Distant Bio-Energy System Repair Therapy (DBEST)

This leading-edge distant healing therapy is used for repairing damaged bio-spiritual structures (of humans, animals and all living creations) that cause normal life-force energy to twist, distort, run reverse, get stuck and flow abnormally within any of our 15 levels energetic circulatory system (which includes the physical level), that affect our health, feelings, attitude and behaviour.

Upon consultation, our specialist will determine if your pet needs and is a good candidate for this therapy. This healing technique is used for very specific health conditions and behaviour problems, and only if the ailments fit certain criteria, because 'precise troubleshooting' is required for amazing results.

This cutting edge Quantum Physics based technology has been used for human emotional, mental and spiritual healing for over two decades with remarkable results, and the evidence for physical healing application is equally promising. Pearl Kam, our Distant Healing Specialist, has pioneered this therapy system to successfully help with complex and difficult pet health cases:

  • Brain / Neurological Problems
  • Chronic Digestive Issues
  • Stubborn Skin & Allergy Problems
  • Kidneys / Bladder / Urinary Ailments
  • Respiratory Difficulties
  • Blood / Lymph / Hormonal Disorders

  • Mobility Issues / Pain / Paralysis
  • Complex / Multiple Injuries
  • Surgical / Drugs Complications
  • Emotional Behaviour Challenges
  • Rare Dis-eases
  • Pet Emergency Assistance (often when pet is at vet hospital)

Pearl has repeated success so far in using this therapy, in human and animals, for repairing the physical body (ligaments, muscles, organs, digestive tracts, brain, stubborn chronic dis-eases, tumors) when the sources of the problems are physical structure damages, emotional suppression, negative mental thought forms and/or energetic structure damages, as well as for stubborn emotional and psychological issues that manifest as undesirable behaviour problems.

Some people ask if this is 'psychic surgery' which is psychically manipulating physical organs or body structures to correct them. The answer is NO, it is not. Pearl does not psychically touch or manipulate the physical body itself. Pearl also does NOT work with any deities, gods, angels, archangels, ascended masters or any other beings. She ONLY works with the Higher Self of your animal.

What Pearl actually does is to remove the sources that cause damages and distortions to our bio-spiritual blueprint structure, which manifests our physical body, so that consciousness energy (or life force, chi, prana) can flow normally through them once again. It is this consciousness energy in normal balanced flow that gift us with life, health, vitality, mental clarity, emotional balance and peace.

Many people have given their pets the best veterinary care, natural remedies, supplements, diet change, behaviour training and wonder why it is not enough to turn their pet's ill health or behaviour around. It is possible that the remedies are not a proper match, but more often the imbalances are so great that a more comprehensive and deep-reaching therapy is needed to overcome the many layers of imbalances. Using the car analogy to explain:

Your pet is like the car, you can put premium gas (diet), motor oil and all kinds of high end fluids in there (supplements/remedies), but if there are engine problems (organs/glands/tract), transmission problems (emotional/mental/auric fields) and/or carburator problems (chakras, meridians & other energetic structures), you have to repair all affected components before you can get the maximum benefits from the premium gas, oil & fluids (which are still needed to properly run the healthy car).

The car (your pet) will not run properly with a broken engine (may have lots of smoky exhaust, leaking fluids, strange noises, sluggishness, break down often, etc.) even if you have the most expensive gas, oil and fluids in it. Unlike a car, which you can replace the engine with a new one, the only option for your pet is to 'repair' his/her engine and other defective components, and use high quality gas, motor oil and other fluids to ensure they 'continue' to run properly.

So instead of car mechanic, we are the 'Bio-Spiritual Energy System Mechanic' for your pet.

Your animal will be able to 'sense' this therapy as his or her body and subtle energies, on multiple levels, are being repaired. You will be able and are required to observe any changes in your pet's physical and behavioural symptoms, and report to us via email so we can adjust the healing program based on your feedback.

For instance, you may have a pet who is anxious, nervous, easily stressed, fearful, guilt-ridden, begrudging, entitled, bitter, jealous, feeling betrayed, helpless, hopeless, powerless, self-diminishing, resentful, angry, in grief, etc., whether these feelings are known to you or hidden.

You come to us with one or multiple stubborn, chronic serious ailments, and we worked energetically on related organs/glands/ducts with no noticeable improvement (usually you see noticeable improvement within 2-4 sessions). We may also need to clear those past emotional experiences and thought forms that keep generating these negative emotions, in different parts of the energetic structure, so they do not keep causing problems for the physical body/organs (e.g 'tense up' stomach, 'tie intestines up in knots', going into 'survival mode' laboured breathing, growing cancer/tumors, attracting chronic skin irritations, etc.). We may also need to balance your pet's brain function to help them process stress in more balanced fashion, clear auric attachments, blocked meridians, chakras, etc.

Your pet's bodily and behavioural responses to the therapy (your update to us) will help our continual troubleshooting process to identify and clear all layers of causes to your pet's dis-eases, as some of the 'deeper layers' only 'reveal its presence' after the superficial layers are cleared.

Pets with more superficial dis-eases, physical, emotional or mental, only need a few days to a few weeks of sessions to clear their problems, while animals with really deep dis-eases, trauma, energetic disturbances may need a few months of sessions to clear all the inter-connecting layers that create the problems. It all depends on how severe, deep, multi-layered and complex the causes to your pet's conditions are. We will customize the appropriate healing program for each individual upon Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation.

During this clearing, repairing and healing process, your pet may feel increasingly better, symptoms fading, more relaxed, alive and happy. Depending on the dis-eases, and what your pet's body has been 'brewing', 'fermenting', 'decaying' and 'accumulating' inside (which don't show up on Xrays or tests, and may show up on CT scans only if they stick out), your pet's body may also start to 'throw out' junk, gunk and toxins (tumor tissues, blood cysts, hematomas, scar tissues, hemorrhoids, lactic acid, old compacted food, stinky mucus, live & dead germs, parasites, worms, old fecal matter, dead cells, toxic thought forms, toxic emotions, outdated beliefs, etc.). Usually this is via the stool, urine, vomit, nasal/ears/eyes discharges and skin. It takes a highly skilled and experienced healer to identify these healing responses, as they can look like ill symptoms, and help you manage them to keep your pet comfortable during this necessary process while the body re-organizes and heal itself.

Some animals experience positive effects in 24-48 hours (most noticeable are the pet emergency life & death cases), many 1-2 weeks, and even some a month later. Each 'body' is different and some 'bodies' take longer to reorganize themselves (on energetic, bio-chemical & cellular levels), others faster, no two are identical.

Pre-arranged custom order only. For clients who have been referred by our Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist or staff to order this therapy. Otherwise, please consult with us, via our QUICK Holistic Pet Assessment or Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation, prior to ordering below.

We need to ensure your pet's health condition is a good fit for this therapy. We need to clearly identify the core problem(s) affecting your pet (which produce ill symptoms that you see), then match the precise healing solution(s) to the core problem(s) to yield lasting desirable results.

Please Note: We will email you once the sessions are complete. Please update us via email in 3-7 days regarding your pet's progress.

We guarantee our work for this therapy (except for emergency cases). You will only be charged for sessions that yield a healing response for your pet (that can appear positive or negative but healing in the end). Sessions that do not yield any change will not be charged. Our specialist will determine this AND you can easily observe this yourself based on the physical and behaviour changes in your pet.

Our guarantee is based on each 'logical chunk of sessions' (a few sessions done together to yield a noticeable improvement in an area), and that both our specialist and you can observe noticeable, incremental, positive progress to your pet's health.

Our guarantee applies to incremental improvement, because some dis-ease cases take many sessions over a period of time to heal, while others may take only a few sessions over a short time, so full results cannot be expected part way along the therapy process. All damaged, polluted, distorted parts of the body (physical, emotional, mental & energetic) have to be corrected in order to get the intended results. We cannot cheat the intelligent body's natural, logical, divine right order (though we can fool ourselves that we can).

We do NOT guarantee magical cure, aging reversal nor immortality (because some people ask).

We also do NOT offer guarantee for emergency cases because the response time is too limited. So for emergency cases, you will be charged for all sessions performed, with or without improvement.

Also, all sessions are prepaid, each 'logical chunk of sessions' at a time (2-8 sessions can be a chunk), determined during the consultation. At the end of the therapy period, we will email you the final invoice, request any outstanding balance or return unused payment.

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