Our Distant Healing Therapies are designed to work with your animal remotely, without stress due to travel, dealing with strangers or being handled physically.

These gentle yet powerful natural healing therapies are used for:

  • Pet emergency, traumatic and first aid situations
  • Weak life force - no energy to fight for its life
  • Injuries, ACL and other muscle/ligament tears
  • And specific pet ailments

Your animal will be able to 'sense' these non-invasive sessions as his or her body and subtle energies, on multiple levels, are being repaired. You will be able and are required to observe any changes in your pet's physical and behavioural symptoms, and report to us via email so we can adjust the healing program based on your feedback.

Each distant healing therapy can be used on its own or in combination as the health condition requires. These natural pet therapies are used as 'a part' of a holistic healing program, with relevant physical remedies, supplements, lifestyle changes and custom home treatment as needed. We also use these therapies in conjunction with veterinary emergency care and medicine as appropriate for each individual.

Since each animal's situation is different and each natural pet therapy has its own benefits and are suitable for specific conditions, these services must be referred by our Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist or staff.

Detailed consultation is needed to identify if your pet is a good candidate for these healing therapies by clearly pinpointing the core problem(s) affecting your pet (which produce ill symptoms that you see), then match the precise healing solution(s) to the core problem(s) to yield lasting desirable results.

(You can consult with us either via the QUICK Holistic Pet Assessment or the Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation.)

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, horse, farm, wild, zoo and all pet animals.

Holistic Pet Consultation and Distant Pet Healing Therapies:

Holistic Pet Wellness ConsultationWe study your pet's case history in depth and recommend remedies, supplements, custom formulation, distant therapy, home treatment and/or lifestyle changes that your beloved pet needs to return to good health, in the short & long term.
Distant Pet Homeopathic Transmission TherapyDoes your pet have an emergency, first aid situation, acute or chronic illness? We can transmit homeopathic remedy frequencies remotely to your pet, whereever you are, for quick rescue & help. Staff referral needed.
Distant Bio-Energy System Repair Therapy (DBEST)Specialized therapy for very specific pet ailments, e.g. ACL, other ligament, muscle, tendon tears, kidneys and other organs degeneration, etc. Staff referral needed. Custom order only.
Distant Reiki Pet TherapyExcellent for boosting energy & vitality, relaxing tension, easing injury, shock & trauma, managing pain and offering deep peace to dying pets. Staff referral needed.


"You are amazing Pearl! There was no doubt in my mind that when we first came to you Landor had maybe a week left to live; between his leg, hair loss and the daily vomiting and diarrhea he couldn't even get up to eat or drink. You fixed all of those problems and gave me back my happy, playful Landor again!"

"I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all of your hard work. You were very caring, compassionate, diligent and determined throughout the journey.....you never gave up ;) Thank you from the bottom of my heart Pearl. You will always have a friend in Landor and me."

Jeanette Galley - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Thank you so much for your help! I'm excited to get Dash going in the right direction. He's such a sweet kitty and deserves to be happy. I look forward to doing all of the great things you suggested. There has definitely been an improvement. Yay!"

"Thank you so much for all of your advice! It's great to finally have found something that will help Dash in the long run and to have found someone that cares enough to help us out. All Vets want to do is put him on meds and make sure he's vaccinated. It's incredibly frustrating that they won't even consider a more holistic approach to his treatment."

"I'm glad I found your website and signed up for the newsletter. I can't thank you enough for your consultation."

Ashlee Leatham - USA

"Wanted to share with you my dog's progress after his surgery and the ill affects of the anesthesia, and then afterwards being on your products - Bio Booster, Surgery-Vacc Help Formula and G.I. Revitalizer."

"My 8 year old boxer went into the hospital a sassy boy in very good body condition and came home lethargic for 3 days and in poor body condition. But after being on your products his body condition was restored in 24 hours, and he is his sassy self again!"

"Thank you again for all your work in helping to make our beloved pets healthy."

Linda Usher - Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA

Go to the Pet Healing Success Stories page for more customer feedback.


Q: Do you need to see and work on my animal in person?

A: NO. All these pet healing therapies are designed to work on your pets remotely, no matter where they are in the world. These therapies are designed based on quantum physics principles, which is an advanced branch of science studied at Universities, different from 3D physics (what we learn in high school).

Q: Will you be shipping remedies to my home?

A: NO. There are no physical remedies or supplements involved in any of the Distant Pet Healing Therapy. Nothing will be shipped to you and you are not at the mercy of transit time.

However, if upon our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation we determine that your pet needs custom remedies, supplements or any of our off-the-shelf remedies and supplements, you can order them and those will be shipped to you physically.

Q: If my pet needs physical remedies and supplements, then why bother with any of the Distant Pet Healing Therapy?

A: Not all cases require distant pet therapy work, however, some cases require both therapy and physical supplements, remedies and even lifestyle or diet changes. That is why we need to study your pet's case history in details before we can advise you what your pet needs - both fast symptomatic relieve and long term health strategy and recovery. We are very detailed in our consultation and employ a 'wholistic view' and provide you with helpful tips on all aspects of your pet's life so that long term health can be achieved.

Q: My animal just got into an emergency 'life and death' situation, I don't have time for consultation. Can you do the healing therapy right away?

A: Even if Distant Healing seems to be an obvious choice for your pet, we still need to quickly but thoroughly assess your pet's health situation, determine which therapy or therapies are relevant, plan what needs to be done during the therapy BEFORE ever starting a distant healing session. For 'life and death' emergency, these are done speedily during the Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation.

If your animal has an emergency, please provide us with as much information as you can, to start, for the situation at hand (e.g. what happened, physical/behaviour symptoms, lab test results, vet diagnosis, medicine/vet therapy currently used, etc.). We can recommend the appropriate emergency help for you very quickly so you can order them online and have us get started on it.

As we address your pet's emergency symptoms, you can continue, as the days progress, to provide us with more background details, medical history, diet info, updated vet diagnosis, updated lab results and, most importantly, updates on your pet's symptoms and changes, etc. While emergency therapy is crucial to save a life, the Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation is the backbone where we plan the distant healing therapy sessions.

Q: My pet is at the veterinary hospital under emergency care but is not getting any better. Can you help me?

A: YES. We work with pet guardians in situations like this often. As long as you give us the best information you can as to what the veterinarians are doing for your animal (e.g. fluids, antibiotics, oxygen therapy, lab tests, medication, surgery, etc.), we can work with your pet without interfering with veterinary care. In fact, we assist your animal and complement your vet's efforts to achieve a common goal - your pet's recovery. You can tell your vet about your involvement with us or not, it is up to you. Our communication is always with the pet guardian directly, we find this more efficient for everyone, as vet clinics are often too busy to provide detailed feedback to 3rd party.

Q: My pet is not in an emergency but has multiple chronic ailments. Which Distant Healing Therapy do I need to order?

A: Once we know and study the case history of your specific animal, we will be able to determine the most suitable holistic healing program for your animal. Distant pet healing therapy may or may not be needed. Every case is different.

Q: If I am doing Distant Pet Healing Therapy, why do I still need to do Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation or need physical remedies or supplements?

A: Even if Distant Healing seems to be an obvious choice for your pet, we still need to thoroughly assess your pet's health situation, determine which therapy or therapies are relevant, plan what needs to be done during the therapy BEFORE ever starting the distant healing session. These are done during the Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation.

Also, depending on your animal's condition, you may require further home treatment with remedies, for a while, to complete the healing. Supplements may be needed due to depletion or deficiencies for different reasons. And if custom remedies need to be formulated, home treatment protocols or lifestyle change instructions are needed, then the Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation is when we spend the time to work on these details.

As mentioned before, every case is different. Some health conditions need more help while others may not. We determine each case based on individual needs.

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