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Holistic Pet Remedies: Major and Minor Injuries

Whether your pet animal has a cut in the paw pad, an abrasion from rough play, get bitten by another animal or recovering from a surgical wound, we can help. Our remedies also work very well for sprains, strains and major injuries such as car accident, fight injuries, gunshot wound, bear or cougar attack, major falls, physical abuse and shock.

If you are in any doubt about the seriousness of your pet's injury, such as organs damage or broken bones, check with a veterinarian.

Our 100% natural WildPets Injury Formula can help your pet animal recover from injuries - minor and major, external and internal, - fast and complete. To fight more serious infection, external or internal infection, use the WildPets BIO Defense Formula.

Accidents happen. Just don't be caught without our injury remedies. This is a good addition to any pet's first aid treasure chest.

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, ferret, horse, pony, pig, llama, goat, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animals with similar symptoms.

Our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation and Distant Pet Healing Therapies can help you and your pet with emergency and first aid injuries such as gunshot wound, vehicle accident, injury from fighting or biting and other medium to serious injuries, without waiting for shipping.

These therapies are fast working and can help your pet with fresh or old injuries, head injuries, eyes, face and organ injuries, as well as pain, inflammation, swelling, bleeding, scars, blood loss, infection or worse. We can also work with you even if your pet is at the veterinary hospital and complement with conventional veterinary care.

Accidents, trauma, serious injuries and/or surgeries are very taxing to the body. If your pet does not seem to be quite 100% back to its vibrant self, order our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation to help nourish, tonify, strengthen and return your pet fully to their vibrant health.

*** We strongly suggest the long distance healing service for pet emergency and pet first aid as time is of the essence in these rescue cases.


WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)WildPets Injury Formula (30ml)An excellent remedy for all kinds of new and old injuries, external or internal, with pain, bleeding, infection, shock, strain, sprain, fractures, tear, cuts...

For external & internal infections, add:

WildPets BIO Defense FormulaWildPets BIO Defense FormulaThe BEST defense against single-celled pathogens. A 'must have' remedy for any health condition with primary, secondary or multiple infections. Use internally and externally in eyes, skin, ears...


Holistic Pet Wellness ConsultationWe study your pet's case history in depth and recommend remedies, supplements, custom formulation, distant therapy, home treatment and/or lifestyle changes that your beloved pet needs to return to good health, in the short & long term.

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WildPets G.I. Revitalizer FormulaWildPets G.I. Revitalizer FormulaA probiotic & prebiotic remedy to help restore bacterial balance in the gastro-intestinal tract destroyed by antibiotics, chemical wormer, commercial pet food, vaccination & toxins...
WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)WildPets Surgery-Vacc Help Formula (30ml)A specialty remedy to heal the side effects of vaccinations, chemical drugs, anaesthetics, antibiotics, x-ray, physical and emotional shock and trauma...
WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)WildPets BIO D-Tox Formula (30ml)A bio-cleansing remedy for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, blood, G.I. tract, cellular tissues and energy bodies. Support the immune system & eliminatory organs...
WildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyWildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyNot just a supplement! Advanced formulation to supply your pet's body with 30+ 'live' functional foods designed for nourishment therapy. Full spectrum nutritional supplement, gentle detox, immune builder, natural pH balancer and body tonic all-in-one remedy. No filler, no synthetic stuff.



4 year old cat, Oliver, was hit by a car, 1 leg almost sheared off. The veterinarian managed to operate and put the leg back together. Few months later, the cat was still not walking on the leg and uncharacteristically grumpy and anti-social to the other cats.

If you think of human getting hit by a car with the same injury, you can imagine there will be anger, frustration and emotional hurt with the accident and physical pain. This cat was simply trying to protect his painful leg from the others.

WildPets Injury Formula was given for a month with no improvement. When investigated further, the person did not follow product instructions and gave only 1 dose a day. Once we cleared this misunderstanding, this is the comment after 2 days application of WildPets Injury Formula according to product instructions...

"I gave Oliver numerous doses on his head and paw as suggested last weekend. I have not given him any since. Oliver's spirits have definitely improved, psychologically he is much better I think. He has reduced his limping by 50%."

Oliver is back to his normal relaxed self and gets along better with the other cats and human in the house. Unfortunately the remedy was not continued after the 2 days, therefore the improvement stopped at 50%. We have no further information after that though we are confident more improvement is possible if the remedy was continued.

Homeopathic remedies and vibrational essences are energy medicine which require momentum and consistency to act (like riding a bike or boiling water). Therefore, you need to apply more often at first, then once the momentum is going, you can reduce the dosages to maintain the effect. It is important you follow product instructions or ask us if your instincts tell you otherwise.

N. Meyers - Vancouver, BC, Canada


"Hey, thanks for this! This stuff (WildPets Injury Formula Plus) worked great and the Kitty didn't seem to mind it too much. I shall always have a bottle of this in the house."

Elizabeth Albert - Longbranch, Washington, USA


Arthur, a young 140 lb Newfoundland dog, had a ligament tear and had major knee surgery 5 days ago. Although this dog is taking pain pills, he is still suffering badly from the pain in his leg. So the pet guardian contacted us to help with the recovery, including possible upset stomach from antibiotics which he is prone, and dog supplements to help with long term recovery.

WildPets Injury Formula Plus and other remedies for recovery from surgical procedures were suggested, and within 5 weeks, the pet guardian phoned us and said:

"Arthur is doing really well, no pain, good movement. What makes your remedies so good?"

So we explained that we addressed both physical and trauma recovery in our remedies, and that the energy frequencies in the remedies help reverse energy distortions without unpleasant side effects. Most of all, we know they work well because the remedies repeatedly and consistantly help our animal clients!

Dr. M. Kuendig - Ohio, USA


  • Never over-exercise if your pet has an existing injury, strain or sprain, no matter how insignificant it seems to the pet (especially pups and younger animals). Reduce the intensity and length of exercise, give remedies and wait for full recovery.

  • Use our Injury remedy and Bio Defense formula to assist healing and protect from infection.

  • Keep the wound clean with mild soap and clean water. Protect the wound, depending on the size and location, with cloth bandaid (they stick the best), gauze and tape, or gauze and first aid wrap (available at pharmacy).

  • Use a sock and tie a knot to secure it if it is on the foot. Make sure it is snug but not cutting off circulation. You should be able to put a finger in it.

  • Change dressing and clean the wound once a day or more often if necessary.

  • If your pet had surgery, view our surgery page for more specific healing tips.

  • Monitor exercise level, avoid stress to the wound and keep it dry until the skin has closed up.

Note: Response to remedies and supplements varies by individuals and individual cases. If these products do not give complete healing, your pet may need one-on-one wholistic attention through our holistic consultation or consultation with a veterinarian.

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