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Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation

"I need emergency help for my pet's life & death situation."


"I need a thorough holistic consultation to help my pet get his/her quality of life back, as well as symptomatic relief and long term health, vitality and balance.

I am ready to get serious with my pet's well being."

We specialize in Complex, Stubborn, 'Messed Up' & Emergency cases.

Many of our clients have gone to multiple conventional veterinarians, natural holistic vets, alternative animal healers - and tried different tests, veterinary medicine, diet, supplements, natural remedies, therapy, homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, flower essences, shampoos, even surgery - with no lasting results.

This is usually because the core problems were never identified. Their treatments circled around the real sources that cause ill symptoms, thus allowing continual deterioration despite temporary relief.

Our unique 'Body-Evidence TroubleShooting Process & Pioneering Solutions' often makes the difference between your constant frustration and a happy, healthy and balanced pet.

Improve Your Pet's and Your Quality of Life by taking advantage of this detailed and complete Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation! This service is suitable for pet caretakers who:

  • Have an immediate life & death situation, needs our attention ASAP to potentially save a life. (Your affected pet may be at home, in transit, at the vet hospital or anywhere in the world.) Need 1 or more of our Distant Pet Healing Therapies for acute emergency care, and to find out if further physical remedies, supplements, custom remedies, diet, lifestyle or home care treatments are needed to bring your pet to long term full recovery, stability and wellness.

  • Know your pets are not feeling well, with noticeable physical, emotional and/or behaviour symptoms, but are not sure what is really making them sick or behaving off balance, despite vet visits, and want to get to the real source of the problems.

  • Despite veterinarian diagnosis, multiple laboratory tests, veterinary drugs, pet medication and even holistic vet treatment, are not getting the results you want for your pets. You may be getting only short term improvement, side effects from conventional treatment, new or progressively worse symptoms, or just not getting the long term beneficial health effects you desire.

  • Want to help your pets get relief from immediate pain, suffering and danger, chronic discomfort and ill symptoms, deep-seated systemic imbalances and deficiencies, and to just feel better AND become healthier so your pets can enjoy life fully again.

  • Want to reduce potentials for future dis-eases for your pets, by providing strong health, nutritional and immune foundations, vitality, energy, balance and inner peace, to improve quality of life on a long term basis.

  • Want all relevant holistic pet wellness options, without dangerous side effects, be presented to you in a logical and easy to understand report, for decision making and taking practical actions.


  • Analyze and pinpoint the real sources of 'layers of problems' that are causing your pets bodily systems to get stressed, weaken, break down, deteriorate, stop functioning, working against your pet's own body or malfunction.

  • Help you reveal and address nutritional, health, emotional, behavior, lifestyle and other wellness issues for your pet.

  • Give you ideas, help and tips to support your pet who is suffering from acute, emergency, chronic, multiple and/or deep seated ailments where vet's help is limited.

  • Provide you with alternatives to chemical drugs, intrusive, toxic and even dangerous therapies for your pet's ailments and emotional problems.

  • Offer you help to deal with undesirable effects from pet food, chemical drugs, vaccinations, surgery or unsuitable natural supplements.

  • Give you insight into behaviour problems or emotional issues unsolved despite proper professional pet training.

  • Tell you what custom remedies, supplements or distant therapies are needed for your pet's health condition and give you home treatment protocols and lifestyle change instructions for long term life quality and vitality for your pet.

  • If relevant, create a working plan for distant healing sessions and/or formulate custom remedies so they are ready to be put together upon ordering.

  • Note: This report may not be relevant nor provided in urgent cases. All analysis will be done as quickly and thoroughly as information is provided for emergency cases and communication will be done throughout the process rather than in one report. Our priority with emergencies is to understand your pet's case, identify the source(s) of immediate danger, come up with a first response plan and begin the 1st day of distant therapy to start helping your pet.

Educate and empower yourself in this valuable holistic consultation and receive deep analysis and useful research to help you make better informed decisions for your pet's wellness now and in the future.

Our approach is 100% natural, holistic, humane and compassionate. Your animal friend deserves gentle and effective solutions, just like us.

Read our Real Life Pet Healing Success Stories now to hear other pet owner's experiences.

Please Note:

  • One consultation per pet unless all symptoms are identical (e.g. in chickens, puppies, kittens, herds).

  • A separate consultation session is required for each new pet client or new case (existing pet client but with a new disease case). Our staff will help you determine the consultation length needed for your pet's specific case. In general, the more complex the case, the more time is needed.

  • For emergency cases that require our immediate attention, order the Emergency Consultation (by email only or by phone & email). Your affected pet may be at home, in transit, at the vet hospital or anywhere in the world. Two (2) distant homeopathic transmission doses and one (1) distant bio-energy system repair short session (or any $210 combo value) are included in the Emergency Consultation.

  • For current pet client returning for progressive healing on the same disease case, our staff will help you determine the consultation time needed for your follow up review depending on your pet's progress, case complexity, follow up work required, etc.

  • Consultation by Email - all communication is done via email.

  • Consultation by Phone & Email - we will call you at a pre-arranged time to ask for and record information. For emergency cases, if you cannot reliably communicate with us via email, please select the 'by phone & email' emergency consultation, so we can call you to get vital feedback in a timely fashion to help your pet.

  • The Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation Report will be delivered to you via email whether you order an email or phone & email consultation. May not be relevant nor provided in emergency cases.

  • Remedies, supplements, products and therapy sessions are NOT included in the consultation fee (see exception details in Emergency Consultation above).

  • ALL cases are prioritized based on our urgency assessment and date of submission.

  • We're closed weekends & holidays. See office hours exception (for emergency cases).

Here are the steps for the Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation:

  1. For new pet client or new pet disease case (existing clients): Fill out our Pet Health & Wellness Assessment Form as detailed as you can, and scan/email us any relevant blood tests, urine tests and other vet test results. This will give us the information we need to determine the length necessary for your pet's specific consultation.

    If your pet has an immediate life & death situation, and need our urgent attention, you can go ahead and order the Emergency Consultation.

    If you know your pet needs our Distant Therapy or custom remedies, but is not an emergency, you can go ahead and order the Full Consultation.

    For Follow Up Review or Quick Q&A: Email us your pet's update or questions you have, and we will determine the length needed for your follow up review or Q&A session (answered by our Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist).

  2. Order the appropriate consultation for your pet below.

    THAT'S IT!

  • After reviewing your info, we will contact you to ask further questions. This is done via email or phone. We schedule all consultation based on our assessment of urgency and the date of order.

  • Based on your pet's specific case, we will suggest the most relevant and beneficial holistic solutions to you including any natural pet remedies, distant holistic pet therapies, home care treatment, lifestyle instructions, custom formula and pre-plan distant healing sessions.

  • We will send you, via email, a custom "Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation Report" for your animal friend. You can implement the "practical" action steps in this report to improve your pet's health and wellness right away. (This report may not be relevant nor provided in emergency cases.)

Choose your Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation below now...

To avoid delay, contact us first for the right consultation length for your situation.

Features Benefits
In-Depth Research Thorough help for acute, emergency, complex and multiple ailments cases
Natural Holistic Approach Potential alternatives to chemical drugs treatment, surgery & euthanasia
Emotional Care Healing emotional stress for your pet is always a part of our holistic program
Compassionate Approach No invasive treatment for health problems. No physical punishment for behavior problems ever!
Complementary Medicine Assist pets on chemical drugs, recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation & their side effects
Various Consultation Options Pay only for the consultation time needed for your pet's unique case complexity
Co-creative Spirit Our pet health action steps complement your vet's treatments without conflict
No Stress Consultation No travel, strange places, strangers and no stress for your pet or you
Accessible Worldwide We can help your pet anywhere in the world

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