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WildPets Transition Ease Formula (30ml)WildPets Transition Ease Formula (30ml)A loving and calming remedy to help pets who are going through intense healing or dying process to ease fears, physical shock and emotional trauma...


Holistic Pet Wellness ConsultationWe study your pet's case history in depth and recommend remedies, supplements, custom formulation, distant therapy, home treatment and/or lifestyle changes that your beloved pet needs to return to good health, in the short & long term.


Animal Communication SessionAsk questions and receive messages from single or multiple pets, get detailed health & behavior/emotional assessment, or communicate with pet's spirit after pet loss.
WildPets Human Griefing Formula (30ml)WildPets Human Griefing Formula (30ml)Blend for people - an emotional release and stabilizer essences remedy for grief, sadness, guilt, anxiety, worry, heartbreak and depression due to pet loss or loss of other loved ones.
WildPets Pet Griefing Formula (30ml)WildPets Pet Griefing Formula (30ml)Blend for pets - an emotional release and stabilizer homeopathic & essences remedy for grief, sadness, guilt, anxiety and depression due to human guardian loss or loss of animal friends.
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Pet's Dying-Rebirth Transition

Watching a pet animal die is never easy. The problems are mental and emotional attachment, not sure if the pet is ready or not, and not wanting to let go of your friend's physical form (even if it is out of love). This can prolong unnecessary suffering for your pet and you.

The best thing you can do is to be alert and observant of your pet's feelings and needs, and act on your instincts and intuition despite of your mind's needs, beliefs or the desire for your pet to be by your side.

Obvious signs that your pet is not ready to leave but waiting for a solution:

  • Your pet is still drinking and trying to eat (may need help to put in mouth) regardless of his/her shape

  • Things in life come together to help you save your pet

  • Your pet is not in pain but is resting "a lot" to rebuild its body

  • People, often those you don't know, may say things that give you the clues

  • You may have a gut feel that you need to find an unconventional solution

  • Your pet may look at you with tired eyes but also expectant eyes to wait for your help

Dying is not a problem for animals. Living a happy, full life, love and be loved, and die with minimal trauma are what they need. The idea of dying is only a problem for humans. It is a good time to observe your pet's attitude towards death and learn from him/her.

Obvious signs will be around you when it is time for your pet to leave this body:

  • The best medicines, remedies, therapies or surgery, even if it used to work, do not make any difference anymore

  • Things in life come together to prevent you from saving your pet

  • Things in life may stop working or break down, even temporarily

  • People, often those you don't know, may say things that give you the clues

  • You may have a gut feel that this time is different, that your animal needs to go

  • Your pet may look at you different, half ready to go, half looking back worrying if you will be ok

  • There may be agony and suffering in the facial expression, as well as moaning and groaning

Animals do not view death the same way as humans. They understand that the moment they were born, the process of death begins. It is only a matter of time. They understand that it is what you do in between that defines a life well-lived. Death is a release, liberation from the confinement of the tiny body, on to spirit form and the next adventure.

Pets who have grown attached to their humans, especially those who are loved and cherished, may have a hard time leaving the body. The pet's physical body may be ready to die but the spirit has difficulty letting go of you, so it stays there even if it is in great pain. This beautiful soul needs euthanasia to help him/her to leave to minimize trauma. When you euthanize because you feel it is best for your friend, you are acting based on unselfish love.

The beliefs that euthanasia is bad or natural death is best, or vice versa, are both irrelevant to your pet. If despite care (holistic and veterinary) with best efforts, the pet animal is still in great pain, have difficulty leaving on his/her own and show agony on the facial expression, then it is a sure sign that your best friend needs your help to leave the suffering body.

The problem with prolonged pain and trauma at death, is that the memories of pain stays with them for the next life. Any essences you offer to help them let go of the attachment to you, accept death peacefully, and the appropriate dying method will help your friend a great deal. You probably should take the essences for letting go of attachment also.

If however, your pet is not in pain, then a natural death may be quite alright. You really have to observe your friend to determine the best approach for him/her. If you are unsure whether your pet is ready to go, check with our animal communicator who can ask and feel from your pet animal directly.

Humans who are attached to their pets also make it hard for the pets to leave. Although prolonging the pain and suffering of your beloved pet may make you think you are buying time to save him/her, you must watch for the signs and if it is time, rise above the personal needs and do what is best for your pet.

Remember, you may be losing a dog, cat, horse or other pet animal, but you never lose the friend you love so dearly. The friend you love, cherish, honor, appreciate and embrace is the spirit essence that enlivens or animates the pet's body. The physical form of dog, cat, horse or other may die, but your friend lives eternally. Only the body is shedded, the spirit is very much alive. The connection to your friend is by feeling through your heart.

When my dog was liberated from his body, I was happy for him. Our relationship was beautiful and all I wanted to say to him was 'thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much'. He remains while the body was let go of. My beloved friend is no longer carrying that body, he is free. I did weep for the beautiful body and for serving my friend so well all these years. I also wept when moved by the beauty we shared together in our lives. However, I was never sad to loose my friend because he visits and we communicate from time to time. The dog body was dead but the friend I love goes on.

We have prepared essences for you and your friend to help let go of attachments and remedies to help your friend move through the liberation (from the body) process with peace, relaxation and acceptance. Give this gift to your departing friend and make the transition from 'form life' to 'spirit life' easier.

Healing Tips:

  • Keep your pet as comfortable and pain free as possible.

  • Keep your pet, yourself and everyone as calm as possible. Breathe and centre yourself, express your love and gratitude, and know that you can express your most intense emotions after s/he leaves the body. Help your pet leaves the body feeling that s/he is loved no matter what form s/he is in, genuinely.

  • Observe your pet and offer what s/he needs, may it be hugs, alone time, medical help or euthanasia. Be present and open minded.

  • Expect the unexpected.

  • If your pet has left the body, cover and leave the body in a quiet place in the home or cremation services (if weather is hot or pet had infections) for 3 days. Put personal belongings with familiar smell nearby. This will allow the spirit to adjust and move on.

  • Take your time to plan a proper cremation or burial. Take time to grief, heal and celebrate your love and loving memories with your beloved friend.

  • If it applies, use very hot water and soap to clean your home and bedding thoroughly. If infection for other pets is a concern, use Accel TB (or similar accelerated hydrogen peroxide technology) or pet safe bleach to disinfect body fluids, floors and carpet.

  • Observe other pets and family members to ensure they get the help they need, if applicable.

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