WildPets Dominant Aggression Formula (30ml)

A specialty remedy designed for pushy, aggressive, bossy, dominating, confrontational, conflict-generating pet behaviour problems. You are nervous that your beloved pet may attack others or have attacked others. Suitable for alpha pets who show 'out of balance', tyrant, bullying, hostile, rigid, dictatorial, even dangerous style leadership.

Also suitable for animals that turn mean-spirited due to surgery. Aggression starts after surgery and anaesthesia drugs use. This is not uncommon as anaesthesia affects the brain and nervous system, which affect emotions, which direct behaviour. This remedy will help with the emotional mood change. If physical pain or ill health due to surgery are also present, select separate remedies to address those.

If your dog, cat, horse, pony or other animal shows aggressive behaviour but also displays clear signs of fear, anxiety, nervousness or defensiveness in their aggression, then use other WildPets pet behavior problem remedies that fit their description. This dominant aggression remedy is for:

  • True Alpha types who are 'over the top', 'in your face', insecure or has a 'twisted' leadership style.

  • Animals who turn bitter and aggressive as a result of abuse and bullying from others.

  • Animals who become angry, grouchy and mean as a result of surgery anaesthesia drugs.

This holistic blend is composed of homeopathic medicine and healing energy essences to address aggression, anger (including anger due to surgery), hard heartedness, suspicion, jealousy, domineering (force one's will on others), violent tendencies, anxiety, insecurities, fear, hate, malice, overactive mind, hyperness, spite, impatience, fiery temper, competitiveness, head strong, paranoia, frustration, resentment or easily insulted persona.

To help animals tolerate and accept each other's differences, calm stress and overwhelm, open the heart to release old hurts, grudges, resentment and abuse, release tension especially held in jaws, hostility (those who bristle) and fear of being violated.

Help to stabilize group, reduce urge to bully, repair damaged aura due to surgery, help to accept love from others, accept the softer side of themselves, slow down to gain perspective and be more flexible.

Chronic emotional tension can and will lead to physical dis-eases if left unresolved.

If your dog, cat, horse or pet tends to fight to kill - initiates aggressive postures, threatening growls (more than barking), hisses, snorts and squeals, initiates stare down (direct eye contact), lunges at others, goes for the throat literally (kill bite), goes for the face (rips the face) and/or does not back down in fights until the end, this is the CORRECT remedy.

You do not need to wait till your pet is dangerous and completely out of control to use this specialty remedy. Please give this remedy as soon as you catch any of the above signs developing, to avoid death sentences for your and/or other's beloved pets, humans, animals or wildlife.

While no remedy replaces appropriate behaviour training for your pet and proper leadership training for you, this formulation will assist you and your pet greatly in stabilizing their mental and emotional states, as well as relieving some of that toxic stress, so that training becomes 'possible'.

Ingredients: Proprietary preparation of homeopathic blends Dominant Aggression remedies, Tension Stress remedies, Heart Chakra remedies, Tyrant Persona remedies and vibrational & flower essences blend in specially filtered & energized water, 8% alcohol and arg-c 10ppm.

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, horse, pony, llama, camel, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animal with similar symptoms.

Potency Selection for Home Treatment: Use our "Junior Formula" for young animals under 4 months old, "Adult Starter" for young adult to adult pets (4 months & older) and "Adult Plus" for adult pets who need a higher potency (e.g. 1 yr +).

Clinical-strength high potencies are available upon consultation and custom healing only - to ensure suitability and safe application.

For severe or complex emotional imbalances, please use our 1-on-1 pet healing consultation and services to ensure correct mental and emotional assessment and proper matching healing solutions.

Features Benefits
Homeopathic Remedies Natural, holistic approach to your pet's healing (no side effects, non-suppressive)
Vibrational essences Gently relieve stress and tension, re-balance mental and emotional states related to behaviour problems
1oz/30ml liquid dosage bottle Fast absorption within 60 seconds for quick action
Mild tasting No problem with fussy pets
Give by mouth, add to food or massage on skin No stress or struggle for you and your pet. No ingestion needed if sensitive to alcohol.
Precise dosages Researched, tested, proven effective dosage frequency
Only a few drops per dose Easy to take
Liquid dropper included Easy & quick to administer
110 doses per bottle Economical, use many times or for several pets
Amber glass bottle Protection from light & heat
Full instructions included Clear information on dosage frequency and directions
Customer support Friendly and caring help even after you purchase
Additional Help Our holistic consultation and distant healing services can help more complex problem

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