Holistic Pet Remedies: Grief & Bereavement

The passing of a loved one, human or pet animal, is always painful and a bit difficult. This is true for pet guardians and pet companions.

Animals feel deeply, just like us, and can feel hurt, lonely, scared, sad, angry, guilty, resentful, rejected or depressed.

Normal griefing is a natural process but if you or your pet have strong emotions, physical symptoms or unhealthy behaviour after the passing of a pet companion or human guardian, our natural remedies can help.

Prolonged emotional extremes include deep heart pain (heart break), anxiety, self-blame, doubt, depression, loneliness, anger, withdrawal or alienation from others (even loved ones), pet howling or crying and may display physical symptoms of food refusal, loss of appetite, deep or shallow breathing, digestive upset, insomnia, excess sleep or other ill health.

Our 100% natural Griefing Remedies can help you and your pet dissolve the deep pain, guilt and anxiety within. These remedies help you or your pet release the grief and emerge refresh and anew. If you or your pet feel physically run down, consider our nutritional supplements below as well.

The Griefing Human Formula is suitable for people only.

The Griefing Pet Formula is suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, horse, pony, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animals, except for human.


WildPets Human Griefing Formula (30ml)WildPets Human Griefing Formula (30ml)Blend for people - an emotional release and stabilizer essences remedy for grief, sadness, guilt, anxiety, worry, heartbreak and depression due to pet loss or loss of other loved ones.
WildPets Pet Griefing Formula (30ml)WildPets Pet Griefing Formula (30ml)Blend for pets - an emotional release and stabilizer homeopathic & essences remedy for grief, sadness, guilt, anxiety and depression due to human guardian loss or loss of animal friends.

If there is "visible" stress, add:

WildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyWildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyNot just a supplement! Advanced formulation to supply your pet's body with 30+ 'live' functional foods designed for nourishment therapy. Full spectrum nutritional supplement, gentle detox, immune builder, natural pH balancer and body tonic all-in-one remedy. No filler, no synthetic stuff.

Also Consider:

WildPets Transition Ease Formula (30ml)WildPets Transition Ease Formula (30ml)A loving and calming remedy to help pets who are going through intense healing or dying process to ease fears, physical shock and emotional trauma...


  • If it is a pet who has passed on, cover and leave the body in a quiet place in the home or cremation services (if weather is hot or pet had infections) for 3 days. Put personal belongings with familiar smell nearby. This will allow the spirit to adjust and move on. Take proper time to plan for burial or cremation. Don't rush.

  • If it is a pet guardian or human family member who has passed on, leave photos and personal belongings (with familiar smell) in a special spot in the home so the pet can gradually adjust to their passing. Don't be surprised if your pet grief in his/her own special way.

  • Perform a ceremony for the loved one who has passed on. Include your pets and human family so everyone can give their respects, offer fond memories and gain some closure.

  • Do not suppress tears, anger or frustation. Plan some private time, close your eyes, express out loud what's on your mind and let the emotions flow. Breathe deeply.

  • If other people don't care or judge your feelings, it is perfectly ok. It is not their responsibility to understand and appreciate your feelings, it is yours.

  • If your pet wants to just stay home for a few days, allow it.

  • Try to eat well and take supplements during this time as intense emotions can lower the immune defense.

  • If there are intense emotions or you notice symptoms mentioned above for you or your pet, consider our animal communication service, one-on-one healing service and group healing workshop.

  • Animals are very sensitive and readily pick up your sadness and intense emotions. Therefore, it is just as important for you to heal this grief as your pet.

  • You may also see your pet staring at space, seemingly, when s/he is seeing and connecting with the visiting spirit who has passed on - human or animal. You may even notice signs yourself of their visit, trying to indicate to you that they are visiting and are well.

  • Understand that we grief because we miss our lovely pets or human friends in their physical form, not because death is the end of the road. It is not. Absolutely not!

Note: Response to remedies and supplements varies by individuals and individual cases. If these products do not give complete healing, your pet may need one-on-one wholistic attention through our holistic consultation or consultation with a veterinarian.

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