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If you love and prefer natural and wholistic ways to help your beloved pets fight parasites and germs, relieve dis-eases, restore balance & vitality in life, live long and well with quality, dignity, mental and emotional peace, you'll love our website, products, services and what we represent.

Through years of experience and observation, we have learnt 6 KEY LESSONS from the animals we love, adore and respect:

  • We learnt that any solid foundation of health starts with a fresh, natural, balanced pet diet and proper nutritional supplements to suit the individual pet's health, specie and age needs. Natural still reigns supreme, science has simply proven that it can assist but not permanently replace nature.

  • We learnt that for animals to be emotionally stable, they need to feel safe (know they have protection or a leader in charge of safety) and know clear boundaries (positive discipline), these are just as critical to them as love, fun and a sense of humor.

  • We learnt that apart from proper shelter, water, food, hygiene and health care, our pet's wellness also depends on appropriate exercise levels, sunshine (vit D), fresh air (chi), mental stimulation and play - nature's therapies for animals big and small. Of course, this lifestyle can be created to benefit the health and wellness of the humans in the family too!

  • We learnt that our daily behaviour and interactions with our animals promote or erode confidence, resolve or create fears, relieve or add stress, and influence positive or negative emotions in their psyche which also affect their behaviour and physical health.

    Animals know how we feel about and what we think of them. All of our fears, positive and negative thoughts, feelings, jokes and criticisms (said or unsaid) towards our animals are felt and internalized by them 'silently', and reflected in their behaviour and interactions with us and others.

    If we wish to change our pet's undesirable behaviour, we must change our behaviour first. While stress is not always avoidable, it can be managed with a little consideration and planning, resolved with understanding and released with gentle healing.

  • We learnt that viewing and addressing symptoms in different parts of the body as "separate" issues, especially when they are chronic, do not work. It is not logical, makes no sense, delay correcting real imbalances and does not lead to long term health, stability, vitality or wellness for your pets. The body is a whole system that has many interconnecting parts that affect each other.

  • We learnt that powerful drugs, vaccination, life-replacing therapy and surgeries are double-edged swords for your pets. While these strategies have their places, all natural alternatives ought to be considered before toxic and invasive methods are used, to avoid creating greater and more complex imbalances within an animal's body.

Based on these 6 KEY LESSONS, we have designed a variety of products and services to fit your pet's health needs:

In our daily practice, we use homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies, flower & vibrational essences, functional foods, nutriceuticals, advanced natural ingredients and energy therapy for our animal clients.

Our focus is always to help your pets naturally, deeply, effectively, completely and as fast & stress free as possible. We work in a complementary way, without conflict, with veterinarians whose areas of expertise are different and equally valuable.

Our clients are from all over the world and include dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits, mice, rats, hamsters, horses, ponies, pigs, chickens, farm, rescued wild life and all canine, feline, equine species.

Enjoy our 'heart work'!


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"I was inquiring about certain remedies and the Animal Communication service. To my surprise Pearl responded quickly and I was sold on YOU. You were so kind & caring, so patient answering my questions, so pleasant and helpful. It really is a blessing to know that people are looking out for us. All the commentary on your site is right on about you Pearl ... Ginger and I both thank you!!"

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