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PEARL - Instead of being irritated & sleep deprived, humans get to love their dog in the final days

PEARL - dementia, low back weakness, last stage

Pearl, a 14 year old, 28lb dalmatian, developed dementia after a tooth extraction and cleaning surgery 18 months ago. She was never the same since. Her rear end became weak, can barely stand or walk, falls down often, develops ear hematoma, sight & hearing went, and now stands in corners, gets stuck behind doors, circles, has bad breath, incontinence and poor digestion ... despite many vet & holistic therapies. According to 4 different pet psychics, Pearl will leave her body soon.

The human came to us to help Pearl to be more comfortable. As Pearl will wake up and stay up, circling, needing to go pee multiple times, and cannot use the doggy door herself. The humans are sleep deprived as a result, naturally resentful and irritated despite their obvious love for their dog.

In this case, helping Pearl with her breathing, calming her mind and keeping her as comfortable as possible are our priorities. We manage to help Pearl sleep through the night for longer hours, pee less often, to be a bit more stable on her rear end and circle less. While the human receives their sign to help Pearl depart her body via euthanasia, they are also able to cuddle up with Pearl for a few nights, even go for a short walk one day, instead of growing resentment towards Pearl due to exhaustion.

While dying is inevitable to all life forms, minimizing stress, trauma, pain and discomfort can make a HUGE difference to your pet's exit experience, as well as to the human experience of their pet's departure.

"Thank you for helping us enjoy the last weeks with Pearl. Her night time habits were creating strain in the household and your treatments made her comfortable enough to enjoy the last bit of time we have together. We so appreciate this."

Lisa Oliver - Carlsbad, California, United States

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