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WildPets G.I. Crawlies FormulaWildPets G.I. Crawlies FormulaA non-toxic, effective and safe natural remedy for intestinal worms, multi-celled parasites, larvae, fly bots ...
WildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyWildPets BIO Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional TherapyNot just a supplement! Advanced formulation to supply your pet's body with 30+ 'live' functional foods designed for nourishment therapy. Full spectrum nutritional supplement, gentle detox, immune builder, natural pH balancer and body tonic all-in-one remedy. No filler, no synthetic stuff.
WildPets BIO Clean D-Tox HerbalAn excellent herbal detox - eliminate toxins from the blood, liver and lymphatic system. Especially beneficial for tumors due to systemic blockages...
WildPets Nerve Tonic Herbal BlendA superb nerve calmer, relaxant and tonic for hypersensitive nerves, nervous system and brain. Very beneficial for pets with underlying anxiety as a trigger for twitches, seizures or tremors...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give the homeopathic drops?

There are many ways you can give homeopathic remedies, they are equally effective:

  1. Use the dropper to apply a few drops of remedy onto your pet's body and massage it into the skin. The best places are the crown of the head, inner ear flap, gums, paw pads, under belly, the back or anywhere on the body that your pet is comfortable with.

  2. Use the dropper to apply a few drops of remedy onto the palm of your hand and massage that into your pet's skin.

  3. Add to food, preferrably at least a bit of wet food.

  4. Give by mouth using the dropper (careful not to let your pet touch or bite the dropper).
  5. Use the dropper to put a few drops of remedy onto the palm of your hand and let your pet lick it.

  6. Add dosage to a teaspoon of water, electrolyte fluid, soup broth, yogurt, milk, a little honey or maple syrup, and let your pet lick it.

  7. Add dosage to a cookie, piece of meat, some peanut butter or favourite treat and give that to your pet.

  8. Add to water, provided your pet drinks from the water source, and other pets who do not need the remedy do not drink from the same source. This is the least precise way of giving remedies but if you have chickens or farm animals, it may be a preferred method.

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How do I give the herbal remedy?

  1. The easiest way is to add it to the food. Most dogs and horses don't mind it.

  2. You can also put it onto a piece of meat, some peanut butter or cookie.

  3. You can try adding a little honey or maple syrup to the herbal liquid and let the pet lick it from a dish.

  4. You can dilute the herbal liquid with some water or chicken soup, and either let your pet lick it from a dish or use a separate dropper to give it by mouth (careful not to let your pet bite the dropper), and disinfect the glass part of the dropper in boiling water or mild soap and water daily.

  5. For emergency, just use the dropper to give the herbal liquid by mouth (careful not to let your pet touch or bite the dropper). Give a cookie or hug right after for reward.

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I am clear about my pet's symptoms but I don't see a matching remedy on your site. Do you have other remedies?

Yes! We have hundreds of remedies and remedy combinations. What you see available on the internet is only a fraction of them (everything takes time). You are welcome to contact us or book a Holistic Pet Wellness Assessment or Consultation for more specific solutions to your pet's health and behavior problems.

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I don't know what's wrong with my pet, can you help?

It is always advisable to have your animal companion checked out by your veterinarian. You may also wish to consider our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation or Animal Communication session for different ways to view your pet's health and thus healing solutions to complement your veterinarian's diagnosis.

The consultation is excellent if you wish a natural and wholistic overview on your pet's lifestyle, actual symptoms observed by you, and we will piece together a whole picture of your pet's health landscape and offer relevant holistic solutions for your pet.

Our animal communicator can sense the problem areas in your pet's body, psyche, emotionally and assess overall wellness, as well as ask for your pet's input on these issues. However, our pet psychic cannot offer you a disease label or diagnosis, only how your pet actually feels - aka symptoms.

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How long does it take before I see result with the homeopathic remedy?

For acute illness, you should see some improvement after 3-5 doses. Depending on the depth of the illness, your pet may only need a few doses, a few days or a few weeks of dosage.

For example, if your pet has a bee sting and mild allergic reaction, you may notice improvement after 3 doses and need to give the remedy for 1-2 days. If your pet has strong reaction to the same bee sting, you may see improvement after 5 doses but may need to give the remedy for 3-4 days. If your pet has strong reaction and has multiple bee stings, you need to give the acute dosage (preferably visit a vet as well) and may see some improvement after 5 doses but need to give the remedy for a week or more before all bee stings and pain are completely healed.

For chronic illness, you pet may need 4-7 days of dosage before improvement is seen. Depending on the remedy, you may need to give it for a few days to a few months.

Homeopathic remedies in general, with exception, do not need to be taken on a long term basis. The best guide is to follow the instructions sent to you via your shipment. If in doubt, always email us for clarification.

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How long does it take before I see result with the herbal remedy?

With herbal remedy standard dosage (for maintenance), you may see improvement in your pet's vitality or specific condition in 1 week to 1 month, depending on his/her original health condition. If you are giving the remedy more frequently, for use with specific ailment, you may see improvement in 2-7 days.

Herbal remedies in general, with exception, need to be taken on a consistent basis for best long term result.

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What's the difference between homeopathic and herbal products?

These are two different forms of healing. For details, visit our Natural Pet Health Database for more information.

Homeopathy influences the energy of your pet and opens up blocked energy, this in turn rebalances any biological, biochemical and physiological problems. Herbs influence the biological, biochemical and physiological components of your pet directly. Due to the energetic influence, homeopathy is capable of deeper healing, especially of the emotional and mental sphere. Both homeopathy and herbal medicine are valuable healing tools and can be used at different times and for different purposes.

The advantage of homeopathy is that it is energy-based, therefore has no taste nor odor. It can be absorbed by the skin as well as the conventional method of ingeston. This is very useful for administering to pets as some are rather sensitive to strange taste and may refuse to take herbal or other medicine or even vomit it up. This is also easier for the animal guardian as you will not have to struggle with giving drops to your pet companion.

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I used the remedy but has seen no effect yet, what did I do wrong?

We always urge people to follow dosage and frequency instructions included in the shipment. The most common reasons for remedy not taking effect are:

  • Not following instructions.

  • Not following through with the remedy, i.e. ending the dosage too early.

  • Not using acute dosage frequency when the illness calls for it.

  • Not adjusting dosage frequency as per our general guideline.

  • The incorrect remedy or potency is selected.

  • Not contacting us when you are unsure.

  • There are other factors, deeper imbalances and deficiencies to your pet's health that need to be addressed as well.

Even though these are natural remedies, they are still medicine and need to be respected. We have researched, tested and taken long hours to carefully create these instructions to give the maximum effectiveness and ease of use. Please follow them unless your intuition tells you otherwise. Please contact us if you are in doubt. We pride ourselves in customer service even after you purchase. Alternatively, book a Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation for one-on-one help.

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Can you ship on weekends?

For some major cities in the US and Canada, our courier company can deliver Saturday. However, your order must be in by Friday 11am (except holidays) for the courier to ship Saturday. If you want to be certain whether your shipping address is a saturday delivery point, checkout our Shipping and Store Policy page for Canada delivery points and contact us ahead of time to check for USA delivery points.

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Can you ship products not on the website the same day?

No. These products usually take 3-5 business days before we can ship.

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I see there are energy or vibrational essences in the homeopathic remedies, what are they?

Energy or vibrational essences, more commonly known as flower essences, are included in many of our homeopathic remedies to deal with the emotional stress related to the particular health condition. Vibrational essences, which are the energy imprint of flowers, gem stones, crystals, trees or other natural elements, are safe and work great with any holistic or conventional medicine, remedy and therapy.

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I love your site, will there be more products and natural pet health information added?

Yes, you bet! Our website has three goals:

  1. To offer you the best information for raising your pet naturally and holistically, like mother nature intended, via our "Natural Pet Health Database" and "Natural Pet Health Newsletter".

  2. To offer you the best natural tools and services available for helping your pet's health and behavior problems.

  3. To offer you the most evolved tools and information as they become available. We are always learning and getting better at loving, guiding, helping and learning from animals and their beloved human companions!

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I have ordered several remedies and supplements for my pet, which one should I start first?

This will depend on your pet companion and its unique health situation. You are welcome to contact us or book a short consultation for one-on-one help.

In general, the remedy for the most urgent health condition should be given first. If there is more than one remedy needed, alternate the remedies throughout the day, at least 15 minutes apart, or as per package instruction.

Here is a general guideline: Give remedies for acute situation first (the most serious), then chronic, then detox remedies, then supplements. If the situation allows, give one remedy or supplement for 3 days or more before the next one. However, if it is an emergency (e.g. parvo, seizures), don't hesitate to use all applicable remedies, at least 15 minutes apart.

Always follow package instructions. If in doubt, don't guess, contact us for product assistance. We are here to help.

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When should I contact your customer support and when should I book a consultation?

If you have questions related to our products, services and your order, contact customer support. When you need customized help with your animal companion's health or behavior problems, book a .

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I notice the dosage for the first few days are quite frequent, is there a reason for that?

Yes, there are two key reasons:

First, energy remedies such as homeopathic remedies and vibrational essences need momentum to act. Giving it more frequently at the onset will help build that momentum so that a more gradual maintenance dose can be used later. From our experience, if we do not build this initial energy momentum, it takes longer to work which may not be good for health problems that are serious if not stopped quickly.

Second, certain health problems (e.g. parvo, seizures, food poisoning) are very damaging and can have serious consequences if not reversed quickly. Therefore, certain remedies and healing kits are designed to act quickly to help the animal come out of the danger zone and stabilize, so that your pet has the opportunity to get treated by other therapeutic methods, if needed, such as herbs, supplements and therapies that take longer to be effective but are needed for thorough healing.

We suggest you follow dosage instructions, and if in doubt about your own unique situation, contact us for clarification via our customer support form. We pride ourselves on customer service even after you buy. We genuinely want to help your pet get better.

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Can I use these remedies for human?

In general, NO. Although all our remedies & supplements use human based ingredients, nutriceuticals, herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc., we have formulated them for the optimal simulation for animals, energetically and biologically, plus all instructions are written for animal's use.

Some of our products, such as WildPets BIO Defense, herbal products and pure flower essences formula, are the same for human use and we use them ourselves!

If you are interested in products or therapy for human use, please contact us or consult a healer specialized in human health.

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There are a few items in the healing kit, do I need all of them?

Each kit consists of products that are essential to the healing of the particular health condition. Yes, you do need all the items within a kit. If you skip one or more items, it may or may not work as well.

There are also products, listed below each specific healing kit, that may be relevant to your pet's condition. Consider the products within a healing kit as "must have", products listed below as "as needed". If in doubt, contact us for a Holistic Pet Wellness Assessment or Consultation.

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Can I give WildPets Formula Plus or Formula Super to puppies and kittens, or WildPets Formula to older pets?


WildPets Formula are specifically designed for young animals and small pets. WildPets Formula is suitable for puppies, kittens, birds, rabbits, hamsters and other young animals. WildPets Formula may or may not be potent enough for dogs and cats over 1 year of age.

WildPets Formula Plus and WildPets Formula Super are designed for adult pets. The potency can be too strong for some young animals under 1 year old and may cause damage or even fatality. We recommend using these and other higher potency formulas for animals 1 year or older. Custom homeopathic remedies, especially via the Distant Pet Homeopathic Transmission Therapy, can be individualized regardless of age of your pet.

WildPets has custom designed its products based on real life experiences and we recommend that you follow the product instructions. If your intuition tells you otherwise (and in rare cases it is possible) or you are unsure, please contact us.

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I have purchased some products, read all the instructions and related website materials, and I still have questions, can you help me?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on customer support even after you purchase. Each animal is unique and each situation is different. We are only happy to assist. You can ask your questions via our customer support form, email or phone directly. The contact us page has all the contact information you need.

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Where are your products made?

The majority of our products are manufactured in Canada and some in the United States. We bring in products from Europe or other parts of the world only if they are not available in North America.

We are very selective of our products and apply this Golden question each time: "Will I use this product on myself or my own pet?". Those of you who know how much we love our pets, you'll know how picky we are with our suppliers! We are famous for asking detailed questions that no one else bothers to ask, and it is a reputation we're proud of.

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I have seen pet remedies for less than $10. Why are your products more expensive? Why should I buy from you?

I have seen a natural pet remedy sold for $4.95 once. To be honest, I was very scared what could be in it. No one can make a good quality remedy remotely near that price. Either the person selling it is bad at math, or there are very questionable ingredients, fillers, manufacturing process and unethical labour practices involved.

When you compare this to the hundreds of dollars you spend at one vet visit, you can see the wisdom in "What you pay is what you get." To us, it may be ok to buy cheap towels to dry our dogs. When it comes to food, health, safety and emotional well being, we want quality, diligence and due care. Otherwise, the damage control may be costly or irreversible for your pets.

Our products are critically selected for their:

  • natural and holistic approach

  • high quality and traceable ingredients

  • broad and specific effectiveness on particular health or emotional problem

  • manufacturers' quality control and diligence

  • ease of use for both pets and pet guardians

  • the consciousness of people who makes them (we care about the Earth too!), and

  • affordability

We think you should buy from us because of our:

  • high standards and quality ingredients

  • thorough and comprehensive research

  • diligence and care from product selection to shipment, and

  • our responsiveness to your questions and concerns

We genuinely care about animals, our long term relationships with our fellow pet lovers and our reputation for dependable holistic pet products. We are with you for the long haul.

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I have questions that are not answered in the FAQ, who should I ask?

The contact us page has all the information you need. Use the online contact form or email us directly. Alternatively, visit our Pet Services Menu page for individual consultation, therapy and custom remedies information.

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