WildPets First Aid in a Bottle (30ml)

WildPets First Aid in a Bottle (30ml)
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A 100% natural pet remedy for common pet first aid situations - cuts, abrasion, bleeding, bruising, eye/ear scratches, minor injury, bruised bone, hairline fractures, sprain, strain; insect stings, animal bites; wound inflammation, swelling, infection; burn, scald; heatstroke; motion sickness; tummy upset; traumatic shock, dehydration and laboured breathing.

This homeopathic, vibrational essences and energy blend is antiseptic, versatile and can help your dog, cat and pet with minor first aid cases and serious emergency situations while you wait for veterinarian care. This remedy is also designed for dual use - externally for wounds in the skin, eyes, ears, mouth AND internally for non-injury type first aid (e.g. food poisoning).

There are no toxic, dangerous or over-powering chemicals in this pet first aid bottle. No artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives, and contains no aromatherapy essential oils, making it safe for cats, puppies, kittens, smaller pets and those with a weak or small liver.

This pet first aid remedy is exceptionally well-designed from years of experience 'in the trenches' with animals and their scary moments. Our first aid in a bottle will take care of most acute first aid situations you will encounter with your beloved feline, canine and animal friend.

Perfect for your pet's first aid kit during walking, hiking, camping and traveling trips. Don't forget to keep one bottle in the house, car and cabin!

This remedy is designed for both internal and external use, and is safe for ingestion.

Ingredients: Proprietary preparation of homeopathic blends Minor Injury, Sting & Bite, Tummy Ache, Emerg 1st Aid; and vibrational essences blend in arg-c 10ppm solution.

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, horse, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animals.

How does this home healing remedy treatment going to help your dogs, cats or pets?

This 100% holistic pet first aid remedy helps with the following:

  • helps skin and flesh scratches, laceration, bites, punctures, cuts and all external pet injuries (including eyes, ears, mouth)

  • aids bone injuries, hairline fractures, organ injury, nerve injury and all internal injuries

  • helps bruising, bleeding, inflammation and swelling

  • addresses minor skin and wound infections

  • aids sprains and strains before they get more serious

  • relieves bee, wasp, hornet and other insect stings

  • relieves pet allergic reaction to plants such as nettle, poison oak, etc.

  • helps wounds and toxic bites from fights, animal attacks, snake venom bites, spider bites, frog/toad poisoning, even jelly fish stings

  • relieves burns, scalds and minor electrical shock

  • helps sunstroke, heat stroke and dangerous symptoms from being trapped inside a hot vehicle

  • corrects motion sickness from car, train or airplane rides; sea sickness from ferry and boat rides

  • helps with minor food poisoning and resulting stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea

  • helps with traumatic shock, dehydration and air hunger

  • soothes your dog, cat or pet's fear, anxiety and stress as a result of physical trauma and accident

  • suitable for use after car accident, gunshot wound, falls, ingesting toxic substances and all accidents

  • excellent for minor first aid situations and very useful for emergency help while traveling or waiting for veterinary care

Potency Selection for Home Treatment: Use our "Junior Formula" for young animals under 6 months old and "Adult Starter" for young adult to adult pets (6 months & older).

Clinical-strength high potencies are available upon consultation and custom healing only - to ensure suitability and safe application.

For severe, complex, multi-layered or chronic illness, please use our 1-on-1 pet healing consultation and services to ensure correct health assessment and proper matching healing solutions.

Features Benefits
Antiseptic Prevent infection before it starts and help infected wounds
Dual use Use externally for wounds or internally for non-injury first aid situation (e.g. heat stroke).
Homeopathic Remedies Natural, holistic approach to your pet's healing (no side effects, non-suppressive)
Vibrational essences Gently re-balance emotional issues and stress related to physical symptoms
1oz/30ml liquid dosage bottle Fast absorption for quick action
Only a few drops per dose Easy for your pet to handle
Precise dosages Researched, tested, proven effective dosage amount
Liquid dropper included Easy & quick to administer internally or externally
Amber glass bottle Protection from light & heat
Full instructions included Clear information on dosage frequency and directions
Customer support Friendly and caring help even after you purchase
Additional Help Our holistic consultation and distant healing services can help more complex problem

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