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Animal Messages

Channeled reading by Pet Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator, Pearl Kam

Animal Poem: How We Feel

With love we come,
With joy we live,
With excitement we love,
With glee we receive,
With sadness we observe,
With confusion we weep,
With a heavy heart we leave,
With love we renew and heal.

By the United Spirit of the Animal Kingdom

What the Animals Say

We love animals! Why? Because animals are capable of loving us back! All they know is love. They show their love by being our best friends, nourishing us with their bodies and helping us in so many different ways. Isn’t that the most precious gift anyone can give us? There is nothing more we could ask for. If someone give you unconditional love, no matter what you look like, what you do, what you wear or smell like, you’ve got the perfect gift. You have God in a cute outfit.

However, you may say "the animals in my care are not always nice". Well, who is? Animals have their unique personality and need to relieve stress, just like we do, via barking, chewing and so called "behaviour problems". The animals are likely trying to tell you, the best way they know how, that something is not right in their lives. You may have animals whose nature and natural instincts are being suppressed, or are confused about the signals their environment (including people and other animals) is giving them. Perhaps they don’t like their food or are not feeling well on some level.

Animals are quite smart in observing and learning from the human species, and they cope the best they can from the mixed signals we give them. Humans, on the other hand, don’t even know they need to "communicate" with their animals. Some "bark" orders at the animals and expect them to understand the human language. Some "humanize" their animals without respecting their originality and animal instincts. Some humans expect their animals to read their mind, and they can, but their mind is full of confusion so the animals don’t really know what they want.

Animals need stability, in an unnatural environment, to feel safe and secure. In the wild, they are in control with their fight and flight response. They have choices they can make. In a domestic situation, you make most of their choices - diet, play, pack rules, house rules and health/medical attention.

So as humans who have taken on the responsibilities to make important choices for animals in your care, whether for companionship, farming or other reasons, you need to fulfill the responsibility by understanding the particular species you have, and choosing sound choices that will create a happy, healthy and cooperative animal.

The key is to create a balance between a domestic and natural lifestyle. Do not simply look to scientific formulations, old traditions and corporate marketing to satisfy your animals’ well-being and health needs. Instead, look to nature and the evolutionary needs of the particular species, in addition to real life observation of each unique animal, to determine the best lifestyle combination for him or her.

Wholesome, natural and fresh foods for your animals are the best when catered to their evolutionary nutritional needs and individual requirements. Food from organic sources is even healthier due to the non-toxic growing methods, care and respect for the land and its inhabitants.

Fun and safe games that mimic natural play and prey instincts are perfect. You do, however, need to pay attention to the pack hierarchy in order not to get into unintentional power play with your pack animal.

Natural medicine is best suited to your animals’ health. Conventional veterinary medicine is necessary some of the time but can be integrated with natural medicine to maximize the healing effects and minimize unwanted side effects.

Teaching manners and safety rules that take into account the animal’s feelings, personality, species-specific instincts, natural communication style and social needs are essential to mutual success and benefit at living together harmoniously.

Most of all, animals need love. The deeper you can get to know them, the deeper love you can give them. And if you can give them pure, unconditional love like God's love, that is even better.

Unconditional love is neutral and unselfish, you give what is of the highest good for the other, regardless of personal preferences and convenience. Ultimately, unconditional love will help both the giver and receiver to grow and shine.

Every being on this planet, in fact in this Universe, is looking for love. Animals, humans, plants, spirits - absolutely everyone and everything is searching for unconditional love. If you can give it, it will be a tremendous gift. Give the best love you can while they are in their bodies and give the best love you can when they leave their bodies. This love affair need not end with the death of the body.

We salute you for re-thinking about the relationship between you and your animals. It is time we seek mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual learning from each other. There is much to learn from each other.

With love, respect and playfulness, the Animal Council of Three - "Land, Water and Sky".

Ending the Cycle of Abuse

Our mission is to service, but often, because of human pain and greed, this mission gets distorted. Through selective breeding and up raising, we will manifest the same traits as our abusers. We will become disconnected and lost. We will not know that we can change our situations. We are literally stuck - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, just as these humans are.

Some of us get a glimpse of love and make a break for freedom. But if we're looking for love as an escaped pit bull, fighting dog, sick or handicapped animal, older pet, malnourished pet, badly trained dog, pet not pretty enough or cute enough for humans anymore, euthanasia or worse is often our only reward.

Remember, if you can't accept us, and you feel that you must euthanize us, the best way to help us break free of the cycle of abuse is to send us to the arms of God with all the love you can muster from your heart.

Don't numb yourselves or feel pity, anger or sadness at the time of our passing, or we will likely return with that energy. You have the ability to help us break free. Never forget that love is the answer to ending the cycle of abuse.

By Animals in Trouble

Why are We Here? (Pets)

First and foremost, we are here to express the universal, existential essence that some of you call God.

We are also here to share with you our unconditional love. We want to show you that you deserve unconditional love from God, from Existence itself, no matter what other people say about you or how you think and feel about yourself.

We are here also to receive your pure, unconditional love. You are immensely beautiful beyond your mind's comprehension. We want to give you the opportunity to see this beauty within you by sharing this love with us.

It is up to you to see yourself as small, unworthy, undeserving and unloving, or, see yourself as you are, a growing beauty, a growing heart, a loving light-filled mirror that only needs to clean off the dust you accumulated throughout the centuries.

We are here to serve you, to help you re-member yourself through our innocent reflection. All we ask is for you to be open to receive our love and give yourself the opportunity to re-member who you are by sharing your deep love with us.

By What Human call Pets

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