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Since we are a busy practice doing daily consultations, healing therapies, emergency cases and pet readings, we can only address your inquiries via this online form or email. Only customers who ordered phone consultations will be contacted by phone.

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If you want to ask about your pet's unique health situation, go to QUICK Holistic Pet Assessment.

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Office Hours (pacific standard time):

 Monday to Friday

 9am - 6pm PST 

 Saturday, Sunday &
 Canadian Public Holidays   

 Closed (see exception)

Office Hours Exception:

  • For paid Holistic Pet Wellness 'Emergency' Consultation and Distant Therapy (potential life & death in 2 weeks or less), ordered by 5:30pm PST Friday (as long as it is not a public holiday), we WILL communicate with you via email and work on your pet over the weekends and holidays (even though the office is closed).

  • If the above is ordered after 5:30pm PST Friday, it will be processed on the following business day. Sometimes we will pick up paid emergency cases over the weekends and start working on it but we cannot guarantee that.

  • All other orders, placed after Friday 11am PST, will be processed the following business day (usually Monday).

  • If Friday is a Canadian public holiday, then Thursday will be the end-of-week order deadline.

  • If Monday is a Canadian public holiday, then Tuesday will be the following business day.

Contact Email: info @ gentlecarepet . com
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Note: Since we perform distant pet wellness consultations, distant emergency and pet healing therapies daily, we must limit our time on the phone with emergency phone clients only. We appreciate if you can email us your inquiries and concerns, with relevant details, to avoid response delays.

This website is meant to provide you with information on our off-the-shelf remedies and healing services we offer. If you wish to get a sense of how we can help your pet individually, please fill out the free QUICK Holistic Pet Assessment (we answer all valid inquiries). If you are ready to consult on your pet's case 1-on-1, please go ahead and order a Holistic Pet Wellness Consultation.

Note: We are not a retail outlet. If you would like to pick up your order, please call ahead to book a time. Thanks.

Holidays Schedule 2018 - Closed

          January 1 (Mon) - New Year's Day
          February 12 (Mon) - BC Family Day
          March 30 (Fri) - Good Friday
          April 2 (Mon) - Easter Monday
          May 21 (Mon) - Victoria Day
          July 2 (Mon) - Canada Day Holiday
          August 6 (Mon) - BC Day
          September 3 (Mon) - Labour Day
          October 8 (Mon) - Thanksgiving Day
          November 12 (Mon) - Remembrance Day Holiday
          December 25 (Tue) - Christmas Day
          December 26 (Wed) - Boxing Day
          December 27, 28, 31 - close at 3pm; no appointment

          January 1 (Tue) - New Year's Day 2019

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm (PST). Close Sat, Sun, public holidays (Canada).
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