Pet Loss 1-on-1 Healing Combo

The loss of a pet sometimes feels like it's the end of the world. It is heart-wrenching and can be difficult to cope with for anyone.

Our customized, individual, one-on-one pet loss healing session is for pet lovers who want to end the tormenting thoughts and mend their broken hearts, knowing their beloved animal would NEVER want to be remembered only in pain and heartache.

The 90-minute pet loss healing session is suitable for pet lovers who:

  • are emotionally stuck in grief, guilt, pain, anger, anxiety or depression
  • are mentally stuck in the sad, guilty or negative memories of their pet's passing, trapped in the endless loop of 'what if I had done this or that' mind game
  • through the pet loss experience have triggered a lot of, related or unrelated, emotional issues
  • want to honour their pets by healing themselves
  • want to understand their departed (and existing) pets more deeply through the pet loss experience
  • want to hear from and talk to the 'soul essence' of their departed animal
  • want a combination of animal communication with their departed pet + a pet loss healing session for themselves

The 15-minute pet loss healing extension is for when you run out of time in a regular session and just need to top up.

A long-distance energy healing technique is used to release repetitive thought forms and painful emotions that keep you feeling stuck and suffering. Through this healing process, you will un-cover the treasures your beloved pet has left behind for you.

You will also understand your pet more deeply, and thus able to heal your heart, and honour your pet through love, joy and enriching memories, rather than only able to focus on the grief and guilt with sleepless nights.

Client Testimonial: "Hello Pearl, Thank you for last night's phone session. When I slept, I had a beautiful dream in which Toonces visited me. I awoke feeling her love all around me. In fact, I begin each day by drawing a card of words. Today I drew "love". I appreciate your kind approach and gentle suggestions. My focus has shifted from recriminations to positive memories of my cat Toonces. Blessings to you, Eliana."

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