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WildPets Skin Trouble ShampooWildPets Skin Trouble ShampooAn exceptional healing remedy, beyond a repellant and great shampoo, that cleans, detoxifies, moisturizes and heals problem skin. Truly in a class of its own...
WildPets Skin Trouble DusterWildPets Skin Trouble DusterThe safest yet most effective weapon with flea infestation, mange mites, lice, ringworm, ticks, external parasites ... without the side effects of chemical flea treatment. Works like a dry shampoo, perfect for pets who hate baths...
WildPets G.I. Crawlies FormulaWildPets G.I. Crawlies FormulaA non-toxic, effective and safe natural remedy for intestinal worms, multi-celled parasites, larvae, fly bots ...
WildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyWildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyNot just a supplement! Advanced formulation to supply your pet's body with 30+ 'live' functional foods designed for nourishment therapy. Full spectrum nutritional supplement, gentle detox, immune builder, natural pH balancer and body tonic all-in-one remedy. No filler, no synthetic stuff.
WildPets BIO Clean D-Tox HerbalAn excellent herbal detox - eliminate toxins from the blood, liver and lymphatic system. Especially beneficial for tumors due to systemic blockages...
WildPets Nerve Tonic Herbal BlendA superb nerve calmer, relaxant and tonic for hypersensitive nerves, nervous system and brain. Very beneficial for pets with underlying anxiety as a trigger for twitches, seizures or tremors...



Simply follow the online ordering process and choose 'Pay by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX or DISCOVER' card as your payment method. You don't need to be a Paypal member to pay by credit card.

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If you want to use Paypal's Send Money or eCheck options, please see below.


You can use our online ordering process but skip the payment portion and pay separately via Paypal's Send Money feature. This is also a good option for paying missing shipping fee, invoice order, large custom order, if you wish to skip our online ordering process.

For regular order, simply follow the online ordering process, choose the 'PayPal Send Money Option' as your payment method, print your receipt and pay via Paypal's Send Money feature online.

Log into Paypal, select the SEND MONEY feature, and enter our email address "" as the recipient. Enter the total invoice amount. Select "CAD - Canadian Dollars" as your currency.

Once payment is received successfully, we will process your order within 1-2 working days.

Note: If you select eCheck with your Send Money option, it will delay your order for 5-10 working days (see eCheck below).


Follow the online ordering process, choose 'Electronic Bank Transfer' as your payment method, print your receipt and pay via your bank online in Canadian currency.

For your online banking, use our email address "", name "Pearl Kam" and enter/send us the answer to your question setup. E.g. What is my dog's name? Sparky. Send us the answer 'Sparky' using the exact capitalization.

Once payment is received successfully, we will process your order within 1-2 working days.


Not suitable for urgent order. Simply follow the online ordering process, choose 'Pay via PayPal' and do your eCheck transaction, make sure the currency selected is 'Canadian Dollars'.

Once we receive Paypal's confirmation of deposit (from your bank) which takes anywhere from 5-10 working days, we will process your order within 1-2 working days.

Note: PayPal's non-eCheck Send Money option is a lot faster.


Not suitable for urgent order. Simply follow the online ordering process, choose 'Money order/Certified cheque/Bank draft' as your payment method, print your receipt and mail us your payment (in Canadian currency***) to this address. Write money order to "Gentlecare Natural Pet Products" and quote your order number on the money order.

For money order, certified cheque and international bank draft, once we receive and verify the payment, we will process your order within 1-2 working days.

For personal cheque, we need to wait till it clears the bank which can take 2-4 weeks from the day we receive payment (a very slow process which we don't recommend).

If Your Debit/Credit Card is Not Accepted by PayPal

From time to time, we have this problem. Usually it means there is something within your Paypal account you need to resolve. Sometimes this happens when Paypal is upgrading their system and you happen to process your transaction during that time.

If this happens, I suggest the following options:

  • If you are using a regular credit card, try again in a few hours or the next day. Paypal may be doing a system upgrade.

  • If your debit/credit card still does not work the next day, the easiest and fastest way to get your order to ship is to ask to use a friend's regular credit card and pay them back in cash.

  • Pay via Paypal or use Paypal's Send Money Option separately if you are a member.

  • Check your Paypal account for problems if you have one or call Paypal to resolve this issue 402-935-2050 (a U.S. telephone number). We found that usually people forgot that they have a Paypal account and have small outstanding things to resolve.

  • If all else fails, and you are not a Paypal member, mail us a Canadian money order*** (see money order above) but that will take longer.

*** We hear that in the USA, the service charge for International Money Order is less expensive via the post office (v.s. the bank).

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