Distant Reiki Pet Therapy


"My pet is weak, injured, low in vitality, in pain, just had surgery or has gone through a lot recently and need a boost of energy and vitality to help the body to fight the downward spiral and to heal."

(Referral by our Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist or staff is required for this therapy. Please contact us via our QUICK Holistic Pet Assessment or Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation before ordering this healing service to ensure it is the right option for your dog, cat, horse, rabbit or other pets.)

Reiki is suitable for most pets and health conditions. Reiki is an assisted pet therapy to boost energy, relax tension and promote healing. Reiki should be used in conjunction with other pet healing therapies.

Some health conditions benefit more from Reiki than others such as those from:

  • overwork, overexertion, injuries

  • emotional or physical trauma (e.g. shock, fireworks, bee sting, accident, attack from others)

  • surgical recovery

  • weak or debilitated pets from aging, prolong illness, stress, cancer

  • weak qi (e.g. from prolonged coughing, diarrhea, vomiting)

  • young animals who got sick from stress or lack of immunity

  • abused pets with behavior problems

  • offer deep peace to dying pet

Each distant Reiki session is 30 minutes in duration. You will receive an email update after each session is performed. We also ask you to update us periodically on your pet's progress as we will customize each session based on your pet's specific needs.

Please note: We're closed weekends & holidays. See office hours exception.

One of our client's comments, horse laminitis case:

"Wonderful! Meanie is so much better, a definite improvement after each Reiki session. It's quite amazing how powerful this works on the animals."

"I could tell when you were doing MM 1st session - she laid down, and when I went over to give her herbs, she stared nuzzling me as if to say thanks, then stretched back out with feet straight out, and when it was over, got up and was definitely walking and eating much better."

C. Grady - Southern Pine, North Carolina, USA

Features Benefits
Quick Service Fast help for emergency, tired, weak or traumatized pets (young, old, prolong illness, overwork, in shock)
100% Effective Same effectiveness as hands-on animal Reiki
Natural Holistic Approach No drugs, no pain, non-intrusive, feels good
Complementary Therapy Assist pets recovering from surgery, overexertion, accident, injury & boost energy
Emotional Support Release emotional stress, tension, shock, trauma; offer peace to dying pet
Stress Free Healing No traveling, moving your pet, no strangers visit
Co-creative Spirit Our healing service complements your vet's work without conflict
Excellent Cost-Benefits Money goes directly towards actual pet treatment, no shipping charges
No Transit Time No waiting for shipping
Accessible Worldwide We can help your pet anywhere in the world
Flexible Options Get the # of sessions you need for your pet's specific health condition

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (PST). Close Sat, Sun, public holidays (Canada).
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