Reiki for All Species Classes

Reiki is a gentle and powerful healing therapy for animals and human alike. To learn about Reiki for animals, click here.

These Reiki courses are designed for those who want to:

  • Treat their own pets: whether it is a bee sting, digestive upset or more serious illness
  • Treat themselves: for stress, tension, pain and other ailments
  • Treat others: incorporate Reiki into their current practice or start a new career

REIKI for All Species Level 1 - Foundational Intensive

This foundational workshop intensive is designed to orient you to the Reiki energy. After this class, you will know:

  • The background history of Reiki
  • How to give animals of all sizes a hands-on Reiki healing, both long and short versions
  • The cues the animals give you in a Reiki healing session
  • How to help animals during an emergency with no tools other than Reiki
  • When not to give Reiki to animals
  • How to give human, including yourself, a full hands-on Reiki healing on a massage table and a shorter version in a chair
  • How to give hands-on Reiki healing to plants and crystals
A certificate of completion will be issued to you at the end of the class. An optional practicum certificate of completion is available for those interested in using REIKI in their profession.
  1. Please wear comfortable clothing with socks.
  2. Bring a mat, pillow, blanket, water and lunch. If you have a portable massage table, you can bring that instead of the mat.
  3. No pets in class please.
  4. Class will start on time.
Regular tuition: $250 per person (with certificate for class completion) $375 per person (with certificate for class and practicum completion)

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