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CATS - Stressed out due to house moves

This cats guardian moved a while ago only to find her cats really stressed out. Well, she is moving again, and ask Pearl, our pet psychic, to communicate with her cats in order to ease the anxiety. Pearl also made a custom flower essence blend for the cats to reduce stress prior to, during and after the house move.

After the move, we heard back from the cats guardian:

"Dear Pearl, thank you for your advice and tips on easing moving stress for cats! It works! You've been an absolute blessing and a god send for me and my cats."

Debbie Ferguson - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

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DOGS & CATS - Not getting along in the family

This family of adults, kids and 6 pets are not having too much peace. The dogs are not getting along, and neither are the dogs and cats, barking and meowing often with emotional tension. The human ask our pet psychic Pearl to have a chat with the furry kids. Pearl made a flower essences blend for the dogs and cats to help them live more cooperatively and quietly.

"Thank you Pearl for the essences. I am finding more harmony between all the dogs and between the little dogs and the cats. That is very good. There is a definite calmness in the house now. I really appreciate all that you have done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Christine McLellan - Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

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ELLA - Dog Aggression despite training, side benefits

Ella, after custom flower essences, is behaving better off leash. The unexpected thing is, the essences blend helped Ella with a summer itch. As for the on leash aggression, the dog guardian is adviced to use her masculine energy more with Ella so her dog knows the person is in charge so Ella has nothing to worry about. A dog often brings life lesson for the human, whether one accepts it or not!

"Thanks for the reading and the blend. I enjoyed the reading. You were quite accurate with Ella's personality. You pretty well described her."

"It has been over a month since Ella's been on the remedy. Changes that I've noted is that she seems less aggressive when she is off leash and approaching another dog. Not as much growling and snapping like she used to do. The other change I've noticed is that she isn't itchy like she was in previous years when the weather got warmer."

"She would be quite itchy and constantly scratching and turning around to bite a particular spot as if she had fleas. But when I took her to the vet, he couldn't find any and I always comb her with a flea brush and I've never found any. The vet said that dogs on a raw food diet shouldn't be suffering from flea bites, but every summer when the weather got warmer, she was quite itchy. Now she's fine, her skin doesn't seem to bother her."

Helen Luk - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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IAN - Cats behaving badly :)

The person asked for a pet reading to determine why her cats are behaving unpleasantly when emotional frustration were the real causes.

"Dear Pearl, thank you for your assistance in determining Ian's behavior issues. I really appreciate all that you've done for us. You've definitely given me a new and interesting perspective on my boys!"

Chloe Garthson - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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IZVYESTIA - Cat extremely timid & hide from human

IZVYESTIA - Cat extremely timid & hide from human

This loving lady adopted a cat for a while now but Izvyestia is still hiding from the person and stays really timid ... until the human learns to open up her own emotions and a custom blend of flower essences that Pearl made for the cat.

"Izvyestia (cat) is doing wonderfully, and she has come out of her shell a lot more since the last remedies. She is still a little skittish but there is a big difference in how much she trusts me since I first got her."

Sacha Henriques - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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MIETZE & MAUSIE - Cat grumpy towards visiting mom & recovering cat from near death experience

Ilse came to our pet psychic Pearl before for a pet reading for her cat Mausie who was sick. Now, Ilse is visiting her daughter with resident cat Mietze. Mietze is real unfriendly despite friendly gestures from Ilse. It turns out, a little communication from Ilse and the proper respect to the cat did the trick, in just a couple days!

"After receiving your advise I was able to get along much better with my daughter's cat Mietze. I also can tell you that our own cat Mausie is continuously improving on his road to better health. Thank you for all your help."

Ilse Wildrich - Quesnel, BC, Canada

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HUNTER & JAKE - Cats missing, itchy & ask for proper feline respect from human

One cat was missing and the person called our pet psychic Pearl to offer some clues to find her. Pearl had the feeling that the cat will return home herself but offered some tips anyway. While the people heard some meows in the dark area of search, they could not locate the cat. However, sure enough, the cat returned home on his own after midnight.

A few days later, the person wanted to talk to both their cats. While the humans love their cats, the cats want some proper respect from their human and offer some sound advice for them. Let's just say, cats don't just want to be your babies, play things or friends, they also want the feline respect that they deserve!

"Thanks again for the session over the phone; we learned so much about our kitties I have a new found respect for them and I think a better relationship. I am looking forward to trying the healing essences for both Jake and Hunter and they don’t know it yet but I think they will be very happy too."

"I’ll tell J & H you said Hi and asked about them. They’ll appreciate that. I call you their fairy God Mother and they seem to know who I mean. Oh and the best thing, they don’t ask to go outside anymore (well, not as much as before). So they got the message."

Laura-Lee Normandeau - North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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TINKY - Health checkup for a cat

TINKY - Health checkup for a cat

When Pearl first did an animal communication with Tinky at a farmer's market, she was not too happy with the living situation. A few years later, that apparently has changed for the better...

"I had Pearl give a reading for our 16 yr old cat Tinky; I wanted to see how Tinky was doing and what she had to say to us, my 8 yr old daughter and I. I had Biofeedback done on her the year previous and we had also taken her to a Chiropractor a few months before the reading, due to pain in her right hip."

"Pearl mentioned that there was inflammation in the right hip, that Tinky needed a parasite cleanse and that she had some kidney stones (I had not told her about the Chiropractor or the Biofeedback). When Pearl asked about her brain, she started laughing, as Tinky very firmly told her, 'There is no problem with my brain!'"

"She said that Tinky loves our new place, we had moved the month before. When I asked about what Tinky thought about my daughter, she said 'she can be a pest, but she's feisty like me'."

"Tinky also mentioned that many things are slowing down; I have been slowing down, due to reading Eckhart Tolle’s Book, 'A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose'. Tinky and I are very connected. She said she is okay with her body slowing down; she accepts this."

"Pearl’s reading was very informative and helpful, thanks Pearl!"

Anne Nuisker - Mission, British Columbia, Canada

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KING - Dog cannot walk, is it time to euthanize?

If your pet is suffering and there is nothing the vet can do, do you euthanize? Or do you find alternative help? In this case, King gained quality of life and a bit more quality time with her beloved human with alternative help.

"Pearl Kam is the best animal communicator I have dealt with. She is warm, caring and sets parameters for herself so she can offer clear insight without judgment and burnout. She really helped my dog King when I thought he was ready to leave this world but luckily I found Pearl and she conveyed he was not ready and gave me valuable advice on what to do to help King. He started to walk again and is doing well for a dog in his situation. We have gained some more time together. King and I thank you for your help and highly recommend your service to those seeking answers."

Shirley Li - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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CALLIE CAT - Cat hair balls, matted fur, really painful & unhappy

A very uncomfortable cat with painful matted fur got the help she needs, and the cat's honorable task of absorbing negative energies and emotions from the humans came to light.

"When Pearl did a reading on Callie Cat she said that Callie had helped both of us tremendously during this difficult time of my husband's illness. Callie had developed mats this spring. We had them shaved off two times and they were forming again. I knew they were very painful and it was hard for Callie to move up the stairs."

"Pearl prepared some flower essences and homeopathic formula for her and told me that Callie did not like it when I worry too much. I changed my attitude and approach to Callie and within a couple of weeks the mats either fell off by themselves or they separated enough from the body so that we were able to cut them off without hurting her. The mats have not returned. Callie now plays much more and is quite a bit more active. Her whole attitude seems to have relaxed and seems much more joyful! Callie has gained a new lease on life and for that I am very grateful to Pearl! I too have become aware of the vast healing properties that animals have and will view not only my own Callie Cat differently, but all of the animal that I encounter."

Fran Schulze - White Rock, BC, Canada

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SALLY - Dog Limping

SALLY - Dog Limping

The dog is limping and in pain quite badly, so our pet psychic Pearl offered some help, tips and clearing the air for everyone concerned.

"Wow! You work wonders. Sally has no foot pain today as she is not limping at all! I knew Sally loved camping, but I'm happy to hear her confirm this through you. Also, I am sad that I did not communicate where Coby was going to Sally. I communicate much more with her now, under the understanding that she knows what I am saying."

"Thank you Pearl for everything and your kindness. Thank you for telling me what she said to you. It means a lot to me. You are one of a kind."

Val McDonald - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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GINGER - Dog seizuring, skin licking, allergies

GINGER - Dog seizuring, skin licking, allergies

Ginger was seizuring progressively more frequently and started to lick her paws, bum and various parts of the body. Her person wanted to do a psychic health scan and see how Ginger is doing according to her doggy. Pearl discovered that the heat in the car (when windows are closed) was one of her seizure trigger. The person verified that trigger later and made changes for the better.

"I was captivated by your site when I stumbled across it, the details, the explanations - but honestly, when I read your page on Animal Communication, that did it for me."

"During our session, you shared things about Ginger you couldn't possibly have known about her. Things she liked, things she did, and the way she responded in certain activities. Her personality came through! It was amazing!! I was thrilled for both Ginger and myself to be 'SO CLOSE SO CONNECTED' this way."

"Ginger taught me so much this evening! I am in AWE! She's an incredibly wise spirit. I am so blessed we are on this journey together. I can't tell you how grateful I am to Pearl for having the gift of being able to give a voice to our little four-leggeds! Sincere thanks to you Pearl! I look forward to speaking to Ginger again once she's back to her energetic self!"

Andrea Nadon - Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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CASSIE - Is she ready to leave her body? And another terrifying dilemma...

CASSIE - Is she ready to leave her body? And another terrifying dilemma...

When Pearl first connected to Cassie, she could not feel her personality, only Cassie's spirit essence which is barely in the body. That was very odd indeed until Pearl found out this little dog has been very ill.

The human was not sure whether Cassie is ready to leave her body. Furthermore, the person had really bad experiences with two previous animals' death - one via euthanasia and another via natural process. Both horrible trauma for the human and the departing pets. This makes Cassie's situation ever more confusing and terrifying for the loving human.

It turns out, Cassie is ready to leave soon and she will like some help via euthanasia. Pearl gives the human some observation guidelines to help the person be sure she is doing the right thing for Cassie every step within a short time period, not just following Pearl's or anyone else's advice blindly.

Cassie's human writes to us shortly after the reading:

"I just wish to thank you for the reading. It did help and continues to regarding processing this most sacred time. It is amazing the impact of a 4-5 pound dog. We are all very sad, but your reading helped me because I knew for Cassie it was time. She was tired ... her little precious body had had enough."

"The vet came to our home and she died very peacefully. I felt such peace as she died. There was a palpable sacredness. She was surrounded by all who love her - human and animal. In gratitude for your gift to Cassie and I."

And referring to communication with Nincompoop, an old feline friend who left the body 8 years ago:

"Nincompoop was a calico - so when you told me her colours I knew you had her. She was quite a character as you picked up. My husband and I still talk about her unique presence ... in his words 'she was quite the cat'."

L. Redenbach - Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada

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KARMA - Down with grief since animal buddy died

Karma, really sad, totally bum out, moping around, pining over an animal buddy who passed away recently. The human came to do a pet reading and a little therapy for this bereaved dog.

After the pet reading session I did some entity attachments clearing for Karma and sent her specific homeopathic remedy frequencies for grief via distant transmission.

Response from dog guardian 4 days later:

"Really nice improvement in Karma over the last several days. Just more relaxed and more herself. Thanks, Heather."

H. Hudson - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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DOGGIE DASH - Dogs, cats & their curious human

"Thank you so much for participating in the Doggie Dash. People were thrilled with your services! Thank you so much for providing readings for the dogs. We would love to have you back next year!"

Tracy Miyashita - Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

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DOGGY DAYCARE - Grand opening visitors

"Thank you so much for making our grand opening such a success. People are very interested in your holistic services and products. We would love to have you back again for our clients."

Be Cuz We Care (Doggie Daycare) - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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DOG & HUMAN - Dog fence guarding & human reading

This is a mixed psychic reading for human, her new work direction and her dog.

"I was impressed with your hi-skilled intuition and on the other hand still very well grounded. You were direct, clear, simple and to the point. Your personality, humbleness, light and egoless were a treat! You were very good. You should charge more!"

Cecilia Chan - White Rock, BC, Canada

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GEORGE & OLIVER - Health Scans

This psychic reading identified some major ailments for the dogs and their personalities shine through for the family.

"George and Oliver say, 'Thank you, Pearl, for helping us communicate.' Your reading was very insightful and amazing, really. My mother will be making an appointment this week! Many thanks, Jen and Keir, George and Oliver."

Jen & Keir Kurinsky - Bay Village, Ohio, USA

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PARSON, GRACIE, ABBOTT - The true dog & the cats with masks

GRACIE - The true dog & the cats with masks
ABBOTT - The true dog & the cats with masks

In this pet reading, the real personalities behind the cats are revealed. The quiet, polite cat is really the boss of the animal household; the energetic rascal cat is really the insecure vulnerable one; and the friendly dog is genuinely everyone's buddy.

"Thanks for all the interesting information on my friends. I really enjoyed learning more about each of them. I will check into the info you have sent on things to help. Parson, Gracie and Abbott want to say thanks also. Thanks again, Sue."

Sue Althoff - Sylvania, Ohio, USA

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LEO - Dog missing after running away from kennel looking for his human parents

In this lost dog case, Leo ran away from the vacation kennel and disappeared on the very day his owners returned from holidays. Leo was gone for 4 days.

The pet guardians did all the due diligence - put up posters on trails, outside banks, stores and nearby cities. They called the SPCA, animal pound, animal rescues and local veterinarians. They did the leg work to search for Leo, offered reward and followed every lead. Yet Leo was nowhere to be found. However, their luck was about to change with a good samaritan who called them about our pet psychic service (turned out to be a previous client) and the ability to keep an open mind on their part.

Our pet psychic sensed that Leo missed his human companions and decided to run away to look for them! However, Leo didn't know how to get home from the vacation kennel. Our pet psychic also sensed that Leo was meant to come home to these people and it was only a matter of time and right effort. So with our pet psychic's help to narrow down the search area, a leap of faith and a little luck, Leo was found the same night of the pet psychic reading. A little scared, hungry and relieved!

"My missing dog Leo was exactly where you said he would be, in the tall grass near this park within 1 km from where he ran away from (east side of Maple Ridge). We've been looking in the west side (of Maple Ridge) from caller tips with no luck for 4 days. Without your help we may have never found him. After 4 days of him missing we thought our chances of getting him back were slim. I owe it all to you for finding Leo. Now he's home!"

Jamie & Jennifer Hoy - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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MUSCHI - Lost cat, missing after scare from bubble wrap pop

MUSCHI - Lost cat, missing after scare from bubble wrap pop

In this lost cat case, Muschi ran away after being startled by loud noises from furniture plastic wraps. It was unusual for her to disappear for this long so the pet owner called our pet psychic for help.

Our pet psychic sensed that Muschi was physically ok, very scared (clammed up), didn't want to move and was not willing to come out of her hiding place. However, our pet psychic also sensed that this cat knew where she was in relation to her home, was only about a block away, and had every intention of coming home once she calmed her nerves.

So it was not surprising that the neighbourhood search was not fruitful since Mucschi was literally paralyzed with fear. However, armed with our pet psychic's clues, the pet guardian kept the pet door open overnight, was able to hear her meow in the middle of the night, captured her cat while Muschi was brave enough to come back to the front yard but not quite courageous enough to enter the house. Our pet psychic also suggested some vibrational essences for Mucshi which helped her calm down completely and return to her usual self after a couple of days.

"Our cat Muschi was frightened away from our house early one morning. By early afternoon my husband and I searched through the neighbourhood and all the ravines to try and find her because it is very unlike Muschi not to check in every hour or so. We had no luck. By 4 p.m. I was frantic. Cats in our neighbourhood go missing all the time and never return (racoons, dogs, coyotes)."

"By 5:15 p.m. I had found Pearl on the internet and at 6:15 she started her session. First she checked that Muschi's spirit was still in her body and that she was not hurt. She was nervous, tense and frightened though. Pearl started dowsing for her location and found she was only about a block away. She was also able to tell that Muschi was hiding in the back yard of a house and gave me a bit of a description of the house. I went to look for Muschi but was unable to find her."

"Pearl asked Muschi if she wanted to come home and her answer was yes, but not until it gets warm tomorrow. Pearl also asked if she would be able to find her way home from there and Muschi's answer was that she was pretty sure she could. I was relieved that at least she was unhurt and somewhat safe in the back yard of a house not too far away. I asked Pearl to tell Muschi that I would leave the door open for her all night so she could come home any time. Pearl relayed the message and said that Muschi understood."

"Since I couldn't find her I went home to bed. I awoke at midnight and looked out the front door and heard Muschi meowing from under a tree in our front yard. She wouldn't come in but let me get close enough to grab her. She was very frightened of everything in the house for about a day but now she's back to her rascally self."

"We thank you Pearl from the bottom of our hearts for easing our fears about Muschi being dead or hurt, for communicating with her and helping to bring her home. You have an awesome talent and I will recommend you to anyone who needs help with a pet."

Alexandra Dempsey - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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CONRAD - Missing cat, lost after move for over 3 months

CONRAD - Missing cat, lost after move for over 3 months

Imre came for our psychic pet reading after his cat, Conrad, disappeared for over 1 month from his new home. Our pet psychic sensed that Conrad was physically ok, somehow found food and water, and was living in the alley ways of the old neighbourhood. However, our pet psychic also sensed that Conrad missed his old homes (there were 2), neighbourhood and friends, and was reluctant to return to the new house (which did not help).

Based on our pet psychic's tips, and some high tech equipment, Imre was able to confirm that his cat Conrad was indeed hanging out in the old neighbourhood. However, capturing Conrad required much persistance, patience and precision. This case shows the complexity in some lost pet situations which involve the emotional side of the animal, the help of a pet psychic and a high tech rescue mission.

"Dear Pearl, before we had our pet psychic reading with you, we put thousands of posters, knocking on doors, leaving food out all over, driving, walking and riding a bike calling Conrad. We even hired a search dog, got calls from animal communicators that Conrad is okay, but no location was given."

"During our search, we had permission to set up traps in several blocks of radius to capture Conrad but that was just fishing in the barrel. No Conrad."

"Then we had our animal communication session in early November where you pointed out Conrad's location near to his previous homes."

"And I came up with this idea of this portable and self sufficient recording device. I also put together a battery operated motion recording device which confirmed that he was regularly showing up to eat at his previous house and at another house in the neighborhood. That device gave almost a positive identification of him and narrowed the time line of his movements."

"With this information I was able to select the time when I needed to set up a trap. I placed one walkie talkie next to the trap set on voice activation and another one just for listening. My friend and I spent every evening taking shifts in the last two weeks listening to a walkie talkie, sitting in the car or walking in the neighborhood just to hear some sounds from the trap. This also attracted the attention of the police, which resulted a quick id check and a good luck with the trapping wish."

"During those two weeks, I caught most of the cats in the neighborhood, also raccoons and one skunk that I won't forget. On January 29th, just before midnight he walked into a trap that was there for almost two weeks. We have Conrad back with us now."

"He survived three months, including this horrible (arctic) winter, in his previous neighborhood as he did before since he was living in an alley and eating at the house of his previous owner. Luckily we didn't give up on the possibility that he made it back to his previous territory so we left food out there every day. He did, just like you confirmed it during our session."

"Thank you for your help finding Conrad. Thank you, sincerely Imre."

Imre Toth - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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SHAKTI - Budgie bird fly away to freedom

One of two beloved budgies flew away and the bird guardian wanted to know how Shakti is doing. Although the budgie will not return, she is quite ok, and happy for her freedom. Interestingly, this dash for freedom and how the remaining bird, Shiva, feels, reflect many hidden messages and deep meaning for the bird guardian's personal life.

This bird's escape brings lots of parallel, reflections, meaning and life lessons to this human carer who is ready to hear them, and help her prepare for the life reality yet to come.

"Thank you! With all my heart for giving me peace in my heart about Shakti!"

Myrle McIntosh - White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

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HURLEY - Dog missing in mountain trails for 14 days

HURLEY - Dog missing in mountain trails for 14 days

Hurley, a 1.5 year old, Bernese Mountain dog, ran off from a walking dog pack on March 24 and was missing in the North Vancouver mountains. His human family were on their vacation when they received this news. Soon, Hurley's disappearance was all over local TV and newspapers. However, Hurley was not to be found in this vast urban wilderness despite impressive social media and web campaigns, local flyers at every trailhead and massive local volunteers and rescue crew searching for Hurley every day in the mountain trails.

The dog walking company, called Pearl on April 5, 12 days after Hurley's disappearance, and scheduled a reading on April 6, in hopes for some unconventional help to find Hurley. This was the owner's first experience with a pet psychic service.

While there were a number of sightings including near Fromme Mountain, various trails, Dollarton Hwy, even 2 sightings in North Vancouver with a homeless man, Hurley's whereabout was still illusive. Pearl sensed that Hurley was definitely still in the woods, not with any humans or animals (aka not with homeless man), so it was best to focus the search there.

Pearl sensed that Hurley was definitely alive, hungry but not thirsty as he was near water, not injured except minor scratches. Pearl also sensed that while Hurley was a big lovable dog, he has underlying anxiety and fears, and was less likely to respond to search calls (calling his name) that are fearful, anxious or panicking in nature. Pearl told the dog walking company that the searchers need to call Hurley in an encouraging, happy, positive tone and voice, e.g. 'Hurley! Cookies! Come for cookies!'. Otherwise, Hurley may be too nervous to show himself or respond.

While Pearl had no idea where Dream Weaver Trail is (the original trail Hurley was on), and despite checking for Hurley's location in the vast mountain areas from Horseshoe Bay (west) to Deep Cove (east), a 42 km span of wilderness with numerous trailheads and intersecting trails, Pearl's locating technique found Hurley in an area which turned out to be quite close to this Dream Weaver trail (which Pearl still does not know where it is).

Pearl pinpointed that Hurley was closest to the Prospect Rd trailhead and was very near Mosquito Creek. Pearl also sensed that Hurley has been moving back and forth no more than 500m a day and was no longer on the Dream Weaver, Baden Powell or any main trails (he's off trail).

Pearl sensed that the search party should focus on this specific trail (which has no name on Pearl's map), but is close to Prospect Road trailhead, not on the side of the Baden Powell trail, Powerline trail, St. George's trail but the other trail that, if go further, is called Per Gynt trail on the map (and is closest to Mosquito Creek). However, Pearl gave specific directions that Hurley is near Mosquito Creek on this trail but NOT as far as the intersecting logging road. Hurley will be off trail, close to water and salal type waxy leaf bushes.

While Pearl gave the dog walking company an area to focus the search, she strongly emphasized the searchers must use an upbeat and inviting tone of voice to call Hurley (food will be great incentive as well), or risk having Hurley not responding or hiding from them. Pearl also told the dog walking company that there is an 80% chance to find Hurley which is really very good.

Fortunately, with the search crew efforts, Hurley's chance of being found turned into 100%. The local TV aired Hurley's rescue footage on April 7, the very next day after the pet reading, and here is the feedback from the dog walking company to Pearl:

"Hurley has been found! And he has been found by Mosquito Creek, close to where you said he'd be. That evening I had passed on your directions to Hurley's owners who then passed it on to the search team and also posted it on the Facebook Page."

"The individual who found Hurley had used your information as well as all the other leads on Facebook to determine the area he would focus his search on. The tracks in the snow lead Hurley's rescuer to the spot exactly as you described. It seems he had gone down into a valley to avoid being attacked by other wildlife, so your advice that he was not moving more than 500m a day was bang on."

"I would like to say again how much we appreciate your help. Even if we only just received your encouraging words and the hope that you've given us from your experience in this type of situation. Once again, thank you so much Pearl."

EDC - North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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DRAY - Cat has been found!

DRAY - Cat has been found

Dray, 4 yr old lovely white male cat, had been missing for 1 week when his human found us on the internet. Dray's human had contacted 2 psychics prior and contacted more help after us. Pearl (our pet psychic) informed the human that Dray was within a 2 block radius from their Kitsilano home, closer to the Balsam St. direction roaming between 5th & 6th Avenue. Also, Dray was initially inside a parking lot then moved outside, on his own not with any human or animals. Our information was contrary to other people Dray's human consulted.

We also informed Dray's human that there was a high probability that Dray could be found and that he was alive, uninjured, not thirsty but hungry. Within a 2 week time frame, Dray's human emailed us that she found Dray and rescued him on top of a low rise building. Dray was stuck on the roof and could not figure his way down.

"Dray has been found!!! Pearl, thank you for your help. You were the most accurate and detailed of the intuitives I contacted. I had mixed info as some others thought he was in someone's house. When I tuned in myself I finally got clear where he was and luckily it aligned with your directions just over at 6th (& Balsam) at that point. He is recovering very fast! Purrs allot! I would recommend you to anyone needing help with their animal, Shelley."

Shelley Robertson - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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ELLIOT - Cat is now home safe

ELLIOT - Cat is now home safe

Elliot, a missing cat disappeared on Sept 30, was nowhere to be found despite lots of flyers given out and web exposure. Elliot disappeared 13 years ago but returned on his own shortly. No such luck this time.

The human parent booked a pet psychic reading on Oct 12 evening in hopes to find some clues. Pearl (our pet psychic) found it rather unusual that she sensed Elliot being rather calm for a lost cat and told the human parent to look in a certain area of the neighbourhood. On Oct 14, we received this good news:

"We found Elliot! You were right ... he was in the SE area of our neighbourhood. I can't tell you how much I appreciated your input and guiding us in that direction. We put flyers out there yesterday (Oct 13) and a couple on the street spotted him about one hour ago. I couldn't believe it when I saw him. I just sobbed I was so happy. He is home safe now. I am so glad you pinpointed the area because that is where we focused handing out flyers all day Saturday. Thank you so much for your help. He is thin but other than that looks to be just fine ... and very calm. What a great day!"

Merinda Conley - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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SUMMER, SUNSHINE, DAISY LAZY - Conversation with dogs already crossed over

The pet guardian came to pet psychic Pearl with the recent passing of a beloved dog, and we ended up communicating with 2 other dogs who have passed on.

"I am very fortunate I met Pearl Kam. I have had face to face contact with Pearl regarding 3 of my past pets. Pearl told me traits about my pets that only I would know. This relieved the small amount of doubt I had regarding her authenticity."

"Pearl verified the brutal last moments of my lovely 'Summer'. 'Summer' (as in pure love) urged me not to feel guilty. She said she is still feeling the traumatic effects of the last moment (left body very recently) but getting better. 'Summer', age 12, had a long, painful, emotional euthanasia to an unskilled vet (who tried to blame Barbara)."

"'Sunshine' was so wise, I learned he was visiting other universes learning more and growing."

"'Daisy', through Pearl, said 'Just the choking was hard but it was quick'. 'Daisy Lazy' lost her life to a wild dog (coyote) which Pearl didn't know before hand."

"There was no doubt their spirits were trying to reassure my grieving heart. And how they did! Thanks to Pearl!"

Barbara Corminboeuf - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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CALLIE CAT - Cat passed away, griefing human missing cat

"I cannot tell you how much Callie Cat's passing has affected me and how much I miss her. I am so grateful to you Pearl for your help and support. The understanding and knowledge that you have Pearl - it is such a gift and service to the Universe - especially the little furry friends!"

Fran Schultz - White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

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PEPSI & DOO DOO - Health scan for dog & talk with passed on dog spirit

Do you know who your pets like (any species) and who they don't care for? Well, the dogs guardian wanted to find out and makes many behaviour issues clearer. Sometimes, it is not the pets, it is the humans who are hiding something and behaving badly!

"I contacted Pearl because I wished to hear from my beloved Pepsi who has passed on, and my other dog Doo Doo had some health problems."

"Pearl was very patient with my many questions for my dogs, and made sure she conveyed to me everything they had to say. She gave me detailed responses from sweet Pepsi, which was such a comfort to me. With Doo Doo, Pearl did a body scan without any prior information on his health, and accurately pinpointed his problems. She also gave me answers to his behavioural problems which really made sense! And, with her dowsing skills, Pearl helped clarify which of Doo's supplements were suitable for him and how much to use."

"Pearl is one of the friendliest and most helpful animal communicators I have tried. I had an excellent session with her, and enjoyed hearing my furry friends express their love and their views. Thanks Pearl!"

Alicia Lim - Singapore

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SALLY the dog & PASHMINA the hamster

Val came to Pearl, our pet psychic, to talk about her dog who had an accident a few years ago, leaving her with almost constant foot pain, and to communicate with Pashmina, a hamster who recently passed away.

"Pearl, you have made a real difference in my family's life with the healing work that you do. Your knowledge of homeopathy and quantum physics and how they relate to pets is remarkable. Most amazing to me is your psychic connection to animals and being able to communicate with them."

"In the case of my dog Sally, I now understand what is upsetting to her and we have worked on implementing the necessary changes that she needed to her environment, in order for her to be happy. Most interesting to me is that through your help I now understand that her limp is connected to her emotions as well as to physical exercise. Since we have implemented the changes to her environment she hardly limps at all and it is only after a run at the park that I notice it now."

"You also brought a lot of peace to my daughter and me surrounding our hamster Pashmina's illness and death. Knowing what she was feeling was comforting to us. Thank you for all of your loving, gentle kindness. You are a gift to the pet world. Keep up all of your great work!"

Val MacDonald - Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

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BEAR - Beloved dog passed away

BEAR - Beloved dog passed away

Two generations of human want to talk to Bear, their beloved dog who passed on recently, so they asked our pet psychic Pearl to help. Turns out, Bear knows more about them than they expect!

"I found it helpful to talk with Bear (dog passed away). I feel a little more at peace, and it is easier knowing that her spirit is here and that she is just not gone. I see her differently, not just as my dog. I felt like she was always still here."

Lynn Schuurman - Bittern Lake, Alberta, Canada

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GEORDIE - 1 day before canine euthanasia

GEORDIE - 1 day before canine euthanasia

This animal communication was done just a day prior to euthanasia to prepare the people's beloved long time companion, Geordie, for his peaceful departure due to terminal illness. A Reiki session was also done as Geordie seemed to be confused and afraid. Pearl had communicated with Geordie many years ago.

"Good day Pearl, and it is good, considering. Thank you, I'm grateful that I found you on google because I had lost your contact information. Anyway, yesterday, part way through your communication with Geordie, he became very relaxed, and eventually fell asleep and did not ask for supper until after 6:30 (which is not just unusual, but unheard of). Geordie was relaxed most of the evening, and although he was again agitated this morning he settled around 11:30 and was then pretty calm until the end. Thank you very much for assisting in his transition; your emailed report was comforting and reassuring, and needless to say greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Lois and Judy & Geordie."

Lois and Judy - Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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PINKIE - Dear kitty, are you ready to go?

PINKIE - Dear kitty, are you ready to go?

Pinkie, a 15 yr old cat, has terminal kidneys failure. The vet has told the human that he won't last till Christmas. We worked on distant healing to get him to eat, have good energy and mood again but this only lasted a month. So the human wanted to know if Pinkie is ready to leave. Pinkie is happy to spend Christmas and New Year with the human family, though he wish to wait for his kitty companion Boots, his body cannot possibly wait that long.

"Bless you and thank you. I am so touched knowing what he wants and following his requests. I'm amazed we had him a month more than the vet predicted. I will start hugging Boots. Thank you for your special interest in Pinkie. It makes me feel better. Thanks so much."

JoAnn K. - Avon Lake, Ohio, USA

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TOONCES - Connect with cat & heal major guilt trip

Eliana has been in mental torment since her cat Toonces passed away and she missed Toonces terribly. She has been to two animal communicators but the immense guilt and heart break remained, until she took our Pet Loss 1-on-1 Healing Service. This is Eliana's feedback the day after the session:

"Hello Pearl, thank you for last night's phone session. When I slept, I had a beautiful dream in which Toonces visited me. I awoke feeling her love all around me. In fact, I begin each day by drawing a card of words. Today I drew 'love'.

I appreciate your kind approach and gentle suggestions. My focus has shifted from recriminations to positive memories. Blessings to you, Eliana."

Eliana B. - Illinois, USA

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CARTER - Talk with cat & lessen intense grief for human

Autumn came to us to help her cat Carter with multiple ailments and some serious mouth, gums & upper respiratory infections, since the vet visits and treatments were not helping at all. However, Carter passed away before any help could be given.

Autumn was completely heart broken and decided she needs help for her grief. So we did an animal communication reading with her to hear from Carter, plus a pet loss healing session to clear some of the more intense feelings Autumn was having.

"I'm not sure what I would have done without having that session with you when we did! I still have a tremendous amount of guilt that things could have/should have been better for her, and for us, and it's so hard coming home to an empty apartment! Despite all that, the information in the communication really really did give me a way to center myself and carry through this so much better then if I had been without it!!

It's been a light I just would not have even remotely had and don't know what I would have done without! I absolutely can not imagine how much harder getting through these initial weeks would have been without having had that chance to hear from Carter and without your counseling and understanding!"

Autumn G. - Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

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