Distant Pet Homeopathic Transmission Therapy


"My pet needs homeopathic therapy for emergency and/or complex multiple symptoms, it is urgent and cannot wait for shipping."

(Referral by our Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist or staff is required for this therapy. Please contact us via our QUICK Holistic Pet Assessment or Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation before ordering this healing service to ensure it is the right option for your dog, cat, horse, rabbit or other pets, especially if it is a pet emergency.)

Do you have a pet emergency, urgent pet first aid situation, acute pet disorder or sick animals where you need quick help and time is of the essence?

This fast and powerful remote energy healing service is like a private lifeline that can help you whether your pet is cared for at home, in transit or at the vet's hospital.

Through the science of quantum physics (not 3D physics we learn in high school but an advanced branch of science studied at Universities), we have developed a proprietary process to transmit to your pet, regardless of where you are on this planet, beneficial and healing homeopathic remedy frequencies, based on his/her specific needs.

Read Other Pet Owners' Experiences to hear their stories and results.

Note: For those who are new to this, distant healing is real. It works the same as giving remedies or pet therapy in person, no better or worse, only the delivery system is different. Similar to watching a movie in the theatre, on TV or the web, the delivery mediums to you are different but you get the same contents.

This 'Healing Service' is effective, life-saving at times, and by far the most flexible natural health care option for many pet owners. You and your pet can benefit from this long distance Pet Homeopathic Transmission Therapy if:

  • You need remedies for pet not available on this website.

  • You have an animal with multiple ailments, shifting symptoms, injuries, drug reactions, surgery complications or complex illnesses and need many different remedy formulas to heal.

  • You have an animal in the vet's hospital and you want all the help you can give him/her, without conflicts with veterinary treatments.

  • You have a pet emergency but veterinary help does not seem to be enough.

  • You have a pet emergency that does not necessarily require vet's care.

  • You have an urgent pet health problem and need quick help for pet while waiting for ordered remedies to arrive.

  • You have a pet emergency and have no access to a vet quickly, or need emergency help while traveling to a vet.

All the healing work is done remotely on a quantum level, without ever touching your animals, so we can help you where ever your pet is being cared for, and without any stressful or uncomfortable procedures.

This service may sound unconventional but it often works when nothing else will. After all, it is the result that counts for your pet.

Please Note:

  • We're closed weekends & holidays. See office hours exception.

  • The Distant Pet Homeopathic Transmission Therapy is a healing 'service', NOT a physical remedy or product that needs shipping.
  • We will advise you of the initial number of homeopathic doses needed to get things started. For emergency cases, a retainer fee may be needed upfront. We will invoice you the actual services rendered after, collect outstanding balance or return unused funds.
  • Every case is different, so the number of doses needed for each individual will vary greatly. However, just to give you an idea:

    For minor, non-complex first aid help, usually 4-6 doses are sufficient.

    For most non-life threatening and non complex first aid help, 9-12 doses are needed.

    or serious, life threatening or complex disorders, 12-20 doses may be needed, plus other distant therapy, physical remedies, supplements, home treatment, lifestyle and/or diet changes.

These are 4 BASIC STEPS to get started with this distant pet emergency healing service:

  1. Fill out and submit the "Pet Health & Wellness Assessment Form", if you have not yet done so. This gives us the critical details we need to help your pet companion. We will refer you to the appropriate consultation and distant healing service.

  2. Order the number of homeopathic doses/transmissions that are needed for your pet's therapy (based on our advice from step 1).

  3. Send us a picture of your pet, via email (info@gentlecarepet.com), in .jpg or .gif format only. The picture does not have to be recent but should contain only the animal requiring healing in it.

  4. We will email you after the first set of homeopathic frequencies is transmitted to your pet's body and at least once a day thereafter.

    Email (preferred) or phone us to update on your pet's progress daily or more often) during this healing process until the sessions are complete, or you do not need our help anymore, or you have an identical physical remedy on hand (let us know). Your updates, even if there are no changes, help us adjust healing energy for your pet which is critical during this delicate time. You are your pet's lifeline.

(Referral by our Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist or staff is needed for this service. Please contact us via our QUICK Holistic Pet Assessment or Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation before ordering this healing service to ensure it is the right option for your pet.)

Features Benefits
Quick Service Fast help for sick pets, pet emergency, pet first aid & urgent acute care
Same as In Person Help Just as effective as giving physical remedies & therapy in person
Natural Holistic Approach Potential alternatives to chemical drugs treatment, surgery & euthanasia
Complementary Medicine Assist pets on chemical drugs, recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation & their side effects
Emotional Support Healing emotional stress for your pet is always a part of our holistic program
Flexible Care Perfect for pets who need special remedies, have changing symptoms or need remedies adjustment often
Stress Free Healing No moving your pet, no needles, tubes or pills. No traumatic stress.
Co-creative Spirit Our healing service complements your vet's work without conflict
Excellent Cost-Benefits Money goes towards actual healing of your pet, not shipping courier
No Transit Time No waiting, not at the mercy of courier's schedule
Accessible Worldwide We can help your pet anywhere in the world
Flexible Options Get the # of doses that your pet needs for his/her specific health condition

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