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Your Animal Communicator and Pet Wellness & Distant Healing Specialist, Pearl Kam, has been conducting research on natural pet health since 1990. Pearl is also a well sought after pet psychic and psychic medium who does private consultation for international clients, pet reading tours and have toured with the Canadian World-Class Psychic Fair.

Pearl recognizes her communication with Nature since she was 11 and expands her scope to include animals, pets, plants, humans, crystals, angels, spirits and beyond. She knows her mission on this Earth is to assist animals and animal caretakers in more enlightened ways, guided by animals and the Universe.

Pearl is well known for her love, passion, deep caring and understanding for animals. She has great respect, appreciation and gratitude for spirit who comes to teach us in animal form. Now she focuses her reading consultation with animals and their human caretakers to help build an even deeper bond between them.

Her Quest

First and foremost, Pearl is a Natural Pet Health Researcher and Animal Communicator. She is also a certified Animal Sciences Honours Graduate, Psychosomatic Therapist and Mind-Body-Soul Analyst. Pearl is trained in Emotional Freedom Technique and Vibrational Essences Therapy, and is also a Reiki Master, SSR Practitioner, Psychic, Medium, Channeler and Life Scientist.

However, it is the healing methods that Pearl developed herself that have proven to be most powerful and versatile.

"I am a child of Existence. Sometimes life wants me to learn through a book, a course or a human. Other times life wants me to learn through animals, the silent language of Nature and meditation. And many times, life brings real situations to push me to learn, expand and grow."

Pearl first learnt homeopathy, flower essences, herbs, natural nutrition, supplements and animal behavior through the needs of her own dog and cat. There were no "off-the-shelf" natural pet products at that time.

"There are lots of healing methods out there. Some work better than others."

When Pearl started out her search for natural healing methods, they were for her own animal companions. Through trial and error, Pearl observed these simple facts:

  • Animals don't like pain

  • Animals remember and are stressed by unpleasant experiences

  • Animals don't like bitter or unnatural tasting medicine

  • Animals don't have much patience

So, Pearl developed a set of criteria for the healing methods that she would consider:

  • First, it must do no harm on all levels - physical, emotional, psychological, psychic and energetic - in short and long terms.

  • Then, it must work thoroughly, comprehensively and completely on all levels.

  • It must be gentle, painless and stress free.

  • It must work quickly.

  • It needs to promote safety, trust, compassion and a sense of well-being.

  • Finally, the methods must work in diverse real life situations, not just in labs and controlled studies.

So, through pure intention and the responsive power of the Universe, these methods, insights and creative sparks found Pearl.

Since then, Pearl has deepened her training with direct experiences, on-going education, keen observation, meditation, spirit guidance and her own healing efforts, for over 20 years. Her learning style is highly practical, well-rounded, unconventional and guided by life itself!

Note: Pearl is not a licensed veterinarian, medical doctor or therapist. She is a pioneer in natural holistic pet medicine and therapies. As per the FDA forced disclaimer, always consult a licensed veterinarian for your pet's health condition.

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