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Pet - Mixed Cases

  • TAJ & RAJAH - 7 month old kittens cannot shake a cold despite multiple antibiotic treatments
  • LUTZ - Severe canine hookworms, dog roundworms, pneumonia, malnutrition, stress, lethargy
  • RADAR - Stressed kitten has cold, flu, diarrhea, body odor & is very shy
  • SHILOH - Dog pneumonia, collapsed lung, canine distemper, anemia, leukopenia (low red & white blood cell count), puppy with broken ribs & leg
  • COPPER - Dog very tired after blood transfusion surgery
  • BINKY - Acute toxic reaction to Metacam, high BUN/Creatinine, UTI, anemia, neurological symptoms
  • DAPHNE - Seizure escalating, dog spasms in between grand mal seizures
  • NEIL - Cat kidneys failure, death-birth transition
  • KAIA - Dog bleeding through the skin pores without injury
  • CUPID - Cat emergency vet visit with labored breathing, CHF & lung edema

Pet Injuries, Accidents & Wounds

  • PIKICA - Missing cat returned 2 days later with mysterious mouth, jaw, head, facial, teeth, gums & hearing symptoms
  • BELKO - Slipped & fell into pond, injured & partial paralysis, reveal cat's past leg stiffness & lack of self worth
  • BOSCO - Dog hit by car, multiple complex injuries, paralysis, internal bleeding, organs failing, deep trauma everywhere - triumph against all odds
  • HOLLY - Torn ACL/cranial cruciate ligament, cannot walk on leg, previously injured

Pet Digestion & Tummy Problems

  • HOLLY - Dog vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stool
  • JAVA - Almost ended badly, is it pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome or error in diet and drugs?
  • NIKKI - Dog liver enzymes high, vomiting bile, dog loose stool & lost weight
  • DUSTY - Loose, mucus stool for 6 years, tried every holistic food on the market, labeled as having pancreatitis, IBD, gastritis
  • KURT - Rabbit gags, chokes, grunts, has loose stool, unhealthy matted fur, loss of appetite, underweight, fatigue

Pet Skin Problems

  • HAPPY - A very unhappy, chronically itchy, yeast & bacteria infected dog
  • PEKAY - Cat mange mites, intense itch & sores
  • CALLIE CAT - Stubborn matted fur in feline
  • SAM - An itchy cat with liver condition, weak digestion, drugs side effects
  • STANLEY - A chronically bacteria, yeast and infection ridden cat, weakened further by powerful drugs

Pet Pain (Non-Injury)

  • MEANIE MINEY - Horse laminitis, equine founder, insulin resistant, bloating
  • GORDON - Cries at litter box, mucus/blood in stool, constipation, hidden joint pain
  • BAILEY - Dog hiding, grumpy and strange behaviour due to pain
  • SALLY - Chronic non-arthritic limping in dog

Pet Emotional & Behaviour Problems

  • HENRY - Newly adopted cat hiding, too scared to move around or socialize
  • HOKU & KEOLA - Good cat friends turn sour, wary of each other
  • DOGS & CATS - Disharmony within the family
  • IZVYESTIA - Very timid cat
  • ELLA - Dog aggression & unexpected side benefit
  • COCO - Anxious Barking Chihuahua
  • ANISE & BLACKJACK - Two scaredy cats under the same roof
  • FERAL CAT - Runs away a lot from human rescuer
  • KARMA - Grief stricken since animal friend passed away

Pet Hospice Care

  • PEARL - Instead of being irritated & sleep deprived, humans get to love their sick dog in the final days

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