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Holistic Pet Remedies: Pet Cold, Cough, Influenza, Pneumonia

Dry cough, canine kennel cough, canine or feline influenza, cold, canine or feline asthma and infectious tracheo-bronchitis are most often caused by several infectious organisms working together.

Kennel cough is commonly associated with the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica but can be initiated by a combination of parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, canine distemper virus and mycoplasma.

Pets with a weaker immune system can also react to vaccination meant to prevent kennel cough or cat flu.

The bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma pathogens work collectively to damage and irritate the mucus lining of the trachea and upper bronchii. As air enters these passage ways, the exposed nerve endings are irritated. The dog, puppy, cat or kitten tries to clear its throat of mucous but it is sticky and hard to cough up.

The dry cough is triggered by simple things like activity, exercise, getting up from a resting position, slight change of air in the environment, allergens, drinking and eating. In some cases, kennel cough, feline asthma and bronchitis can lead to pneumonia and occasionally death.

Pathogens can also cause flu-like symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, stuffiness, chills, malaise and fever.

Allergens such as smoke, hair spray, flea spray, chemical spray, deodorant, perfumes and dust tend to worsen the symptoms. Cold air and dampness also affect the patient.

Note: Kennel cough usually last 7-21 days and are not contagious to humans.

Regardless of the causes, our 100% natural Cough & Flu Remedy Kit helps your pet fight the infecting organisms and heal the respiratory lining. Our WildPets Bio Defense formula helps to boost the pet's natural immune system to kill the infecting organisms (but leave friendly gut flora intact).

Our homeopathic and vibrational essences combo formula, WildPets Cough, Flu & Lung remedy, helps to ease the persistent sneezing, runny nose, dry, hacking, wheezing, rattling, gagging and non-productive coughing symptoms, including lung congestion, shallow or labored breathing, asthma and pneumonia.

Suitable for dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit, horse, pony, pig, farm, wild, zoo and all canine, feline, equine and pet animals with similar symptoms.

Our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation and Distant Pet Healing Therapies can help your pet individually with coughs, influenza and first aid cases such as pneumonia emergency, without waiting for shipping. These therapies are fast working and can save your pet from deteriorating esp. from pneumonia. We can work with you even if your pet is at the veterinary hospital and complement with conventional veterinary care.

If your pet is having chronic coughs, cold or flu symptoms, despite antibiotics or natural remedies help, then order our Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation to address deeper systemic imbalances and deficiencies for long term health and vitality.

*** We strongly suggest the distant pet emergency service for pet emergency and pet first aid as time is of the essence in these rescue cases.


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Holistic Pet Wellness ConsultationWe study your pet's case history in depth and recommend remedies, supplements, custom formulation, distant therapy, home treatment and/or lifestyle changes that your beloved pet needs to return to good health, in the short & long term.

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Mary has adopted two cuties from a local shelter for 3 months. Rajah and Taj are now 7 month old kittens. The were beginning to sneeze even at the shelter and were put on antibiotics for 2 weeks. All the other litter mates died except for these two boys.

Rajah and Taj have colds, both a thick sticky mucus and a watery discharge. They also have a bit of a cough now and then. The vet said it is from the mucus draining and it tickles their throat.

After the antibiotics were completed they seemed fine. Then the colds returned. They also had ringworm which were treated naturally. So they went back on Clavamox (antibiotics). This has happened 2 times and now they are once again back on the antibiotics because the cold came back.

Mary did all the right things. She transitioned the kittens to a raw food diet, put them on supplements to counteract the antibiotics side effects, gave them Reiki, lots of love and play, and yet the cold remains.

So we suggested the WildPets Cough, Flu & Lung Formula for the respiratory symptoms, the WildPets BIO Defense for the possible virus, the Immune Support Herbal to boost their immune system and our custom nutritional remedy to really turbo-charge their vitality to fight this cold off for good and to stay healthy.

Days later, we received an email from Mary:

"I received the Cough, Flu & Lung Formula yesterday and just wanted to share with you that Taj is already doing much better. He had not been able to vocalize for a few days due to his cold and started 'talking' today. Just wanted to check in with you about the good progress. Thanks so much."

More than 2 months later, after the kittens have been on the custom nutritional remedy as well, here's the feedback:

"The boys are doing great. The homeopathic was very easy to give them and seemed to help pretty quickly. No more colds! Blessings, Mary."

Mary Diamond - Mill Valley, California, USA


Radar, a 7 month old male kitten, has been adopted recently from a rescue centre. Radar has an unpleasant odor around him, is very shy, just had a neutering surgery and a new home. This is a lot of stress for a scared young cat.

Radar developed a bit of sniffles at the rescue centre, then he sneezes lot, mostly with clear mucous, with a bit of white and at times a bit of blood mixed in. The human feels that for one so young, he's been through a lot and a trip to the vet would add again more trauma. So asked us for help.

We suggested WildPets BIO Defense for any virus, bacteria or germy stuff, WildPets Cough, Flu & Lungs Formula for reversing the ill symptoms and a custom nutritional remedy to boost Radar's health.

In 1 week's time, the person wrote to us:

"Radar is doing much better, especially with the cold, it's still hanging on a bit but definitely has improved, I do think he is feeling much, much better."

In 1 month's time, the person wrote back:

"Radar is doing really well, his cold is completely gone, so I quit giving him the cold remedy. I weighed Radar, he is now 7.6 lbs, up from 6 lbs."

To see Radar's whole story, see the Pet Healing Success Stories page.

Martina Kennedy - Kamloops, BC, Canada


Rocketman, a cat with the coolest name has asthma. RM had antibiotics and treatments from the vet a few times, each time with improvement, but the asthma always recur after a short while. Seeing and knowing the side effects of antibiotics, Rocketman's human decided to try our WildPets Cough, Flu & Lung Formula Plus. She emailed us a little while later:

"Your product has been working great. Count me in as a very satisfied customer."

June Diggle - Sonora, California, USA


Penny, 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler), developed dry cough, hacking, chest cough symptoms. One week prior, this dog had vaccinations including the canine kennel cough vaccine. The dog stopped eating for 24 hours. WildPets Cough & Flu Formula was given...

The young dog didn't like anything given by mouth, so the animal guardian massage the remedy on the skin. Within 1 day, the dog was eating again. Within 1 week, the dog has no more signs of any coughing.

"My puppy started eating after 2 doses of the WildPets Cough & Flu Formula, and was bouncing around again."

Edith Garcia - Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


Sage, 16 yr old, gentle Golden Retriever, has a stuffy cold, congestion, noisy and difficulty breathing, cannot fall asleep for more than 2 minutes without waking up to catch her breath. Sage looks exhausted with unrested saggy eyes. Took WildPets Cough & Flu Formula Plus...

"Sage is improving. Her breathing is getting much quieter and smoother and I don't hear as much of the congestion. She is sleeping much longer and I even was able to let her sleep in the bedroom last night. She is seeming perkier...this morning I came downstairs at 10:30 and there was a discharge of mucus from Sage's left nostril. I was so elated!!! ... The hematoma in her ear has gone down substantially."

Wendy Galt - Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


Taz, 1.5 yr old male cat, has been sneezing a lot with thick snotty mucus and clinkers coming out from the nose. Poor kitty looks tired and drained from all the sneezing fits, head cold, feline rhinitis, loss of fluids and disturbed sleep. It gets to a point when he is not too interested in eating. After using WildPets Cough & Flu Formula Plus and BIO Defense, here's the pet guardian's comment after 1 week...

"Taz is doing well and is better now. No more mucus and he is sneezing less. He is still taking the remedies for a while to clear his chest. His energy is back and is eating well."

We also suggested the customer to give immune support supplements and look for an allergen source that is making the newly adopted cat sneeze spasmodically.

Edith Garcia - Coquitlam, BC, Canada


Hearty, a 9 year old Jack Russell terrier, has congestion, sneezing with no mucus and trouble breathing ever since she got sick with a dog flu respiratory illness in Florida 3 years ago. Vets want to put her on steroids but the pet guardian refused to go that route.

Hearty has laboured breathing on exertion and sleep. She can't run and play ball like she used to and has been putting on weight. Hearty also has reverse sneezing and sometimes cannot catch her breath like asthma, of which a custom remedy was made for her.

"I do think the Cough, Flu & Lung Formula is helping, she is better with it than without. She gets to feeling a bit better and has more energy."

Hearty also has a few distant Reiki sessions:

"I forgot to say yesterday Hearty was so much better wanting to play ball and I don't recall her reverse sneezing and sneezing last night at all or maybe I just didn't hear her, but she does seem a bit better, thought you might want to hear after the 1st session.

C. Grady - Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA


  • Mix CeraVet rice-based electrolyte fluid with water to rehydrate your pet and reduce fluid loss (works much better esp. for puppies and kittens). Make electrolyte ice cubes if pet prefers for irritating throat. If unavailable, use glucose-based Pedialyte (e.g. kid's electrolytes).

  • If pet's breathing is laboured, gently tap on the crown of the head and say 'relax, open up and breathe' in a relaxed manner, 7-8 times. If you are stressed, tap on your head too to relax. Repeat as needed.

  • Give unseasoned cooked chicken, real chicken broth, mashed pumpkin (any fibrous squash) and steamed rice initially to stimulate appetite and help settle the stomach. Mash in blender. Add mashed broccoli later for added nutrients.

  • Probiotics (WildPets G.I. Revitalizer) may be needed to replenish friendly stomach bacteria if chemical antibiotics are used.

  • Clean your home and bedding thoroughly with very hot water and soap. To reduce the risk of re-infection, use Accel TB (or similar accelerated hydrogen peroxide technology) or an environmentally friendly bleach to clean and disinfect mucus, body fluids, floors and carpets.


Q: Do I need both the WildPets BIO Defense and Cough & Flu Formula for kennel cough?

A: The WildPets BIO Defense Formula deals with the bacteria, virus, mycoplasma or a combination of them. The WildPets Cough & Flu remedy formula deals with the symptoms that the pathogens create in your pet. For best result and faster healing, use both remedies.

Q: What's the difference between the antibiotics normally used and WildPets BIO Defense formula?

A: WildPets BIO Defense formula is made of homeopathic remedies, vibrational essences and true micro-particle sized colloidal silver. In therapeutic use, conventional antibiotics will kill both the bad and good bacteria in your pet's body. WildPets BIO Defense formula do not chemically react with the good bacteria in your pet's digestive tract and will not kill off the good bacteria. Good bacteria is essential for enzymes making, proper extraction of nutrients from food and healthy digestion. Many pets, and humans, develop diarrhea or chronic digestive problem after taking conventional antibiotics.

Also, many viruses and certain mycoplasma (bacteria with no cell walls) are resistant to chemical antibiotics. They are not resistant to the ingredients in our remedy because our remedy address pathogens differently.

Chemical antibiotics stay in the liver and eliminate very slowly from the body. True colloidal silver and energy medicines are eliminated from the body very quickly without overloading the liver and other eliminatory organs.

Q: My dog does not have a cough but I visit dog shows a lot. Is there anything I can use for preventative measure against kennel cough?

A: If your dog is a puppy, I would avoid dog shows and such places. Puppies' immune system is not quite mature enough to handle infections. If your dog is an adult and fairly healthy normally, I suggest WildPets Bio Booster 5-in-1 Nutritional Therapy prior to, during and after visiting these places to boost the immune system and thus reduce the risk of infection.

You may also want to consider Accel TB, or similar AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) technology, to disinfect surfaces where you think there are bodily fluids from another pet. Use environmentally friendly bleach where ever you can.

Q: Do I need WildPets G.I. Revitalizer if I use WildPets BIO Defense formula?

A: No. You will only need to replenish stomach flora if your pet was given chemical antibiotics.

Q: I (human) have a nasty sore throat that usually lasts for 3 months or more even with herbal treatment. After 1 day treatment with WildPets BIO Defense formula, I was better, and after 4 days, I was completely fine. Do I still need to take it for the full 10 days?

A: Different viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and fungus disappear at different rates with WildPets BIO Defense formula. Some will indeed take less time than others. This also depends on the intensity of the infection, the strength of the immune system and whether the environment is clear of the pathogens.

The product instructions recommend you take the WildPets BIO Defense formula for 7-10 days to ensure maximum effectiveness with a large range of pathogens and to lower the risk of secondary infection. We suggest you follow the guideline to ensure the rate of success for your pets' recovery.

Note: Response to remedies and supplements varies by individuals and individual cases. If these products do not give complete healing, your pet may need one-on-one wholistic attention through our holistic consultation or consultation with a veterinarian.

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