooling has stopped, she keeps her tongue inside almost all the time now. The only symptoms I notice is that she is sneezing and there's a foul smell from the mouth."

Luckily, they received their natural antibiotics that day so we insisted they use it right away and gave them the correct dosages for Pikica's condition.

1.5 weeks into the Distant Healing:

"Pikica is doing better and better. She even started playing - plus doing all the things she did before like grooming herself really thoroughly, disciplining our other cats, checking all her spots in the garden. Drooling has not reappeared, her tongue is inside now. She is chewing her food."

10 days after the last distant healing session (which lasted 2 weeks):

"I'm very happy to report that Pikica is now well again!! I think that the natural antibiotic helped her, however not as much and as quickly as your treatments, where we could really see major progress by the hour. I think she started eating and her state improved within a couple of hours after the first treatment."

"Also thank you for the tips about cat food, Pikica as well as the other cats enjoy most of what we prepare for them and I have fun watching them discovering new tastes."

And finally, over 2 months after the original mystery injuries:

"Pikica is still doing great!"

Here are the pictures of Pikica before, during and after our Distant Pet Emergency Healing therapy. Thank you for sharing them Alenka!

Pikica cat - swollen tongue, drooling, painful sore chewing food, swallowing, moving mouth, tongue sticks out, pain dry blood on nose, injuries hit by motorbike

Alenka M. - Polzela, Slovenia

BELKO - Slipped & fell into pond, injured & partial paralysis, reveal cat's past leg stiffness & lack of self worth Belko - walk as with a wooden leg, lift whole leg, cannot flex knee, ankle; injuries & partial paralysis, with past injuries

Case: Belko, 8 years old male cat, came home limping on the right side and swollen on the left paw. There was no blood, abcess or any open wound. Belko could jump but walked with a limp, stiffness and lifting the whole leg as if wooden. He was not in a good mood at all, did not want anyone close or being petted, walking slowly, cautiously to avoid bending his paws, toes, ankles and knees.

It was not until the 2nd day of our therapy that the person remembered Belko slipped and fell into a pond a few days ago. The pond is not deep, but the weather was cold and so was the shallow water in the pond. Belko was also very ashamed and embarrased because he fell in.

In addition, they recalled Belko was walking with the 'whole leg' last winter as well though he was not limping. This could be a past injury, now re-injured again.

So Distant Pet Emergency Healing was suggested.

The 1st day of therapy, there was no visible change on the swollen paw, Belko avoided walking to avoid pain. We realized the injuries were more severe than expected, so we adjusted the dosage potency.

The next day:

"Belko's swelling on the left paw has gone down completely, you can't even tell there was a problem there."

However, the next layer of injury symptoms were just starting to show up. Belko now could not bend the right paw and he was walking very carefully not to bend it. He was lifting the whole leg as one unit when he was walking. The right hip looked hurt too. He wanted more space and by himself.

This is typical of serious or deep injuries where there are often layers of injuries. As one layer heals, the next layer reveals itself (to be treated). Some injuries also take time to develop fully and may not show up as noticeable symptoms until days later.

So we adjusted the Distant Healing for Belko's partial paralysis, stiffness, problems with and shock to his low back, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles, toes and paws. Also, we added healing energy frequencies for his humiliation, brooding mood - the 'insults' to his injuries. We also recommended a few Reiki sessions to ease the tension physically and emotionally.

A few days later:

"Actually he is in a very good mood today and definitely in a better shape. The limping on the right leg is GONE!"

However, over the next few days, a different kind of limping appeared. The pain and stiffness shifted from side to side, while the overall pain and symptoms improved and Belko became more relaxed in his posture. Belko was also sleeping through the whole night now, was grooming really well and feeling much better.

"The 'pain' energy was travelling through his body, at first the left leg, then the right leg. I can definitely say that there was less of everything - stiffness, limping, pain. Also, it was almost like the pain was looking for a way out of his body."

10 days later:

"When he was walking towards me this morning, he didn't limp at all. I've noticed that when he walks, his front legs sometimes shake."

2 weeks after the initial Distant Healing:

"Belko has officially stopped limping. Not only that he is not limping, he is walking more softly. I don't know how else to put it, but before he seemed to be moving his legs like they would weigh too much and would be too heavy for him. Now he is walking more lightly. It's not just me, everyone noticed this today. My mother even remarked that he's moving like a ballerina."

"It looks like he had more problems than we realized and that the accident in the pond just brought this to our attention because he was limping. His improvement is amazing. He's also more confident now and does not go away when our other cats start pestering him. Thank you SO much for all your help!!"

Here are the pictures of Belko during and after our Distant Pet Emergency Healing therapy. He is walking straight now without leaning on one side or another to shift his weight to avoid pain. And the muscles in his low back, pelvis and hips areas are not tensed up or tight anymore. Thank you for sharing the photos Alenka!

Belko - walk as with a wooden leg, lift whole leg, cannot flex knee, ankle; injuries & partial paralysis, with past stiffness

Alenka M. - Polzela, Slovenia

HOLLY - Torn ACL/cranial cruciate ligament, cannot walk on leg, previously injured HOLLY - Torn ACL/cranial cruciate ligament, cannot walk on leg, previously injured

Case: Holly, an anxious dog, was running along the fence at grandma's & grandpa's place when she stepped onto some crunchy snow patches that caved in which sank her right rear leg down with it.

Ever since then Holly would limp, not put weight on the right rear leg and would not jump up on anything other than when she gets excited. Apparently, Holly injured herself a year ago in the same area but seems to be OK afterwards. This time, the human found a tender spot on the top of the hip in the middle above the bone.

The person tried her own energy techniques, we tried distant Reiki, homeopathic remedies, and the local holistic vet tried chiropractic adjustments, all with no changes. Acupuncture was attempted with minor changes only and Holly is now scheduled for surgery in 6 days.

The holistic vet told Holly's human that the torn ligament, specifically the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), also known as the CCL (cranial cruciate ligament), would just build up scar tissue and give her arthritis and she would not have a good life basically.

It has been 3 weeks and no real change to Holly's leg. Everyone keeps telling the person that sometimes surgery is necessary. Actually we agree too. However, Holly is a really anxious dog, getting upset easily, even going to a regular vet visit, and upset stomach is the normal bodily response to stress. We are just concerned what Holly's "state of being" will be like after a surgery.

So we decided to do Distant Pet Energy Surgery with Holly. This is not a service we publicize as it is very labour intensive, and there are very precise requirements that must be met to be successful. Fortunately, Holly's case meets the requirements.

So we did distant energy surgery on Holly for 2 days, about 4 hours each day (8 hours total), in hopes to help her avoid physical surgery - more so the traumatic emotional & psyche consequences for this very sensitive gal.

1 day after the distant energy surgery, we get this feedback:

"I was watching her tonight and she is walking more on her leg. She just walked into the kitchen and back, and outside to pee but pretty much used her leg the whole time or at least more than she has been."

2 days after the distant energy surgery:

"I am very excited to see how well Holly is doing today! From the time she got up this morning and even now, she is walking more on her leg than not. Even the limping has improved when she walks on it. It has been very helpful! Thank you so much."

And the person described what she observed with Holly during the time of the distant energy surgery during those 2 days:

"Holly started acting a little funny in the late afternoon. She couldn't get comfortable wherever she was laying and kept getting up and moving around and stretching her right back leg. Her energy just seemed different."

"I know it did not feel bad for Holly when you were working on her. It looked a little funny when she was kicking her leg around. Yep, it was her right leg that she was kicking and stretching. I could just see that there was a healing going on in her body and the energy around her was different."

The next day the person took Holly to the holistic vet:

"She was surprised how well Holly was doing. She just told me to keep doing what I was doing."

A week later:

"Holly is still doing good with her leg. I'm excited to see the improvement. Thanks so much!!"

So no surgery, no trauma and no pain for Holly in the end. This is the kind of happy ending we love.

Here is a pretty picture of Holly, just cuz she's so cute...

HOLLY - Torn ACL/cranial cruciate ligament, cannot walk on leg, previously injured

L. Schuurman - Bittern Lake, Alberta, Canada

BOSCO - Dog hit by car, multiple complex injuries, paralysis, internal bleeding, organs failing, deep trauma everywhere - triumph against all odds

 BOSCO - A case that tests our persistence & patience; Dog hit by car, multiple complex injuries, paralysis, internal bleeding, organs failing, trauma everywhere

Case: Bosco, a 25lb mixed breed shepherd weener male dog, was hit by a car - REAL BAD. When the pet guardian came to us, Bosco was in the vet's hospital. He was initially diagnosed with a head concussion, both of his ears bleeding, a hurt spine, internal bleeding, bruised stomach, laboured breathing, in pain, sad looking, laying on his back immobilized, could not eat or drink, suspect brain and neurological problems. The only thing the vets could do was to give him pain killers, steroids and wait ... for a miracle.

Bosco's nightmare was just getting started. As with many deep or serious injuries, many injured symptoms take time to fully develop, and present themselves over time with layers of damages. Some pet owners and healing professionals give up too quickly and the animal may be euthanized. With patience and persistence, however, all these layers can be healed, step by step.

Since this case is so complex, to avoid getting lost with the details, we will present you with all the symptoms first, even though they developed over a period of time, at different times. Then we will show you the time line of healing and then the results to-date.

Boscos's car accident injuries and symptoms:

  • Head concussion.
  • Blood bleeding out of Bosco's ears, ears slump over in odd folded positions.
  • Injured spine, spinal column out of whack and traumatic paralysis.
  • Laying on his back, almost 100% immobilized, cannot move or get up.
  • Front and hind legs trauma, paralysis, partial muscles wasting, cannot get up.
  • Nerves, bones, muscles, joints, tendons - multiple injuries, trauma sites and paralysis.
  • Jaws, facial, mouth, throat, tongue, esophagus, trachea injuries, paralysis, trauma, tense, stiff.
  • Swelling in the brain - turned out to be an incorrect vet diagnosis (we found out after we sent remedies frequencies for this with no changes).
  • Hard laboured breathing.
  • Low consciousness (possibly due to the painkillers as well).
  • Pain (the deep kind), sad looking, stiff tense face, emotionally distraught, confused, cannot recognize people.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Bruised stomach, air in the stomach (gas retention), contracted stomach muscles trauma.
  • Cannot eat or drink, must be fed; cannot chew food well, difficulty swallowing, cannot slurp up water, food keep spilling out of his mouth.
  • Eyes trauma and injuries, swollen eyes, gray eyes, then opaque eyes, then red eyes; cannot see; traumatic cataracts, glaucoma, opacity protecting & hiding internal eyes bleeding and damages, cannot close the eye lids, later droopy eyelids (muscle paralysis), pain in eyes; later lazy eyes.
  • Hearing problems - asked the person to do specific checking for us - determined Bosco does not have hearing loss - but not knowing where the sounds come from.
  • Hair loss on body at impact sites (due to extreme stress).
  • Other hair on body limp, not fluffy.
  • His young looking face looking haggard and aged.
  • Weight loss.
  • After the injuries, stool turned brittle, stiff, hard.
  • Before the accident, very smelly stool, smelled throughout the apartment. We helped the person with this via a diet change and clarification of ingredients.
  • Urinary incontinence before (likely due to insecurity, stress & fears) and after accident (likely due to bladder muscles paralysis).
  • Low energy, tired, out of steam quickly - weakened & injured chi energy, interrupted energy flow.
  • Reinjured hind leg after accident.
  • The impact forced all chakras out of balance, out of alignment and harmony.
  • Kinked up auric energy fields, with blockages that prevent smooth flowing.

A very long list indeed. Most of the symptoms started within days of the car accident and developed into various stages over a few weeks and even a few months time period. Bosco's human came to us on July 18, a few days after Bosco was hit by a car and stayed in the vet hospital with limited help.

Normally, even with human, these types of injuries, paralysis and symptoms either do not heal (so you die or stay paralysed), take years to heal even partially, or it costs a fortune for expensive therapy just to get some functions and mobility back.

To everyone's surprise, Bosco was able to leave the vet hospital and return home in less than 2 weeks. Bosco can eat, drink, see, hear, walk, run and do pretty normal things after 3.5 months. Even his stool problems and urinary incontinence are better than even before the accident.

Below is a brief timeline and actual description from Bosco's human during the therapy which includes 3.5 weeks of intensive Distant Pet Emergency Healing, 6 Distant Reiki sessions and 1 Distant Energy Balancing session. Later, after Bosco returned home from the vet hospital, diet consultation, 2 custom remedies and other home care treatment were added.

The Distant Pet Emergency Healing started on July 18. On July 19, Bosco's human wrote:

"Bosco could barely move, he tried to get up a few times but he couldn't seem to do it. His stomach was pretty bruised and has internal bleeding. The vets said he's about in the same state really."

We were stumped that the remedies frequencies we sent to Bosco for brain damages made no changes. We tried it for 1 more day without improvement which made us realize that the vet diagnosis of brain swelling, inflammation and damages were incorrect. So we changed our strategy and adjusted our healing remedies, potencies and focus...

On July 20:

"They did a radiograph on Bosco and he has no internal bleeding now, just air in the stomach. Bosco's breathing is still hard though. He can now lift his head up a little. Bosco shows signs to live, he will eat food and water when place in his mouth. His right eye, that was previously almost impaired by his neurological state, is actually being used a little."

July 22:

"Bosco is now wagging his tail and eating more now."

July 23:

"And in his breathing, the doctor said Bosco has definitely seen an improvement. It's easier for him to breathe now."

July 26:

"His breathing is completely healed now, the doctor says it's back to normal and his respiratory system as a whole is fine."

"Bosco was much more lively as a whole, gained back some of his weight, could almost get up, his back two legs can now move, along with his front, he can twist a lot more easily but he still doesn't have full control."

July 27:

"Bosco is home now. He's very active to say the least, moving around constantly, never for a minute without trying to move around and stand up. Bosco has a lot of control in his jaw, just gaining control however, as he can't chew hard food. His right eye seems to be improving, it's not as lifeless as before. Both eyes have grey in them."

Jul 30:

"Bosco can swallow better now, 15% I would say, he eats more efficiently, he even yawns every now and then. He has more control over his front legs than his back, he can even limp around for a step or two in his erect position."

Jul 31:

"Bosco has more hair and his body has filled out more. He can basically eat a whole bowl of food without spilling any of it, unlike before, where he would spill 90% of it all over the floor. He can actually see through his right eye."

"And his biggest improvement has been that he is able to walk on all of his legs for just a few steps! As for his hearing, it's gotten better a little, he seems much more reactive to the sounds around him, especially when I walk around. His improvements are even more astounding as he shows a much greater ability to nourish and take care of himself now."

Aug 1:

"Bosco can now close his eye lid 90% of the way, and it's coming back to normal size. However, there is red around the grey of his eye now. He can lap up water like he's supposed to."

Aug 2:

"Bosco's ears are perky and natural today, they aren't slumped over in odd folded positions like they were before. His hair is fluffy, abundant and more strong today. He has regular bowel movements today and they're either stiff or extremely soft or runny. He wobbles as he walks and slanted to his right side."

"As a whole he walks about 15 feet. It's indeed a huge improvement. Afterwards he lays down and rests. His behaviour has all been about sleeping and resting all day."

We are so glad Bosco intuitively knows to keep trying to move his muscles and still resting most of the time to heal and regain his strength. So intelligent. We actually sent this to Bosco's human:

"Humans who have had this type of injury, either don't recover and vegetate, or take 2-3 years just to get to where Bosco is now. So in less than 2.5 weeks of distant therapy, his progress is AMAZING!!!"

"Partly thanks to your persistence in helping Bosco (some people quit after the 1st week even though they see progress but think it is not fast enough and then their pet is paralyzed for life); partly is Bosco's willingness to get better as he is working hard to come back; partly is the vet not doing surgeries and put too many weird stuff to mess him up; and yes partly is my relentless efforts and never accepting the word 'give up'. Too many vets, even holistic healers and pet owners give up when they hit what they know ... and it does not work further ... they don't do the work to 'dig deeper' to find solutions."

Aug 3, feedback from Bosco's person again:

"Thanks for your dedication and of course partaking of this in the first place. I know that this was huge, but you had the courage to engage in it. Also, Bosco can walk for longer than 15 feet, may be 3 times as much. He no longer needs help to eat or drink and his jaws seem much less tense and stiff by like 80%."

Aug 4:

"For his eyes, the greyness and white is clearing slowly, his left continues to get better but his right has a ring of dark red in it now. It's not completely red. But as a whole, it's much better than before, as it's nearly back to its natural size (swelling reduced) while his eyelid can close all the way on it now. Both eyes have made huge progress when looking at where they were at the beginning. Bosco was nearly blind when he was at the vet."

"As for his hearing, it seems to be much better. He can tell direction now. When I'm five feet away, and just say his name in a lower tone than a speaking voice, he will turn his head and look at me. He also seems to be very reactive to my footsteps. I let him walk in my yard for a little while and I was about 15 feet away and called his name and he came to me."

"He walks straight 90% of the time, he's gotten a lot better. He has a little trouble stepping onto a higher level, like from our porch into our house, which is roughly 3 inches. One time he fell because his hind legs couldn't make it."

Aug 7:

"Bosco is pretty much all the way there in his head. He acts like his old self, except with less energy and control, but the sense wise is here. He has his same mannerisms. The composure in his face is much more mellow and natural the way he looks at you. He doesn't have that stiff or tense expression, he's more lively. So he doesn't have that sad look anymore."

"Bosco walks more with a jump and hop than he did before and less of a wobble."

Aug 10:

"His eyes are healing nicely, his left eye only has like 5% white left. He can close his eye lid on it easily and naturally (swelling has come down). His right eye has gone from a more bright red to a lightish brown, and more his natural black overall. There is still white in the middle by like 15%. While he can close his eyelid entirely, it is not as easy as his left lid. Bosco can see well, no problem seeing light or in the night."

"His hearing is exceptional. I can whisper his name and he'll hear it. Bosco is chewing on chew toys but cannot break down a dog biscuit yet. He looks happier. His breathing is a little course and rough at times but it's not often, like only once a day you can hear him sucking in air through his nose and in spurts sometimes at nights."

"He has no problem making his bowel movements. His stool, is I guess you can say is more natural, it isn't too runny or soft now, and isn't dry and flaky now, it's just what it is. The ingredients you told me have done their job."

"He's much more chippy, energetic and happy. He's walking a lot faster, he can run and is more responsive to our petting. He is peeing all over the house, it just seems sudden."

All distant therapy has stopped at this point. More feedback on Sep 10:

"Bosco is in much better shape now, he is still to improving as a whole. The only problem he has now are his back hind legs and right eye."

"The right eye lid is not as reactive as the left, when I put eye drops in it, it doesn't blink. His right eye is now natural black, there is a little gray shading to it but I can't see any more red. His eye looks like a 'lazy eye', I think it's a sign that his eye is taking a stage of healing, because it just seems more alive and active despite its eyelid covering 60% of his eye now."

"While the hind legs have gotten infinitely better, he still can't make a 1 foot+ jump."

At this stage, Bosco is now on custom remedies and holistic home treatment. More feedback on Nov 23:

"Bosco can run almost just as fast before and he can almost jump just as high as before. But he still isn't quite there yet in either. As a whole though, I say both sets of hind and front legs are more balanced than ever before."

"His left eye is fully healed as far as I can tell. While his right eye as a whole look smaller because his eyelid hangs low on it like a lazy eye. And his young face is starting to look like his age again along with his increased activity."

"My dad took him to a vet and the vet was surprised at the 1 week interval his right eye healed. She was saying the right eye might have to be cut out, but she was sort of left dumbfounded that week later. My dad said she didn't say much, especially compared to her assistant who noticed the huge improvement - as the vet was embarrassed at her accusation being turned over completely."

Unfortunately, the human was not able to continue Bosco's remedies due to funds shortage. This is really crucial as one needs to "chase the healing" while the body is willing to heal. It is 'sometimes' possible to heal later on but it will take more time as the momentum is lost. Also, tissues may harden over time and will be a bit more complex to heal, needing more steps. However, the human wants to complete the healing once funds are available again. We can certainly understand the situation.

Last feedback we got was on Feb 17, 7 months later, without any remedies for about 3 months. Notice the healing progress was much slower than with the help of either distant or physical remedies.

"First of all, Bosco is doing better. He is running just as fast as before but I don't think he has the vigor and agility that he had playing with other dogs both similer in size and larger. He still can't leap on my dad's bed which is a good 2 feet off the floor. When I look at his eyes side by side, all that needs healing is its color on the right but the good news is that it's doing much better overall."

"As for now, Bosco is doing great for what he has been through and still slowing healing inch by inch. I intend to work with you to do some more work on Bosco to make sure he's completely flowing."

"With that being said, I really thank you for your caring, great intelligence that goes beyond the standard practices both in veterinary and of course modern health for humans. And for the action that you take. You are a whole woman that's well beyond her years in this society where people are so detached from their professions and just go on without a care for the real commitment to the truth and in turn real hard work."

"I was appalled at how fast vets just whip out the vaccines and drugs without really thinking about the patient's true status. Some day, I plan to bring Bosco back to the vet and assistants and just show them what we've done."

Frankie Hoffman - Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA

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