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HOLLY - Dog vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stool Holly - dog diarrhea, dog vomiting, dog bloody diarrhea, dog blood in stool, canine parvo virus, dog dehydration

Case: Holly, a cute 6 year old female dog, has come down with diarrhea and vomiting. She has the same symptoms almost the same time every year on her vaccination anniversary. Holly was given antibiotics by the vet but it did not stop the symptoms this year. One week into the diarrhea, vomiting and some blood in the stool for this dog, the animal guardian, in tears, asked for my help in the morning. We did emergency long distance healing right away, sending the same remedies in the WildPets Blood in Stool Formula Plus.

The same evening, we got an update:

"Thank you. Holly has gotten her appetite back; she ate a little this afternoon and is eating again right now. She hasn't vomited any more today or had any more diarrhea so far."

Update the next day:

"Hello, Holly seems to be back to herself. She definitely had more energy last night, she was running around outside, and even caught a mouse (though I wish she wouldn't stick those things in her mouth and then lick my face). She is okay this morning."

1 week update:

"I think Holly is back to normal, she is eating lots and has lots of energy."

10 days update:

"Holly is still doing great, back to old self again. Yaaa!"

L. Schuurman - Bittern Lake, Alberta, Canada

JAVA - Almost ended badly, is it pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome or error in diet and drugs? JAVA - Almost ended badly, is it pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome or error in diet and drugs?

Java, a 3 year old, 10.5 lb male Yorkie had a few licks of soft serve ice cream on May 9 and throw up undigested kibbles, foam and water on May 10. Java will drink a lot of water but throw it up almost immediately, moan softly and breathe heavily even when he dose off. He then has diarrhea hours later. Apparently, this is the 3rd incident in a year. Java, for the last 1.5 yrs, always has a tummy that makes a lot of noise, rumbly, with bouts of gas and pasty stool with mucus.

Background - Java was on grain free kibbles when he developed oxalate stones. So he was put on Royal Canin weight and stone formula. He then developed digestive problems so the vet diagnosed him with pancreatitis and switched him to Royal Canin Digestive Lowfat kibbles plus lean chicken, turkey and beef. These digestive problems however continue even though Java gets no fatty foods.

Java is also a dog that gets nervous, stressed and scared easily, and yet he acts like an alpha dog in the household, bullying the cats and humans, and can get aggressive around other dogs. Clearly, Java thinks there is no pack leader, so he assumes the role even though he does not have the right personality to do the job and stay balanced at the same time.

Java's humans, on their own, have tried flower essences and phytomucil in the past to help Java's digestion problem with no success.

In our view, the kibble diet, even the natural meat diet and lack of human pack leadership led Java to have a nervous stomach, oxalate stones, pancreatitis and chronic unsettled digestive tracts, which are ALL reversible. However, this emergency case was complicated by vet prescription drugs which almost ended badly.

Java went to the vet hospital on May 10 for vomiting, stomach pains and diarrhea. Java's human came to us on May 11. Vet's x-rays show no obstruction, visable bowel issues, bladder stones, only look "fuzzy" around the pancreas. The vet has put Java on pain patch, nausea medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine, pepcid and dehydrated mashed potatoes. Java vomited that, plus diarrhea. He does not look as bright as May 11.

Java is home on May 12 with his medications, except no anti diarrhea medicine. He is alert but tired, the lethargy could be due to the pain patch also. His stomach continues to rumble, passing gas, but he did eat a little potatoes and has not vomited or had diarrhea so far.

On May 13, after 2 days of distant healing and Reiki sessions, to our surprise, Java became weak, lethargic again. We found out that Java growled at the human when he was given the nausea medicine and threw up foam 5 minutes after taking it. It is obvious to us that Java knows this medicine makes him sicker. A few hours later, Java threw up over a dozen times, with foam and any food previously ingested. This is also the time we found out Java has been on antibiotics as well - even though there is no infection whatsoever.

By now, we realized that the medicated drugs are making Java's tummy even sicker, and no matter what therapy we do, it will be canceled out by these powerful chemical drugs. It is like, you cannot successfully detox someone if the person keeps ingesting toxic food or drugs at the same time.

We understand that drugs are needed some times, and in our culture we want a pill for everything. However in Java's case, the drugs are compounding a very sick stomach problem. Until the SOURCE of this acute problem is removed, Java will continue to vomit, not want to eat, get sicker and sicker.

So we offered to stop our natural healing, and explained to Java's human that at this point it is a waste of their money and our time to continue, UNLESS they (one of whom is a nurse) are willing to get Java off drugs for at least 24 hours, since Java is not going to survive in his present condition anyway, to give the body and the natural healing a chance to get through. Also, we asked them to change the food and stop giving Java the vet prescribed dehydrated potatoes.

On May 13 evening, the humans agreed to stop all vet medications except for the pain patch which was fine with us.

On May 14 morning, Java's humans wrote:

"It is now 11:25am and so far Java is doing better. I just removed the pain patch a few minutes ago and he is resting in his usual spot. He ate a bit of food last night and again this morning and holding the food down so far. He also had a bowel movement, it was formed and firm. Java was also interested in playing this morning."

"Thank you for taking the time to explain things to us and for your patience and understanding. Truly, you care about your patients and are their friend."

And on May 15:

"Java ate a small dinner last night. He was passing a lot of gas. Also, every little sound that is louder than usual is causing him to jump or start barking. I guess he is more tense, uptight than normal. There was no vomiting."

"He played a little this morning and after playing he did lap a few times at his water bowl, so that was a good thing. He ate a bit of breakfast, and when he stops, as you advised, we let it go and aren't forcing him to eat. He knows better how much is enough."

On May 16:

"Java had a good day today. The bowel movement was not firm, it was pasty but formed. We will be ordering the holistic consultation as we are very serious about helping Java to get healthy and remain there. Having a sick pet is very, very difficult ... not only on him but also on his family."

Earlier, we advised Java's humans that the distant healing and reiki sessions helped Java survived the acute emergency episode of pancreatitis. However, for long term digestion and overall health, the diet, lifestyle and human-canine relationship must change. Otherwise, this could happen again.

May 17:

"He was very active, it was the healthiest I have seen him since he got sick a week go. He was ravenous, his tummy or digestive system must have been really feeling good."

"As you said, we should pay attention to Java because his body will give us signals as to how he is doing, how he is feeling and what we can do better and what we should stop doing."

May 24:

"Java has been eating a lot better than before he got sick and before he received the treatments from you. Also, he is definitely has less gas now and his stools are firmer. Truly, you are right, your suggested diet helps a lot of things, including the consistency of stools, which is such a good thing."

We repeated to the humans that it will take the suggested supplements, remedies, diet change, human behaviour changes and implementing the action steps from the holistic consultation to complete Java's healing.

We got the last feedback from Java's human on June 28:

"Java has been doing well, his appetite has been good and yes he is eating healthier. With much thanks."

Java was on a total of 7 days of Distant Pet Emergency Healing therapy, 4 Reiki distant sessions and 1 holistic consultation session.

"Thank you again for EVERY thing ... whatever lead me to your site when Java got sick was fate and I am grateful and amazed at the same time. Although I can be a skeptic, especially since I have not met you and I have no way of knowing if all are as they seem ... especially in this time and age where so much taking advantage of unknowing others can easily take place ... somehow I just feel in my heart that you and your work are genuine and Java was helped by you. I will not hesitate to recommend you, your site and trying alternative treatment forms such as Distant Healing ... I will recommend all in a minute."

Malia Ankney - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

NIKKI - Dog liver enzymes high, vomiting bile, dog loose stool & lost weight    Nikki - dog vomiting, dog loose stool, liver enzymes elevated

Case: Nikki, a 13 yr old dog, has elevated liver enzymes. She has vomited yellow bile, the dog's stomach is upset, has lost weight 5-6 lbs and her stools are very loose. The dog guardian has done numerous tests at the vet, with no conclusive results and thus no treatment. In the meantime, Nikki is declining and suffering, that's when she contacted us.

Both Pet Emergency Distant Healing and Reiki Energy Healing were suggested since this has been going on over a week with no vet treatment and Nikki has almost stopped eating. After the 1st day of distant pet treatment, we got an update:

"After you began the healing, she ate a small plate of hamburger for me. I was excited about the hamburger cause she has refused to even look at hamburger for a week. It was a good amount of hamburger, I felt so relieved, she was so hungry."

"She is more energetic today... and has not vomited bile yet today. I am approaching her with small amounts of food every so often hoping she will eat before her belly gets totally empty again. She is not as lazy this morning as she has been all week in the mornings, she has a little more perk today."

After the 2nd day of distant pet healing:

"I walked out on the front porch about an hour ago and she was right behind me, she headed for the sidewalk hoping we were going for a walk but I picked her up and took her back to the porch. I don't think a walk is a good idea right now."

"Wanted to let you know Nikki just ate 3/4 can of flakes of ham for me...what a relief, I wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight if she didn't eat."

After the 3rd day of distant pet treatment:

"Nikki kept the ham down. She also drank water when she got up this morning ... I haven't noticed her drinking in the morning lately so that was good to see."

After 1 session of distant Reiki energy healing:

"She is more energetic. Nikki woke up well rested. She had a good sleep last night, when she's having a sound sleep she snores .. and she was snoring the first few hours. She was on the move when she got up, walking around the household and interested in being involved with movement in the house. She seems more content and energetic. Later she decided to go downstairs to relax."

"When I got home a few minutes ago, she was walking around, ears perked up, interested in the activity in the house, following me around. She was scratchng her ears and cleaning her behind. I haven't seen her scratch her ears in a while."

After the 2nd session of Energy Healing:

"Nikki has certainly improved in my opinion. She is still somewhat fussy eating but does not need to be convinced anymore. She has the motivation to eat on her own, and even eats in the morning sometimes. She still has the odd moment of yellow bile - actually it is more watery than yellow and only seems to happen when she eats grass. She still has the diarrhea a bit but has had some more firmer bowel movements as well. Her energy is higher - we even went for a walk (not too far). She trotted the first half and walked back and it didn't seem to wear her out. Actually, she even ate twice later that evening."

"I am not going to let them (vets) keep testing her - we cannot keep running test after test with no results at such an extreme expense and no benefit to Nikki. I will be applying a healthy lifestyle for Nikki instead. It has certainly been her lifesaver and I will be forever grateful for your help. Once again, thank you for everything you have done for Nikki - you have truly been her Guardian angel :-)"

After 1 week, and the dog guardian giving WildPets BIO Defense & WildPets Digestive Upset Formula Super, we got this update:

"Her liver & bile test came back normal. She still has a way to go but the improvement is definitely noticeable - and the only change in her life has been the remedies I have given her and I am so thankful for finding you and the Gentlecare Pet website. When no one else appeared willing and able to help Nikki, you provided such sound advice and support to us - and your distance healing, Reiki and remedies have made a positive impact in her improved health. She has been on a constant upswing since taking the remedies."

2 weeks later:

"Her appetite is holding it's own. She eats 2-3 small meals a day on her own motivation. She is still a bit fussy about what she eats, but is eating a bit more variety. She has eaten smoked ham, creamy mashed potatoes & boiled chicken, boiled ground turkey, creamy mashed potatoes and corned beef, hot dogs and she ate some chicken pot pie with some vegetables for supper last night. I am going to try some rice ... and some mashed pumpkin again today. She had a bit of pumpkin earlier this week."

"Her stool is much better, she had good bowel movements yesterday, no diarrhea. She's drinking lots of water as usual too. Her energy is good - walking around the house all the time and goes outside in the yard. Nikki rebounded wonderfully."

We suggested more therapeutic type therapy for Nikki to help her long term recovery in a couple weeks.

K. Timmons - Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

DUSTY - Loose, mucus stool for 6 years, tried every holistic food on the market, labeled as having pancreatitis, IBD (irritable bowel disorder), gastritis  

Case: Dusty, a 6 yr old male dog, Wheaton Poodle mix, has been diagnosed with gastritis, pancreatitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBD). His stools are soft, mucus covered 95% of the time, usually smelly and mushy. Dusty eats grass a lot too. He releases about 3-4 times a day, the human describes it as 'what goes in comes right out'. He is hungry all the time. He has had this problem for 6 years.

However, the human comes to us because Dusty is having an acute attack:

"Dusty's stool is still mush and smelly and he had grass in it. Tummy is gurgling, all doc found was upset belly. We know he has pancreatitis, gastritis and IBD. The liver levels are a bit high too. He pants a lot and has been drinking a lot more water the past couple days but that could have been due to the new holistic pet food."

So we did a 3-Day Distant Pet Emergency Healing for Dusty to help him get out of this acute pain and danger.

We were informed that Dusty has had vet exam, stool sample testing, biopsy of his stomach, nutritionist formulate a diet for him, lots of people helping with the diet but it does not seem to be working. Dusty is simply not digesting food properly, he cannot have kibbles or grains at all.

Dusty was a puppy mill dog infested with parasites, hookworms, roundworms, coccidia, giardia and tapeworms and it took 2 long years to get him parasites free.

The human has tried almost every holistic food out on the market without success. Some raw diets caused stools that were too hard. The human was really frustrated as she has had help from so many 'experts' with no concrete results and she knows she needs a good balanced diet for Dusty.

We actually did a nutritional plan for Dusty, as well as his doggy friends Peanut, a 11 yr old chihuahua rat terrior, and Gabby, a 11 yr old maltese terrior. Peanut has excessive thirst and Gabby has excessive thirst, excessive urination, hot spots, tartar and bad breath.

The human tried the new diet for a few weeks with good results, but one time they all had loose stools, so she abandoned the new diet completely and continued to search for a holistic diet on the market.

About 9 months later, we heard from Dusty's person again, to find out that she re-adopted our diet plan because all other options continued to fail her and Dusty.

"You were absolutely right and I didn't listen. I finally just gave all you did for me a try and gave it some time and I think it's pretty good. I need to get the supplements."

"This lady who tried to help Dusty in the past was going on and on about oatmeal and those egg noodles again, but Dusty just didn't digest them well and he would be filled up for a short time and beg at the fridge a few hours later. Since I've been using your recipe and products, that all has subsided, and I am ever so grateful."

After a 2nd consultation to clarify stool patterns and address specific ailments each dog has with remedies, we heard back from Dusty's human in a few months:

"They've all been doing great on your guidelines and I have been observing them. They are doing very well."

We are glad that Dusty is finally getting the right food after 6 long years of loose stools. And Peanut and Gabby seem to like the taste of the new foods too!

M. Whittaker - Hammonton, New Jersey, USA

KURT - Rabbit gags, chokes, grunts, has loose stool, unhealthy matted fur, loss of appetite, underweight, fatigue KURT - Rabbit gags, chokes, grunts, has loose stool, unhealthy matted fur, loss of appetite, underweight, fatigue

Case: Kurt, a 13 year old bunny rabbit, has a 'voice'. The human first thought he has a cold, some lung problems or infections but Kurt does not act sick. His person also thought Kurt has furballs. After self selecting a few remedies of ours, finally she came to us for 1-on-1 help.

Kurt's voice makes noises that sound kind of muffled, almost like something is stuck there. He makes gagging, muffled voices, grunts and choking noises. This is usually worse later in the day.

Kurt's fur is also not very nice, it is matted, lack lustre and has lots of knots which the person cannot get apart. He does still groom himself. He lives in a cage in the kitchen.

Kurt also is underweight, fatigued, has minor loss of appetite, some diarrhea and cataracts.

Upon consultation, we informed the person that Kurt's gagging and choking are actually digestion related, and not a respiratory problem. So we recommended a more natural diet for Kurt and RELEVANT supplements and remedies.

After about 1 month, the gagging and choking are gone.

"He looks much, much better, eats a lot and has more energy. The diarrhea is still around ..."

We added 1 more sunny tip for Kurt, which makes him a happy rabbit and much more alive.

Kurt's human was persistent with the new diet, supplements, extra tip, and with proper observations and adjustments, we hear from her 3 months after the consultation:

"Kurt is finally better! Thank you for all your advice!! I am so happy! His fur looks so much better. It took a long time but he eventually became better, which I am so glad because he was really suffering. For sure the pellets I was feeding him were killing him."

Below is Kurt feeling better and with a nicer fur coat!

KURT - Rabbit feeling better, nicer fur

Evelina R. - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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