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HENRY - Newly adopted cat hiding, too scared to move around or socialize

HENRY - Newly adopted cat hiding, too scared to move around or socialize

"A more relaxed Henry now"

Case: Diana's family newly adopted a 9 year old cat, Henry, from the SPCA. Henry has been in his new home for over 2 weeks and showing signs of extreme fear of the new place and the new people. He has been hiding under the bed in one specific bedroom at a corner against the wall all day, every day. He has no interest in exploring the house. Henry curls into a fetal position and seems too scared to be approached by anyone. If someone approaches to grab him, he will swap to defend himself.

Henry basically freezes, his entire body language says he is frightened, tense, almost catatonic, not sure where he is, who he is with, and he is determined to protect himself and hide. These fears could be due to the shelter life, his separation from the previous cat owner or other past experiences.

So I prepared a vibrational and homeopathic remedy to help Henry to ease his extreme fears, aloofness, nervous tension and past traumas (unknown but obvious). His inability to trust his new home and people quickly are understandable. However, if he does not relax and be himself soon, he may loose another home. And if he goes to another home, he will likely exhibit the same non sociable behavior.

Two weeks later, Diana told me that:

"Henry is more friendly and comfortable with me and my mom. He is now walking around the house more, not hiding under the bed in one corner anymore, only running to hide if he gets scared (before it was 24/7). He is much more relaxed, letting us pet him, sniff my dad's hand and even let him take a picture. And yes, we have decided to keep him in our family now. He turns out to be a very nice cat."

Two months later:

"Henry is very cuddly and comfortable with me and my mom now. Not only has he accepted our house as his home, he is now choosing to sleep in my bed some nights AND my mom's bed other nights. My mom is delightfully surprised as Henry used to just hide and we never see him! She does not mind even though she is allergic to cats :) "

Phew! A nice cat with a home, that's the kind of ending I like!

Diana Garcia - Burnaby, BC, Canada

HOKU & KEOLA - Good cat friends turn sour, wary of each other

Case: Hoku, a female cat, and Keola, a male cat, have always been very good friends with each other. They are about 7-8 years old and come from the same mixed breed litter. They were adopted at 12 weeks, the kittens were all hiding in the garage, without much human attention.

Both Hoku and Keola are indoor cats, have always been skittish and fearful of loud noises, strangers who visit, doorbell, when the humans move around quickly or walk with rustling noises.

Keola, the male cat, is more scared and will run if humans walk around the house carrying something that is unfamilar with him. He will walk cautiously and close to the ground and sneak up on items that he hasn't seen before or is fearful of, so he can investigate it first to make sure it's ok.

A couple of weeks ago, a stray cat came up to the storm door and Hoku, the female cat, hissed and tried to get at the stray cat. Keola, the male cat, heard the loud noise and approached Hoku to see what was going on. Hoku, in her frenzy to get at the stray cat and protect her home, redirected her aggression at Keola as he approached and started hissing at him. Keola got fearful and went into defense mode, and although he hissed back a little, he took off to hide but Hoku followed him and hissed at him again when she got close to him.

It took about 10 days before they finally became friends again but the human feel like Hoku, the more dominant one, can easily redirect her fears and aggression again at Keola. Keola, the more passive one, is still fearful.

Both cats have some improvement from using flower essences but the human is not comfortable as she heard Hoku gave Keola a small hiss again.

"I get worried that something will trigger one of them to not be OK with the other that I don't want to leave them home alone. I feel so bad that these two who grew up together and were best buddies are being so distrustful of each other. I would be interested in a blend to help my cats to be calmer, less stressed and more at peace, trusting each other and be happy with each other again. They both have nervous fear plus the recent emotional upset caused by the stray cat event."

So we prepared a blend of homeopathic remedies and vibrational essences for both Hoku & Keola.

A month or so later, we got this feedback:

"I wanted to give you a brief update on the results of the remedy on both of my cats. They are improved, are more loving and interactive. Life is better than normal as they interact better with us and get along well with each other. Keola who is usually hiding under the bed and Hoku who is usually hiding in her spot in the basement are out and about a lot more!!!"

The human is curious that the remedies did not change the cat's personalities as Hoku is still the assertive one, the top cat, and Keola is till the more yielding one, even though they are now calmer and getting along. The hierachy did not change. So we explained to the humans that:

"Yes, these remedies are not designed to change personalities (like psychiatric drugs do) but to dissolve the stress, distortions and blocks that prevent their TRUE personalities to SHINE in balance."

More feedback from the human:

"Yes, they are buddies again, will look out the window together, groom each other and the three of us play together. They both seem to interact more loving and are out and about looking for attention more than before. And they want to play all the time ... but we should always be thankful they want to play and interact instead of hiding and hissing, right?!! I have noticed Keola sitting at the window with Hoku more often and as this never used to happen a lot before, it is a change for the better."

"I think Buddha will like the fact that Hoku and Keola and the entire household are peace filled, inside and out. It is really amazing how Keola is doing things we have not seen him do either for a long time now or never ... like sitting on the back of the sofa looking out the window. It was great to see him sitting there. And it was also great that Hoku did not bother him. And a lot of it is thanks to you!"

Malia Ankney - Maumee, Ohio, US

DOGS & CATS - Disharmony within the family

"Thank you Pearl for the essences. I am finding more harmony between all the dogs and between the little dogs and the cats. That is very good. There is a definite calmness in the house now. I really appreciate all that you have done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

C. McLellan - Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

IZVYESTIA - Very timid cat Izvyestia - cat scared, stressed out

"Izvyestia (cat) is doing wonderfully, and she has come out of her shell a lot more since the last remedies. She is still a little skittish but there is a big difference in how much she trusts me since I first got her."

A. Henriques - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

ELLA - Dog aggression & unexpected side benefit

"It has been over a month since Ella's been on the remedy. Changes that I've noted is that she seems less aggressive when she is off leash and approaching another dog. Not as much growling and snapping like she used to do. The other change I've noticed is that she isn't itchy like she was in previous years when the weather got warmer."

"She would be quite itchy and constantly scratching and turning around to bite a particular spot as if she had fleas. But when I took her to the vet, he couldn't find any and I always comb her with a flea brush and I've never found any. The vet said that dogs on a raw food diet shouldn't be suffering from flea bites, but every summer when the weather got warmer, she was quite itchy. Now she's fine, her skin doesn't seem to bother her."

H. Luk - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

COCO - Anxious Barking Chihuahua

Case: Coco, a rescued chihuahua, is very anxious and is barking all night. She gets very nervous especially when she is left alone for any period of time. One time, even with a pet sitter, Coco would be so upset that she would pee everywhere, get diarrhea and was quite out of sorts. She wouldn't settle in the evening and barked all night.

Coco on walks is another problem. She barks and lunges at people and other dogs. She has not bitten anyone but she gets quite aggressive and barks excessively when people come around the house.

Coco tends to be quite hyper and has a hard time settling down. She was previously abused and neglected. She can get aggressive as well. The biggest issue is the anxiety and the barking. And the human wish to calm Coco down.

So we prepared a custom remedy just for Coco.

In a few weeks time, we hear back from the human:

"Coco seems to be doing much better. She is definitely less aggressive on walks. She does seem more relaxed, but not excessively so it is good to see she still has her spunky personality. She seems to be listening more to commands as well. I have also tried to be more assertive with her."

Elizabeth J. - Victoria, BC, Canada

ANISE & BLACKJACK - Two scaredy cats under the same roof

Case: Anise and Blackjack, two dame cats under the same household, share something else in common. They are both often scared and hiding in the house.

Blackjack is often in fear, sad, easily stressed and scared of everything.

Anise is hiding and scared all the time too. And ever since a new baby has arrived, Anise would lick and pull on her tummy fur, going kind of bald. She would squeal, run away and hide from the baby and everything for a long time.

The human is really concerned because their behaviour is really getting intense and those two cats just seem so stressed all the time. So the human consulted us via an animal communication session and we suggested WildPets Scared-Shy-Hiding Formula Plus for both cats and WildPets Skin Allergy Formula Plus for Anise.

In a little over a month, the human wrote us:

"Yes Anise seems to be making her way out of the room a bit more even when our son is out and about and has let him pet her. She doesn't just immediately run to hide when he comes running in the room. A great sign. The fur on her belly seems like it might be starting to come back in (that means she has stopped pulling it out). Definitely improvement. Thank you."

"Blackjack has actually been outside full time over the past months. She is doing fine."

Jillian Auberger - Emerald Hills, California, USA

FERAL CAT - Runs away a lot from human rescuer

"Our feral kitty who has been getting the calming remedy (a custom remedy) with the other kitties has definitely gotten less skiddish, cooing to get us to pet her and everything!!! It's progress!! :)"

Katharine Weed - Studio City, California, USA

KARMA - Grief stricken since animal friend passed

Karma, really sad, totally bum out, moping around, pining over an animal buddy who passed away recently. The human came to do a pet reading and a little therapy for this bereaved dog.

After the pet reading session I did some entity attachments clearing for Karma and sent her 1 homeopathic remedy frequency for grief via distant transmission.

Response from dog guardian 4 days later:

"Really nice improvement in Karma over the last several days. Just more relaxed and more herself. Thanks, Heather."

Heather Hudson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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